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Football Fantasy 4 – FUCK TXT – روايات سكس جنسيه


Danny and the gang learn that lettering ain’t that easy.

Thank you for reading this, I hope it pleasures you as it does to me. This is obviously the fourth installment of the Football Fantasy series. If you want to know more about the characters, then you’re just going to have to read the first three stories. I do read all comments and I appreciate constructive criticism, so comment away! Thanks!

I can’t believe it.

I just can’t fucking believe it.

That was going through everybody’s mind as we walked back to our bus.

It was pouring down rain, and the sky was as dark as we felt.

We just lost in the third round of the playoff’s. To a city school. Not only that, but a city school who uses Freshmen as their starters. We were up 14 points at the half, and we lost by 22 points.

Isaac was crying on the coaches shoulder, Adam was throwing up in the corner, Tanner punched a hole into the mascots face, and I myself was crying…because I had fumbled the ball that they scored on.

There would be no talking on the bus.

There would be no parties at Jake’s house.

There would be no more football.

And there would be no sex tonight.

It was ten day’s later when we had our football party. Handing out awards and whatnot. There was pizza, cake, punch (which I think that Coach spiked), and pissed off kids when they didn’t letter.

Usually Coach letters the people who played, but I didn’t get my letter, and I knew why.

I also noticed that Kevin didn’t get a letter, and although we broke up after initiation (long story short, he didn’t like Isaac fucking me like that), I felt a pang of sorrow as I remembered how he dropped the scoring pass. He looked at me, his soft brown eyes watering up, and he looked away. I myself felt my eyes tearing up as I remembered all the good times we had. Me not lettering didn’t help at all.

After the party, Coach walked up to me and told me to meet him in his office. He was not that bad looking with his tight curly hair, chiseled features, and his beautiful dark brown eyes. He was around 6 feet tall, and had a really muscular body.

The older guys bragged about fucking him, but I highly doubt those stories were true because he has a ring on his finger, and a picture of his daughters.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to see what it would be like to get fucked by him ever since I saw his long, uncut cock as he was getting into the coaches shower. It looked like it was around 6 inches soft, so I started drooling immediately.

I looked over at Kevin and I could tell he was avoiding his gaze. I could also see his hard-on through his jeans. I realized just how much I miss him. I miss his sex, that’s for sure, but I miss his sensitive personality, his beautiful eyes, and most of all…I just miss hanging out together.

We got to Coach’s office and he opened the door. Kevin and I walked in and Coach locked the door behind us. I noticed that the door had key holes on both sides. To get out of the office, we had to use a key no matter what.

Coach turned around and faced us. A grim expression on his face.

“You guys know I didn’t letter you for a reason right?” he asked.

Kevin and I nodded and looked to the ground.

“The reason why is that I haven’t made up my mind yet as to who should take the one letter I have.” he said.

Kevin and I looked at eachother in astonishment.

“So, the better fuck…..gets it.”

Coach then grabbed his shorts and dropped them, revealing his jock strap. The bulge that was in our faces just longed for us, as we longed for it. Coach ripped off his shirt to reveal his 6 pack abs, his massive pecs, his beautifuly chiseled body.

We were instantly on our knees.

Coach grabbed us by the hair, a hand on each head, and said, “Now comes the fun part.” with a wink.

He then pulled our heads to his massive cock, shielded by his jock strap. Kevin and I immediately went to work, licking at his ever-hardening member, sucking anything and everything we could into our mouths. Coach moaned as we continued our assault.

I noticed Kevin starting to move his tounge underneath the pouch.

He can’t do that!! He’ll letter!! I thought. So I decided go between his legs and I moved his jock pouch with my tounge until his deliciously shaven sack fell out. I sucked in his right ball and started to lap around it with my tounge, Coaches moanings getting louder and louder.

Coach then took off his jock strap, stepped in front of us both, and pulled us back onto his cock.

His thick shaft was around 10″ long, and it bobbed up and down, inviting Kevin and I onto it’s massive girth. We both battled for the head, and started to lick Coach’s slit together. Our faces and tounges were pressed together and we both fought for first prize.

I eventually won, shoving Kevin to the side as I engulfed Coach’s cock. I could feel every vein of the pulsating penis as it entered my throat. I kept going, past the gag reflex, and eventually got it all down.

The little tuft of hair that Coach was sporting was tickling my nose, but it was so hot, that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I started to unzip my jeans as I started to bob my head up and down. I took out my own cock and started stroking myself, just like my esophagus was stroking Coach.

I was so busy with Coach’s dick, that I didn’t realize that Kevin had unbuttoned my dress shirt, and had pulled my pants down the rest of the way.

