Here’s Way to Watch Grootman and Gcinile Twala’s Leaked Video Online hd – New Latest Viral Leaked Videos Online

Here’s Way to Watch Grootman and Gcinile Twala’s Leaked Video Online hd

Grootman Finally Speaks Out After Gcinile Twala’s Leaked Video, Mocking His Ex-Girlfriend

Themba Selahle, known as Grootman, has broken his silence regarding the controversial video of his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala, which has caused an uproar on social media. Grootman denies any involvement in leaking the video, claiming that Gcinile herself released it to gain sympathy.


He has also accused her of delaying abuse accusations until after their breakup. Grootman plans to pursue legal action against Gcinile and has mocked her on social media.

Grootman Denies Leaking Gcinile’s Embarrassing Video
Grootman has firmly denied leaking Gcinile Twala’s video, which has set social media ablaze. Following reports that he was responsible, social media users and women’s organizations have demanded his immediate arrest. In response, Grootman took to Instagram to refute these claims, suggesting that Gcinile leaked the video to garner sympathy from her fans and supporters across South Africa. He stated:


Grootman Threatens Legal Action Against Gcinile
Themba Selahle is preparing to take legal action against Gcinile Twala. He refuses to let his reputation be damaged by her supporters who have hastily blamed him. Adding fuel to the fire, Grootman has also mocked Gcinile in a social media post.

Gcinile’s Cousin Criticizes Grootman and Reveals Relationship Details
In related news, Briefly News reported ongoing tensions between Gcinile and Grootman. Recently, Gcinile’s cousin publicly criticized Grootman, revealing more details about their relationship. The messy breakup between the two media personalities continues to be a hot topic on social media, with fans weighing in on the various allegations. Grootman further provoked controversy by accusing Gcinile of dating K Naomi’s husband, Tshepo.

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