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When Matt Krump returned to his home in California from the Middle East after a year away, he was eighteen thousand dollars richer and one wife poorer. These things were no surprise as he had suspected his wife of being unfaithful to him since shortly after he’d shipped out, and the money was savings he had accumulated while he was away.

Candice, his wife, had been careless and was now carrying another man’s baby so she could not deny the infidelity, nor had she an alibi or excuse for her actions.

Of course, he had been informed of the facts of her betrayal several weeks before his return, so his emotions had been calmed by the time he’d returned. Now, on his return, it was just a matter of cleaning up the mess.

Matt had considered the matter carefully; he still had strong feelings for his wife and had decided to talk to her to see if they might work things out. On his return, his hopes had risen when she met him at the airport but were quickly dashed when she made no effort to kiss him on their first meeting; instead, she reacted coldly as she explained that she no longer had feelings for him. Her new lover was a gentleman, a better lover, and he appreciated her.

As she spat the words out at Matt on that first meeting, he knew for a fact that it was over. In fact, he wondered how he’d ever come to love her in the first place. He fought to control his anger as he listened to her, reiterate his many shortcomings to his face. Then, with a sad heart, he left her and began to take action.

First, he stopped his monthly family allotment and filed for separate maintenance; then, he gave up their family quarters on the base and moved to the Bachelor Sergeants Quarters and notified the air police to move his wife off base. Having accomplished this, he felt no satisfaction and grew morose. He tried to think, but his life was shot to hell. He had wanted to start a family and make a home for them, which he could do now with his E-7 pay, but any hopes he had once felt were dashed inside him.

It was the next afternoon when Candice stormed into his office, her anger clearly showing, “What do you mean, throwing me out of our house? How can you do that to me? You bastard.”

Matt answered calmly, “And you’ll also find that we’re no longer married but living apart and you no longer will be getting an allotment or medical care or commissary privilege. Now, Get out of here and leave me to my duties.” As he spoke, it was without feeling and with authority. He had spoken without emotion and with authority.

It was then that Candice realized her situation and how completely she had been cut off from her support. She glared at Matt, and said quietly, “You Son of a bitch!” and stormed out. As he watched her depart, Matt felt no satisfaction from their meeting, only sad. He wished life could be as it was back in happier times.

Nearly two weeks had gone by after the confrontation in his office when his telephone rang, and he heard Candice’s voice on the other end, “Matt, can we get together and talk?” There was sadness in her voice. As he heard her speak, his emotions told him to tell her, “Hell no.”, but he didn’t. Rather, he grew cagey and responded, “What do we have to talk about?”

Her response was spoken in a morose tone. “We had something once, and I’d hoped we might work something out.”

“What about your boyfriend?” He quipped.

“He’s history. He didn’t want to be a father,” she replied calmly.

“As I recall, you mentioned that he was more of a gentleman and a better lover, and he appreciated you more than I did. Knowing this, I don t know if I can ever have anything to do with you again.” But when Matt heard her sobbing, in response, on the telephone, he felt his resistance melt. “I’ll be right there. Where are you?”

She responded, “Seventh and Grand. I’ll meet you on the corner.”

Ten minutes later, Matt arrived at the corner and found her there. Candice climbed into his car, and Matt drove off, glad to be away from that seamier part of town. As she sat beside him, Matt noted her condition, dirty, unkempt, and reeking of body odor. He asked. “My god woman, where are you living?”

Candice replied, “There’s a homeless shelter just down Grand from seventh.”

Hearing this, Matt drove back to his quarters where he took his soon-to-be ex-wife into his apartment and directed her to go into the bathroom, remove her clothes and pass them to him; then, shower and shampoo her hair. He would pass her a robe to wear while he washed and dried her clothes.

Candice did as directed, and Matt took the clothes to the washer; then, after a time, she stepped out of the bathroom, totally nude, and in an effort to win his pardon for her infidelity, posed for him. As she posed and waited for Matt’s reaction, Matt fought for control over his emotions. Even as her belly was swollen with child, she was still a very attractive woman, and Matt felt a surge of wanton desire.

He adored her almost as never before as he said, “Put the robe on and cover yourself. Where will you be spending the night?”

“I’d hoped I could stay here tonight. Guess you’re not interested.”

“Candice, right now, I’m trying very hard not to hate you. You’ve hurt me badly, and now you’re trying to use me again. I must be a fool, but I am interested.”

