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Jay and his friends – FUCK TXT – روايات سكس جنسيه


Another story of my adventures into slut-hood

I got a phone call at 2:30 AM last week. It was a lover wanting to come over. “Are you drunk?” I asked him. “Yes, of course I am,” he answered. Not wanting to risk the lives of others just to get laid by my 20 year old stud I said, “no, I don’t want you to drive here.” There was a pause, and in the background I could hear other people talking. “What if I have somone else drive me over there?” What was he talking about? “And then what? He’s gonna wait in the car while you get laid?” I heard him giggle a little and then he said, “no, you’ll just fuck him too.” “Baby please… I want you. Don’t you want to feel two cocks in you at the same time?” I thought about it for about two seconds… “Of course I do. What does he look like?” J answered me in a manner typical of a 20 year old. “He looks like a guy, you know. So what do you say?” What could I say, I invited them over. Thirty minutes later my doorbell was ringing.

I had been with J twice before. I knew he was hung, loved to eat pussy and had the stamina that most 20 year olds have. He once picked me up and bounced me on his cock like I weighed nothing. I felt a little like Mrs. Robinson or Demi but what the hell… I’m single and he can fuck. So i rolled out of bed, clad in only a pair of black cotton boy-style briefs and answered the door. There they stood, FOUR young men, chatting, laughing and then staring at me. I couldn’t believe he brought three others with him, but I was horny and they looked sooooooooooooooooo tasty.

I opened the door and the four of them rushed into the foyer. I grabbed J by the hand and led him away into my office. The others stood there near the door, talking and laughing. “What the hell J? I thought you said ONE guy, I count THREE.” J was running his eyes over my body and reached out and began rubbing my hard nipples with his thumbs, “C’mon baby, you know you want to,” was what he whispered. He kissed me and pulled me close to him. I could feel his rock hard cock against my hip bone. He backed out of the office, pulling me with him, but all the while kissing me. We were out in the foyer with the others and suddenly I felt very shy. I pulled away from J and looked over at his friends.

I would eventually learn there names: Mark, the 6’5″ muscular stud with proportional cock and balls and an appetite for pussy. Terry, 5’10” blonde and blue eyed (like J) with a very nice 6″ cock. And Lou, a shorter version of Mark, turns out they are brothers.

It was only then that I realized what a vulnerable position I was in. J had brought over his football buddies, young and virile and apparently, from the bulges in their crotches, very horny. J grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around to face them, my back pressed against his hard chest. “Guys, this is Candy. Told you she was sexy, didn’t I?” All three nodded their agreement. J and I stood there like that for a few more seconds then he started rubbing my arms and eventually moved his hands to my hips. J pulled me back against him firmly so that I was fully aware of his large cock ready and waiting. He slid his hand down the front of my boy shorts and found his way to my clit. I leaned my head back in ecstacy, I loved the way J touched me. He kissed my neck as his finger slowly rubbed. I opened my eyes when I felt a wet, hot mouth on my right breast. Mark had taken the opportunity to get to me first. As his tongue ran circles around my nipple he too reached into my underwear. His hand grazed over J’s and suddenly a very large, thick, rough finger was piercing my tight, wet pussy. I moaned softly and put my hands on his face. He looked up at me and smiled. “You like that?” he whispered. I nodded and began to relax, to take it all in… I was about to fuck four young college studs, at my age. YUMMY.

J pulled his hand out of my underwear and I could feel him undoing his pants. “I’m gonna fuck you right here,” he whispered. I was too busy with Mark’s fingers to acknowledge his declaration. About a minute later I felt J tugging on my panties. He pulled them all the way down, now all the young studs their first view of my hairless pussy. Lou literally whooped out loud. I saw Terry just stand there with his mouth open. I did notice that both had their hands in their pants. I stepped out of the undies and all the while Mark kept that wide, rough finger inside me and his hot mouth on my nipples. Without warning to either Mark or myself, J picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. All three young studs followed us. J pulled off his pants completely and I realized he had already donned a condom. I got into position for him… I know that he likes to bend me over the bed and ram into me hard. And that’s exactly what he did. My face was buried in the bed but I could feel someone getting on the bed. I looked up and Terry’s cock was in my face. I immediately licked him from shaft to head and then took him into my mouth. “YEAH!!!” the brothers yelled out. I sucked Terry good, licked and sucked his balls while J pummeled me from behind. He was grunting, sweating, fucking me good. I was slick with juices and he slipped in and out with ease. “Fuck her J, fuck that bitch,” Lou said. I heard Mark slap him and tell him to show a little respect. “Respect what?” Lou said, “she’s about to fuck four guys… she doesn’t want respect, she wants dick.” I looked up and stopped sucking on Terry. “Okay boys, you want your own personal porno… get into position.” They looked confused, “Take off your clothes,” I said, stroking the cock in front of me. Mark and Lou immediately undressed and J, having figured out what I was going to do shooed Terry off the bed. He got on his back and I got on top of him. “The astro glide is in the top drawer,” I said, to no one in particular. I grabbed J’s rock hard, thick cock and pushed him into me. I came before anyone else could get near me. J was holding my tits and nibbling on my nipples. I leaned forward and offered my ass, riding J and waiting for someone to complete the DP. “What are you waiting for,” I said over my shoulder. One of them, I don’t know who, pushed Lou onto the bed, “You’re the one always wanted to try anal,” Mark said.