That’s when Coach pulled out and said, “Wow Slot, I guess what Isaac said about you was true! Now I want you eat me out as Kevin goes down on me.”

I moved behind Coach and just stared at his ass. His cheeks were pure muscle. And there were no tan lines.

I started to lick along his crack and heard Coach moan with pleasure. When I spread his cheeks, I saw his puckered hole pulsing with desire, beckoning my face to his glory hole. As I tounged his juicy ass, savoring his delicious juices, I noticed Kevin jerking Coach’s cock into his mouth, lapping up every drop of pre-cum. Coach moaned again and again, finally grabbing Kevin by his hair and shoving his cock deep into his throat. Kevin gagged, then his eyes went up into his head as wave upon wave of Coach’s seed flooded his mouth.

“Alright you little fuckers” said Coach, “Enough of warm-ups, lets see what you can do!”

Coach then led us to the backroom in the office. There was a couch, a small coffee table, and a TV. Coach turned on the TV and there was the shower room. Right now it was empty, but I could tell Coach enjoyed the view after every practice and winning game.

“Now, Daniel, I’m gonna reward you for your excelent tounge action, by repaying the favor!” said coach, with a hungry gleam in his eyes. “As for you, lets see how you feel inside of me, concidering Danny here lubed my ass up pretty nice! HA!!” laughed Coach. He then pushd me onto the couch, and jerked my body into the proper position, exposing my bare ass at his face. He then pulled Kevin closer to him, and then faced me.

“Oh yeah Coach,” I moaned, “Fill me with your tounge! MMMMmmmmm”

He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them. He then sucked his index finger in his mouth and rubbed it on my tight hole. “OOONNNHHH GOD YES!!!” I yelled as his finger slid in.

I could feel the warmth of his hand as he went 1…2….3 knuckles deep. His finger penetrating my very essence until all I wanted was more. More of Coach, more of his hand….more of….something….

Coach pulled out his hand and the thought vanished, leaving me sweaty and gasping for air. Coach then planted his face right smack-dap onto me. I felt him kissing my asshole, and then his lips spread, and his probing tounge found its way to my rectum. I contracted it to give him more room to breach…and then…..WHAM!! The sudden intrusion was a burst of extacy and pain, as his spearing tounge wormed its way into my depths. Searching, seeking, finding.

“UUNNNNGGGGHHHHAAAHHH!!” I screamed, finding no other feeling more exhilerating than this.

Coach continued his onslaught, but less so, as he himself started moaning.

I turned my head to see Kevin, pounding away at Coach’s ass. Moaning here and there in a fake way to add to the feeling in the room. (I’ve been with the guy for almost 6 months…give me a break, I know when he’s faking)

Realizing that Kevin might just get the letter instead of me, I decided to act. I reached around and grabbed Coach’s head and pressed him more into my ass and yelled.


Coach instantly pulled out.

He stopped.

Looked at me.

GLARED at me.

Then said.

“Very daring. And very stupid.”

Kevin looked pleased. Almost in a haughty manner.

Then Coach said, “Very daring. But it worked! I’ve never been more turned on in my life! Give me your sweet ass Slut!!! That’s right, you’re my Slut now, now more of that ‘Slot’ bull-shit anymore! Come here!!”

He quickly grabbed my hips again, and this time, he thrust his throbbing man-hood into my puckered hole! Making me explode with pleasure and a wonderful pain.

Along with this feeling of extacy, came a feeling of triumph!! I beat Kevin!!! I’m gonna letter!!

He started to pull out, but not all the way. He came back in.

“OOHHH YES COACH!!! YES, YES, YES,YES…!!!” I moaned with each thrust.

He started to increase in speed until I was being rammed harder than I have ever been before! The friction was so intense that I swear I could have caught on fire!

“FFUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!” yelled Coach at the top of his voice, and that’s when he came.

Now this wasn’t any type of cum shot, that just filled you up, this did WAY more than that.

Coach came so hard, that it not only filled me up to the brim, soaking my innards with his potential children and painting my colon white, his cum squirted out of my ass and left a small puddle on his couch!! I then started to jack-off. I didn’t have to wait long, for I shot and joined my cum with his on the couch.

As we both collapsed with our sweaty bodies, and our pleasures peaked, I noticed Kevin in the corner, looking very sad indeed.

I stood up, and (very shakily) walked over to him.

“Hey, Kevin…it’s okay…maybe you should just…learn how to handle the ball!”

I stood up, turned to Coach, and French Kissed him.


*The next day*

“What did you say was wrong with you?”

“I told you mom!!” I said, “I slipped on some ice and I bruised my tail bone!! It hurts to sit!!”

“Well then…looks like you’re not in football next year ya big pansey!!”


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