She looked at Matt in triumph. She had won a victory. Then Matt spoke again, “Before we get cozy, there are a few things you need to understand. I may not be the gentleman or the fantastic lover like your late boyfriend, but I do have feelings. Nobody knows what’s been in that cunt of yours lately or what disease it might harbor, so I’ll settle for a good blow job in return for which I’ll give you enough money to get a room and food until you can get a paying job.”

Candice turned and started for the door as she said, “I don’t have to agree to that.” As she reached the door and Matt had made no attempt to stop her, and she hesitated. She waited, hoping he would respond. Then, realizing he was not going to, she turned to face him in defeat. “You didn’t have to say that about my vagina. It’s not like I’m a common whore.”

“You’re right; there’s nothing common about you,” he sharply replied.

Totally defeated and degraded, she spoke, “I guess I deserve your wrath. Why don’t you just fuck me for old times’ sake? I’ll make it good for you.” It was her last chance to win her pardon and get her good life back.”

Matt considered the proposal. He wanted her, and he wanted to feel her close and touch her soft flesh. He wanted her like before. His hormones were kicking in, and he desired her more each minute; yet, she was evil, and he knew that she would bring nothing but more sorrow if he acceded to her wishes. He hesitated.

Seeing Matt’s hesitation, she sensed his inability to make a decision and moved to him. There, she pressed her body to his and kissed him in an all-out attempt to influence that decision. Responding, Matt, celibate for well over a year and horny, fought vainly with himself and his best interest against his desire to fuck his unfaithful wife. In a final moment of surrender, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

As their lips met, he felt her warmth through her clothing and her body pressing against his. The sensuous feeling was a further stimulus to his raging hormones, which under different circumstances might have caused him to seek further intimacy and a joining of their hearts and minds. Such was not the case now as Matt was like a wild animal seeking a simple fuck.

As he undressed and prepared for their union, Matt’s mind was simply overloaded, and he relied on instinct alone. He looked at her body as she bared it and felt his arousal become even more intense. He observed that It looked pretty much the same except for her belly, which was somewhat enlarged with somebody else’s baby that she carried. He felt his anger develop. Well fuck her, he thought.

With renewed anger, he went to Candice and kissed her with a savage method that seemed to convey his anger, and suddenly she was afraid. This was supposed to be a loving thing where she could win him back. She decided to just allow him to have his way and wait for another opportunity to tame him.

Then, she felt his hands grasp her and carry her to the bed where he laid her on her back and crawled over her. As he lay on top of her, toying with her nipples, he said, “Well, I may not be as good as that other guy, but I’m gonna fuck you anyway, and he moved into position for coitus.”

There, he looked down into his wife s frightened eyes and felt satisfaction; he was emotionally hurting her. It gave him no joy. After only a moment and having positioned himself, Matt grasped his cock and placed the tip into her vaginal opening, where he pushed it into her unprepared vagina. Candice cried out, overwhelmed from the friction in her unprepared love tunnel. Matt, on hearing her cry out, again felt satisfaction but no joy. This was supposed to be an unpleasant experience for her; yet, Matt derived no pleasure from it.

It was when Matt felt his cock fully embedded in her belly that he paused to rest. Beneath him, Candice lay with her eyes closed and tears running down her cheeks. He took no satisfaction – neither did he feel any pleasure. In a minute, after his rest, Matt resumed their copulation and found pleasure in his hard, violent thrusting. He wanted to overpower and subdue her and exercise his power over her.

Each thrust was a fresh attempt to drive himself deeper into her an attempt to pierce her or hurt her. Having gone without sex for so long, he didn’t last long, and in only a minute, maybe two, he felt his discharge and pressed himself all the way into her belly.

As the spurts of his semen entered her, Candice felt the familiar spasms and finally felt relief that it was over. Perhaps she could still gain her pardon during the afterglow. But it wasn’t over. Matt stayed on top of her with his spent cock swiftly rejuvenating and returning to its full hardness. As he lay on her, Matt spoke, “I’m sorry I’m not the lover your boyfriend was, but I’ll have to do for now, maybe if I fucked you in the ass?”

“No, You know I’ve never done that,” she pleaded.

