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Freds sex therapy just wasn’t working

Fred had been in a bad accident some time back, and it had put him in a wheel chair. He could no longer get an erection. He could have an orgasm with his limp cock if stimulated, but he could not shoot a load . He had devised a plan of his own, and he figured if he could see some one fucking his wife it might help arouse his broken member. He had chosen me too be the lucky guy to help him with his plan…

It was now going on to a month . I was fucking Idella everyday, Idella was sucking his limp prick to an orgasm and I was shooting my jism into her beautiful pussy. but Fred’s cock was not getting hard..Yet he was enjoying the hell out of our fuck sessions. He would lay there in bed with us rubbing and massage his cock, when Idella wasn’t sucking it, and telling me how to fuck her.
Drive it in her hard Billie Joe. and when Idella would start cumming Fred would be kissing her sucking her tongue and feeling her tits while I was filling her pussy full of cum with my cock. Idella was loving it. We were all enjoying the hell out of each other….Idella was 21 years older than me But I had falling in love with this lady, She was married to Fred , but I felt she was really my woman.

School started back and I had just turned sixteen, Dad was letting me use the family car now and I was feeling really grown up…I wasn’t dating any girls at school, and some of the kids were calling me names like queer and mother fucker….I didn’t pay much attention to that kind of bullshit but had , had a couple of fights over the matter…Besides there wasn.t any girls at my school that could even come close to the woman of my dreams….Idella had turned me into her personal fucking machine ….and I had vowed to her and Fred that I would not tell anyone about our arrangement…..Me being a minor could put my fuck partners in trouble with the authoritys.

It was Friday night school was over for the week. I came in from school that night whistling a tune . My Mom said you’re mighty happy this evening. Yup ! I feel good and went about doing my chores. Mom had supper ready and we all set down to eat. Dad exclaimed. Wow I’m tired as hell tonight. Mom replied well we’re getting old.. I said Would it be ok If I go up to Fred and Idellas for awhile this evening….You sure do spend a lot of time up there. Dad mumbled…They might get tired of seeing you so often…Mom come into the conversation, I saw Idella at the grocery store this morning honey she was telling me how much Fred enjoyed playing Rummy with Billy Joe. They don’t have any kids of their own. Said he was like their own son… I don’t care Dad replied but come home early…. I helped Mom clear the table and wash the dishes…I couldn’t remember back when I didn’t have to help with the dishes….My fantasy’s of fucking my Mom still ruled the back of my mind.. Bumping into her at the sink and reaching around her body feeling her soft hips and that smell about her…I thought of how many nights I had snuck a pair of her dirty panties into my room and smelled the beautiful scent of her perfume and pee pee on the crotch of those panties and jacked my cock to wild orgasms all the time dreaming I was unloading my jism deep into my Moms pussy……My cock was getting hard just thinking about it.. We finished up the kitchen and I told Them I’d see them later Have a nice time, Mom said has she kissed my forehead.

I arrived at Fred and Idellas around seven thirty, Idella let me in giving me a big juicey kiss and shoving her tongue into my mouth..been waiting for you boyfriend she said… Fred was sitting in his chair rolling back and forth in a rocking motion….Come on in here boy he exclaimed. got something I want to show you. He begin rewinding the rolll of film he had on his projecter. This is good he laughed Get the lights Idella. Idella turned off the lights and sat down beside me on the couch . Fred turned on the projecter and the movie started on the white screen across the room. You’re gonna like this Billie Joe….he laughed I couldn’t believe what I was seeing this young girl was laided back on the couch and a big German Shepard was licking her pussy with his tongue. the film had no sound but the facial expressions on the young girl told the story . She was pushing her pussy to the dog and he was licking and flicking his big tongue over her pussy and up her ass crack . She was holding the dogs head in both hands and was guiding him to the right spot…The film faded out and came back to a different scene The dog was now between her legs and she was guiding that sharp pointed prick of his into her pussy….Idella said Fred this is making me hot. and she took hold of the buldge in my trowsers….Me too I spoke…Ha! Watch this Fred laughed.. The German Sheppard began thrusting his cock hard and deep inside her ‘ his big knot now was swelled up like a baseball and he was shoving away trying to put his knot into her pussy…. Idella reached over and unzipped my pants and my cock jumped out of my trouser I felt her mouth go down and around my trembling prick my nuts were on fire watching this girl on film getting a great fucking from this big dog and this woman I loved Is sucking my cock I couldn’t stand it I bit my lip trying to hold back the load that was soon gonna erupt from my shaft at any moment and then I came loose shooting squirt after squirt with every spasam I blowed my load into Idellas mouth she never stopped sucking bobbing her head and mouth up and down my cock pulling all the jism she could from my orgasm she than pulled her mouth off my prick and looked up at me pushing my load to the front of her lips showing me all my jism and then opening her mouth she swallowed it…God that tasted good baby. I felt weak has hell at the moment.and Idella patted my leg with her hand you alright boyfriend she asked Oh I’m fine I replied .Mean while Fred is still watching this fuck flick and loving how well this dog is performing…Fuck her good fido he was having a good time…Idella said I always wondered how it would feel to have a dog fuck you. she said it makes me hot as hell to watch two dogs fucking. I guess my two fantasys I’ve had in life would be fucking a dog or being with another woman…..The film ended with the dog blowing his cum into her cunt it was a sight to behold so much cum . it was running out of her cunt and everywhere and the young girl was now sucking his slowly shrinking cock and licking up dog cum she was running her fingers into her pussy and then licking the sperm from them…I was hot and hard again..I pulled Idella to me and kissed her mouth I moved down and began licking her pussy she cried out with pleasure Come on over Fred and watch our boy eat my pussy..I was thrusting my tongue up into her twat tasteing her wet fluid that was pouring out of her cunt mixing with my saliva. Fred rolled up to the edge of the couch And Idella twisted her body enough to get his soft prick into her mouth . It seemed strange but it never took her long to give him his dry orgasm..I could hear him getting his thing and It made me hotter I sucked Idella’s pussy that much harder she begain to quiver , ooooooooooH God I eeeeeee I’m getting close Fred was now holding Idella in his arms as she lay accrossed his legs he had the top half and was playing with her tits she was moving her ass up to my face now in a much more rapid movement Ohh I’m cumming…….!! OOOOH God it’s so good AHHHHG I’M CUMMING Fred was kissing her face and sucking her tongue. I raised up and positioned her ass on the couch where I could enter her and shoved my throbbing cock to its full length….Fuck her good Billie Joe fuck her good ….Freds words only inspired me to try and hold back a little longer Idella was screaming oh fuck me baby fuck me boyfriend..Give me that load fuck me baby I could feel the muscles in her cunt twitching and quivering and then it happened she was cumming and I was cumming at the same time I felt like that German Sheppard I was cumming in buckets too. My cock was jerking and Fred was holding on to Idella and when my last load of spunk flew into her cunt she came again thrashing and throwing her arms Oh God I love you two….. I looked down at her pussy and my cum and her’s was running out on the couch. I know I had never shot that much spunk in my life. She began to cry….Oh I love both of you so very much, she was sobbing with the joys of the pleasure we had both put on her …. I love the both of you too I said.. .You have both given me the best time of my life…..


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