A few seconds later I felt the cold lube being rubbed on by a single finger. Lou was putting on his condom so I continued to ride J like he was a broncing bull. I saw Terry stroking himself and Mark standing next to him watching it all with a smile on his face. A single finger slid into my asshole and I moaned… it felt sooooooooooo good. Then another finger, in and out, getting me ready. I could hear Lou stroking his cock, keeping it hard for my tight hole. I came again with his fingers in me, my pussy filled with J’s massive dick, and my nipples being squeezed and bitten. The fingers came out and I felt the familiar pressure of a hard cock against my opening. Slowly, gently, almost gingerly, Lou slipped his fat cock into me. I moaned deeply and so did J. He pushed in more and more, and every centimeter brought me more and more pleasure. “Fuck yeah,” Lou said as he leaned forward, putting more pressure on my body. He began a slow rhythm going in and out. It was starting to hurt more, it had been a while since i did this sort of thing. “Ouch, shit that hurts,” I said. But Lou didn’t care. The more I complained the harder he thrusted into me. Finally, when I thought I could take no more, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and started pounding into my ass with a vengeance. I could feel J tensing up to cum. My body arched back and suddenly J’s finger was rubbing my clit. I came again, hard. I didn’t even notice the other two getting on the bed. Suddenly a cock was thrust into my mouth. I was sucking Terry again while Lou and J continued to punish my pussy and ass. Terry grabbed my hair from Lou and began pushing my face back and forth on his cock. “Suck it, do it,” he said. Then I saw Mark’s massive cock on the other side of me. All this cock and only three holes… what was i to do?

I knew that I wanted to feel Mark’s cock in my pussy… it was too big to waste with a blow job. So i grabbed it with my right hand and began stroking him. The sounds these guys were making was sooooooooooooo sexy. All four of them were enjoying themselves and moaning their pleasure. Lou finally came while in my ass. He pulled out of me and got off the bed. He sat on the side and watched for a while. “I’m next,” Mark said, as I continued riding J and sucking Terry. I pulled Terry’s cock out of my mouth… “Oh no, there’s no way you are sticking that thing in my ass.” Mark sighed, “I never get any anal.” J spoke up, “trust me man, her pussy is plenty tight, like your high school girlfriend tight,” and as he said it, he pulled out of me and got out from under me. I was on my knees, on the bed, sucking Terry’s cock and J said, “she’s all yours Mark. Don’t bother being gentle.” Mark donned a condom and got into position behind me. He started by rubbing my clit than putting a finger in each hole. I was moaning on Terry’s thick dick. Then Mark eased into my wet, stretched hole. I felt him all the way around, it felt sooooooooo good. I decided that Terry needed to cum so I could concentrate on Mark’s cock in me. So as I sucked him i reached up and slowly inserted a finger into his ass. I tasted pre-cum. Mark was doing a slow in and out but I knew he was just warming up. So I penetrated Terry’s ass again and again. His breath got quicker and he was pulling my face onto his cock. “Suck it, yeah, I’m gonna cum,” he said. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and felt Terry’s hot spray on slide down my throat. Such a big load, I thought, as I was swallowing it down. Now I could focus on getting Mark off.

Mark said, “Turn over.” I got on my back and spread my legs wide. I started rubbing my clit with one hand and pinching one of my nipples. All four guys just stood back and watched as I played with myself. J wanted to get in there, I could tell he wanted to lick my juices from my soaking pussy. But Mark wanted back in me. He entered me again, this time with my legs spread for him to slide in. That’s when he grabbed my camera and took that picture. J came up and licked my fingers, my juices still wet on them. He got in under Mark and started licking and nibbling on my nipples. I was moaning and writhing. “Yeah, yeah,” I said, over and over again. “Fuck me,” I begged. My hand found J’s cock and I stroked him. I could hear the others breathing hard and stroking themselves. Mark pounded me mercilessly for about ten minutes, then came hard and long. Terry and Lou were hard and stroking but too close to cumming. They approached the bed and as I lay there, trying to recover from Mark’s massive cock in me… Terry and Lou shot their loads on my tits. J was the only one who hadn’t cum yet… I wanted him to cum. He didn’t want to get on top of me with all Terry and Lou’s cum all over my tits. He told me to get on my side.

There I lay, on my side while J gets behind me. He grabs my right leg and pulls it over his hip as he slides his huge, hard cock into me. My pussy is pulsing… he is sooooo big and hard and feels so good inside of me. He was holding my head back with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I was moaning, and I knew that the other boys were enjoying the show. J was grunting, pushing into me. Terry, Lou, and Mark were standing on the side of the bed watching J’s cock slide into me slowly and gently. J grabbed my wet tits, pinching the nipples and grasping them hard. Then he put his fingers in my mouth and I sucked the cum off them. Slowly, steadily my orgasm was building as the taste of Lou and Terry’s cum hit my tongue. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned, as J slid in and out of my wet cunt. “Do, it good baby,” I said to him over my shoulder. “Fuck me good, just like that.” J bit my ear and licked my neck as he picked up his pace. “Damn, you are so tight,” he said. “I love it, you feel so good Candy, so good.” Just then, I came hard. The feel of J’s cock in my tight pussy was magnificent. As my orgasm grew, the walls of my pussy tightened J moaned and grunted and came hard.

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