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Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt4) – روايات سكس جنسيه

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Final chapter, let me know if you like the change in style

Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt4)

She felt her dad get back in the bunk. She didn’t know what to think. She knew she smelt of being extremely wet. A person with a head cold could smell that. But, he didn’t say anything. He did stay up front for a long time. She wondered what he was thinking. There were so many confusing thoughts going threw her head. She knew what she was dreaming and thinking was so wrong. Wrong enough that if anyone ever found out, she would be taken away from her dad forever. That scared the hell out of her. But, on the other hand, she couldn’t deny that she actually wanted to make love to her dad. Wait, she thought, I thought make love, not just have sex? Am I in love with my dad in a way other than as a dad? Why did she want to cry about it, but, felt so giddy at the thought of it? She lay there for about an hour, waiting for her dad to go back to sleep. One thing she did need was release. When he started breathing heavily she knew he was out. Slowly, she pushed her shorts down just pass her hips. She took her hand and lightly started tracing her fingertips around her mound. Slowly working her way to her sensitive clit. She wanted to touch it, but was afraid she would moan out if she did right off. She was that horny. Softly she started rubbing herself slowly, ever so often going lower and sliding her finger into her wet canal. Without realizing it, she had raised her shirt and was tweaking her nipple. Running her fingers there over them and tracing circles around her breast. Then it happened, it started building faster than she anticipated. She guessed it was where she was laying next to her dad and the thrill of it. She started to shudder, then moan, and couldn’t stop. In her mind she didn’t care if he woke up it was so intense.
Slowly, she stopped moving and laid there panting. Then, she heard something that changed her life. “Deb, was it that good?”

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Her dad wasn’t asleep. He was just laying there thinking of his daughter and what all had happened trying to put it all in a way to deny everything and prove it was all in his mind. When he felt the bunk slightly move he lay as still as he could, faking sleep. His daughter was masturbating right behind him. Her smell reached his nose stronger this time and his hard on returned. Also, his rational thinking was working its way out of his head. When he heard her moan “dad” again, this time clearly, reason went all out the window. With his last bit of will, he laid there and let her finish. Then, he rolled over and looked into her eyes. The look of fear, and something else, love maybe, was there in her tearing up eyes. “Baby, don’t cry” he told her. She just lowered her eyes and mumbled “sorry”. “Why? Why are you sorry Deb?” “OMG dad, you just listened to me frig my self. And you know why else” “I heard. But, baby, I I I love you too. I know its wrong and you will hate me and I will go to jail but..” “Daddy, you love me too? Not as your daughter but REAL love?” “Yeah, I guess I do Deb. You’re such a lovely woman now I just can’t help it. Or deny it.” “Me too. Oh dad what can we do?” He thought for a minute, and then hugged her. Not a fatherly hug but one where he let his hands runs down her back. Then over her firm ass. And he held her like that. After what seemed like a long time, she pulled back. Looking at him she rose up, and pulled her shirt off. Then she reached and pushed down her shorts and panties again, and kicked them off. “Daddy, make love to me” “Are you sure Deb? Right now we are just talking, and maybe a little more, but we can stop here. Once we make love, there is no turning back. What is done is done. I don’t want to scar you for life and maybe go to jail later if you have regrets. Are you sure?” She reached over and put her hand in his boxers and grabbed his hard penis. “Yes I am sure and so are you” she giggled.

He sat up and removed his boxers. And leaned over and kissed her. Not like a father’s kiss but lovers. Then raising back up he scooted down and spread her legs. With a grin she couldn’t see he lowered his lips to her soaked pussy. The smell was like no other. He lightly flicked his tongue over her still sensitive clit and brought shudders to her. Laying her head back, Deb thought of nothing, but let herself go with the love she was overwhelmed with.

The next morning, they awoke. Both laid there for a long time saying nothing. Just holding each other. Thoughts uncountable where going threw both their heads. Both had one common thought, Love. Neither knew where this would lead. Both where scared. But when Deb spoke, she spoke as a lover, and now a mistress, and not a little girl or daughter. “I don’t want to hurt mom” “I know, neither do I so what do we do?” “We don’t get caught DUH” she said as she punched him in the arm. “I do know one thing, I want to stay out a little longer than 2 weeks if its ok with you Deb” Grinning, she snuggled up to him and said “ok, but, can we get a motel a few times, this bunk reeks”

As they pulled out of the truck stop that morning, Deb picked up her phone and noticed an msg. All it said was “See what you started” and “LMAO”. It was from Angie.

I hope you all like how I changed style at the end. Unlike some I try to learn as I go along. And, as suggested, I left out the other aspect of the story, but, left an opening for a different story line and different style of writing. I did not go into a really graphic long sex scene at the end because I want you to use your minds to finish the night in your head. Sometime what we think happened is way better than what is on the screen or in a book or movie. I might bring more of a story of Deb and her dad, but not right now. I want to really put an effort into my next try and not just push it out on an outline. Thanks all.


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  • لو عايز تقرأ أي رواية كاملة انضم لقناتنا على التليجرام (من هنا)

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