Karen finally got a solution to her shyness

Karen is approximately thirty but her babyish face often led to people mistakenly thinking her to be younger. After coming to Los Angeles for her work, she can barely make friends with people her age. None took her seriously thinking she is too young. And she got tired of clarifying her age. Ever since she came here, she would want to find someone and date but shyness would often get in the way. So much so that even if some guy would approach her, she would run away from the encounter. She badly needed a solution to her shyness.

It was as if the guys were repulsing him. And yet, she desperately wanted some physical connection. Occasionally she would masturbate alone at home but it was not the same as being with someone. Her best friend Meera finally came up with a solution. She suggested that maybe Karen should try dating girls. Karen was a little taken aback by the suggestion. Meera was lesbian but Karen always thought of herself as straight. She have had a couple of relationships in her school days too with guys. She never considered the possibility of being attracted to women. But today, somehow Meera’s suggestion made sense and it could be a solution to her shyness.

But Karen was too shy to go out and meet people face to face. She initially tried some dating apps but soon realised the eventual physical meeting was not something she wanted right now. This is when she came across live cam sites. She searched for best cam sites and sounds she find the top rated one. It only took a few minutes to register. Now it was time to start looking at the models there.

It became her new found hobby to come home from office and browse through the website every day. It was a Friday when the story begins. She came home and browsed through the website as usual when she got a message. This was her first interaction on the website. It was a girl called Polly. Karen did not waste anytime to respond and soon their conversation started. Polly was rather straightforward and she asked if Karen was comfortable with switching on the camera and getting started with a paid conversation. Karen decided not to let the opportunity go this time. she has occasionally missed out on many encounters simply for her shyness-not this time again.

She turned on the camera and so did the girl on the other side. Polly was probably a little younger than her. But the most striking thing about her was her bright golden hair and amber eyes. She was smiling widely. Polly was wearing just a bra. Karen felt a little overdressed compared to her. Polly wasted no time in pointing that out either. Karen shyly took off her t-shirt, revealing the lacy red bra underneath. It was a beautiful balconette bra that was emphasising her size. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she moved her arms taking off the t-shirt. Polly did not miss any details and complimented her beautiful breasts. Karen turned a bright shade of red herself.

Polly was very charming and knew exactly what to say that will make her comfortable. Their conversation took a more passionate turn soon after that.

“Karen, would you like to watch me pleasure myself?” asked Polly.

“…Yes,” Karen stuttered with nervousness.

“Ok, then do exactly as I say, “Polly almost commanded.

Karen nodded like she was hypnotized. Polly asked her to take of her bra and show her breasts. Polly obliged. As soon as the bra was off, her breasts bounced out of them and her nipples hardened immediately. Then just like Polly’s instruction, Karen squeezed her boobs and taunted her own nipples. On the other side of the camera, Polly had taken off her panties and positioned herself so that Karen gets a full-view of her pussy. It was slightly hairy but the clitoris was obvious. Polly was using a small egg vibrator to stimulate the clitoris while watching Karen and talking her through the scenario.

“Imagine your hands are mine. They are all over your boobs- squeezing and slapping them alternately. Oh Karen! They are so soft I can suckle and bite them all day! Now imagine the feel of rolling your tongue all over my clitoris. You know, clitoris is rather fleshy and soft and occasionally giving and tiny nibble while you lick or suck does not hurt the partner but definitely heightens the pleasure.”

Karen was getting so aroused and this was the solution to her shyness. There was something about Polly’s voice and the way she spoke. It was intoxicating. Karen wanted to touch herself badly but also wanted to watch Polly at the same time. By now, Polly had thrown back her head and was moaning slightly. Her words were coming out in gasps as she went on to paint aa word picture for Karen.

“Now take off your panties and position the camera so I can see your pussy. Have you ever climaxed together with someone else but on camera? Its thrilling. I will help you with that today.”

Karen quickly took off her panties and made sure her pussy was visible to Polly. Karen’s Pussy was unusually pink and perfectly clean shaved. Polly instructed her once more,

“Wow, your pussy looks like a pornstar- so pretty! Now imagine my tongue on your pussy. I will make it sloppy with my saliva. You definitely smell good, Karen. Mmmm. I will be driving my tongue into your vagina and keep licking and rolling it around your honeypot. I can taste your juices flowing out. Its tangy… just the way I like it…”

Polly went on to say all these in a husky voice while Karen masturbated and imagined the scenario. It looked like a beautiful scene in her head. In a few minutes, Karen has climaxed. From the loud moans coming from her laptop, she knew Polly has climaxed too. They both panted and huffed and looked at each other through the screen, smiling. Karen knew this is one girl she definitely wants to meet in person next who was the solution to her shyness.

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