I’ll fuck a guy just because he’s hung

I’m not sure if any of you have seen the smutty stories I’ve posted in the member’s area, I like to keep a record of the slutty things I get up to, my most popular is the ‘I told him I liked size… He warned me that he had a big one‘, where I was feeling extremely naughty, and changed my Tinder bio to ‘big dicks only’ or my other popular story on the member’s area called ‘Taking My New Tinder Pictures (I Need To Be Fucked!)‘, I was horny, freaky, and needed some dick.

Whether you have seen my public submissions or private ones or you haven’t seen any at all, all you really need to know right now is that these stories happening to me are what got me to this next level of sluttiness.

It all started as a test to see how many guys were hung out there and to find someone to satisfy my love for size, but it has now become a deep and dirty kink of mine and that’s why I’ve had to do this update.

I have ended up becoming a complete freak when it comes to larger men and I am constantly creating new stretched-out limits for my pussy.

It All Started When I Made My Tinder Big dicks Only

I was and am in a bit of a hoe phase. I figure that one day I’ll settle down and I will want to have some hot shit to think about, so I’ve been letting my spirit run free, doing some experimenting, and making sure my pussy gets what she wants.

That free spirit thinking led me to hook up with the biggest guy I’d been with, we fucked loads and I posted some of the pictures and the whole story to the member’s section, I was the first girl to fit every inch of him, he told me that it was one of the hottest things he had ever seen and he never did quite get over me taking him whole and fucking his dick with the entirety of my pussy.

He found it hot but for me, the truth was, it was an awakening for me, I realized that I love being fucked by a guy who has a dick that pushes my limits and stretches me out, and takes me to a place where there’s a perfect mixture of pleasure and a thrilling pain.

I love a big thick dick pressing up inside of me, pushing my boundaries, stretching me out, and making me relish in that satisfyingly full feeling it brings. I love as he thrusts in and out of me and getting to feel every inch of him as he takes me over the edge, my pussy fluttering as our cum mixes together and finally how for days after I still think of him as I ache and throb between the legs.

I Won’t Hook Up If His Cock Is Not Above Average

I know this is so vain and it might change with time, but while I’m living out my fantasies I’ve decided that I’ll only have serious hookups with hung men. At first, it was just a preference but now it’s a full-on demand, he has to be hung, he has to be way above average and he has to know how to use it and quite frankly, I don’t think that’s too much to ask but you would be surprised how hard I have to look to find the right guy that ticks all of these boxes.

It’s So Very Rare To Find It

I lucked out my first few times and I started thinking every guy was hung, I guess I just had beginner’s luck because after that I had a dry spell.

It turns out guys lie about their dick size and so, I would only sleep with a guy if they could prove their size and they never could!

I didn’t get laid for a while and yet all I could think about was cock, I was masturbating every single day but nothing was satisfying that urge and finally, I was so desperate that I agreed to meet a guy who had a smaller cock. The sex was good, but I didn’t cum, and although it was fun it just didn’t hit the same and I knew I was going to turn feral if I didn’t get a big cock inside of me soon.

I Hate To Admit It, But If It’s Big I Don’t Care About Looks

I know this makes me even more of a slut than I already am but if he’s hung down there, I think he’s cute, it doesn’t matter what he looks like, all I care about is his big cock.

I will admit that this is partly out of desperation, finding guys with a really big size is difficult here and I have had to make a few exceptions like not being handsome or not being my usual type, however, though, at the end of the day, we both get we want and I can’t be picky when it comes to big dick, it’s just too scarce for me to be!

The Biggest Challenge So Far

When I find a big cock, I like to keep him around and the biggest guy I have been with so far has also been my biggest challenge, luckily he loves to help me stretch and he loves fucking me too.

He showed me pictures of himself before we hooked up and I was impressed with what he sent me, he was also pretty hot and even bigger than the guy I had been with before him. Before I met him I wasn’t sure if it was just good angles but after we hooked up I can assure you 100% that angles had nothing to do with it and this guy is just naturally very well-hung.

He didn’t want me to share any pictures but if I could describe it to you it would be with the thickness of a coke can and the length of my forearm.

I knew it would be a struggle to fit him inside of me and so, he became my challenge. We hooked up and he spent ages going down on me, loosening me up and making me cum, I needed to be fully relaxed to take him and I wasn’t going to let a silly little thing like being too tight get in the way.

I tried going down on him and it was a lot of fun, my jaw ached, my throat felt sore and I gagged a lot but I managed to take quite a lot of him down my throat and I knew it was going to be slightly more difficult to do that with my pussy.

Finally, he was on top of me, straddled between my legs, kissing my neck as he pressed his cock against my opening, slowly inching his way closer to my opening, my pussy throbbed with arousal, I was soaked and aching for this man. I begged him to fuck me and inch by inch, he did as I asked, slowly pushing more and more of his cock inside of me, I cried out with pleasure as I felt more and more of his length creeping inside of me, stretching out my walls and pushing my boundaries to the test.

I was soaked, his cock glistening as he slid inside of me, my mouth was hanging open as he tried to get more and more inside of me but it just wasn’t happening.

I was bottomed out, he was unable to fit any more of his cock inside of me. I continued fucking what I could, cumming hard on his cock and reveling in the feeling of being full but I knew I wanted to try again.

I Tried Again…

I wasn’t going to let that stop me, his cock was too good for me not to try again.

After a few times of fucking him and a lot of practice, I stretched out and could fit all of him in me. It was such a great feeling and I came hard when I felt his pubic bone against mine and realized I had managed to take this huge man. He came hard inside of me too, it felt as if his cum was in my stomach!

I have pictures that are crazy hot, I love seeing my tight body being able to make something so big literally vanish inside me, it’s so sexy, (at least, I think so!).

Being a size queen isn’t easy but once you get there it’s so damn satisfying. I have more about my conquest on the membership area, it’s just way too explicit for the public site!

See you on the inside, especially if you’re hung! 😉

Mar xoxo

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