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Coconut oil was a game changer for Kate and I over the last year or so. Now, this was exclusively for when Kate agreed with my request to incorporate anal sex into our love life, and I was on a seemingly endless campaign to try and make it as comfortable and enjoyable for her while getting acclimated to it. I had read about how it serves as good anal lubricant, although not condom compatible (we would never use them anyway). We had tried many brands of lube before trying coconut oil. Kate has grumbled about the plastic tote full of lubes and butt plugs and I joke with her that we’ll open a museum of anal sex. LOL

The first time I was inclined to try coconut oil, I went to the cooking oil in a Walmart and picked up a bottle of liquid coconut oil. Seemed great texture wise, but I knew it had potential to be a mess. I was sure right about the latter. When I was warming her up and stretching her ass out with my fingers, it would just run all over the place. Sometime later I was inclined to try solid coconut oil, thinking it would stay in place better and melt once inside. That is largely try, although it did liquify considerably once we got out of the winter months. However, it was at least a viable option. I could coat a butt plug with it and it wouldn’t make much mess, but would melt from her rectal heat. As I would grease up my cock, it began to melt upon rubbing it on. Still, coconut oil gave her the best anal experience by far and allowed the deepest penetration. I joked she had a special connection with coconut oil from growing up in the Philippines.

Eventually, I stumbled onto a product called Palm Grease that is primarily palm oil, but also has a couple other oils mixed in with it. It has a higher melting point, certainly above our body temperatures. So, it remains a nice slick grease during the whole process and doesn’t drip anywhere. This has allowed me, once she completely relaxes after a few minutes, to thrust my entire length into her, which I still do cautiously given her small 4’8″ frame.

We had never tried coconut oil for any vaginal play, in part because I had read it’s not good for a woman’s pH. However, I later read that there is minimal to no concern and that seems to have little truth to it. I may eventually get a new container and see if she likes coconut oil for traditional play, but I won’t mix what I already bought because of anal-vaginal crossing concerns. So, I’d give it a try whatever sex you were envisioning. Just purchase it with other cooking oils, probably opt for solid coconut oil and start with a small jar. If it turns out to be a good additional for your sex life, you can get a large jar at a club like Costco or Sam’s and it will be uber cheap compared to any lube marketed as an intimate lube.

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