“Well, maybe now’s the time to try it,” Matt said as he felt his prick at its full hardness again, knowing he was making her uncomfortable. “Please don’t,” Candice begged, and again Hank felt satisfaction at making her feel small and used. Yet with every attempt at trying to do so, he could not feel any satisfaction from it. However, his anger and the underlying hurt continued to fuel his attempts.

As he felt his erection return, Matt’s attention went from the conversation to simply fucking his wife. With her pussy now well lubricated and her ample juices, he slid easily into her and felt the sensations that used to drive him wild. Now he enjoyed the friction between her vaginal walls and his cock and the sensations that it provided. Still, the pleasure was momentary, and he felt emotionally lost.

As he worked, Matt was well aware of Candice’s response in an attempt to create intimacy and enjoyed the sensations, and he even encouraged her, but there would be no intimacy. “The slut deserves to be used,” he thought to himself.

As he plowed his cock steadily into her, he remembered his threat to take her in the ass, and although he had no desire to ass-fuck her, he would enjoy doggie style of which he knew she was not a fan. He stopped his fucking and ordered in an authoritative voice, “Turn over and get on your knees.”

“No, Please,” Candice said, expecting him to fill her virgin ass.

“Now,” he commanded.

“I don’t want it in the ass,” she replied futilely as she turned and got on her knees.

There, Matt moved behind her and positioned his cock into her pussy from this new position. He drove it home and fucked her hard as the lubrication dripped out of her. A minute later, Matt felt his second discharge commencing. After a momentary pleasurable sensation, he felt no satisfaction.

Candice, having endured the humiliation and abuse and given up hope, began sobbing profusely and crying out, “You bastard. How could you humiliate me so? I know I hurt you but, “How could you?” Now he felt satisfaction but no pleasure. Matt, who had already, started dressing, said simply, “Get your clothes on. I’ll take you back to the shelter.”

An hour later, as he dropped her off at the shelter, Matt handed Candice three one-hundred-dollar bills and said, “This is for the fucks at the going rate for a high-class whore. Now, get out of my life.”

The divorce was uncontested, and Matt moved on but maintained his pain and distrust of women. The army became his whole life as the years passed, and he rose steadily to become the Battalion Sergeant-Major, the post that he’d aspired to for many years. His life was content.

Gradually, he realized that hatred, and in particular, hatred for Candice was painful, and he was the only one to suffer. His anger subsided over the next fifteen years, and his occasional thoughts of his days with his ex-wife were usually good thoughts.

It was as he was approaching retirement that he entered the base Green Bean Café that he saw her again. Dressed in a waitress uniform and looking quite trim and beautiful, she was busily occupied with pouring coffee for customers. Curious, Matt waited at a back table and observed her as she worked. As he eyed her, he felt his eyes adoring her the way he’d used to many years ago. As his eyes followed her where ever she moved, he noted how little she’d changed – maybe five pounds heavier and a little gray hair. She was still beautiful, though, and he felt a pleasurable surge of lust past over him.

As the cafe cleared out and there was some time between customers, he moved to approach her, and they greeted. “Hi Matt, I saw you were sitting over there and ogling me,” she spoke.

“Why didn’t you come over?”

“Sorry, those tables are the other waitress’s area, and I was busy. So what’ll you have?”

“Well, I came in for coffee and a doughnut, but that was before I saw you. Do you have time to talk?”

“I’ll get your coffee and doughnut. Then, we’ll see.

A minute later, she returned and motioned for Matt to follow her to a table in the rear of the café. There, they were seated, and the coffee and doughnut was served by another waitress as Candice asked, “Well, What do you want to talk about?”

“Just curious about your life theses past fifteen years; we were close once, and I guess I still have some interest.”

“As I remember, we parted on rather bad terms. I did a terrible thing to you, and you were angry. You hated me and humiliated me.”

“Yes, I was hurt, still am, and I did humiliate you, but many years have passed, and the hate’s gone. How about you?”

“Well, after that night when we parted, I found a little, one-room apartment and got a job as a waitress. Been doing that ever since. I’ve worked in places with more class than the Green Bean, but the tips weren’t as good.”

“Any men in your life?”

“There were a couple, nothing serious and none in the past ten years though. I’m afraid I’m not very good with men.”

“You were once. I still remember.”

“Well, thank you. There’s one thing I regret more than anything else in my life, and that is the time when I compared you to that horse’s ass that I betrayed you with. I wanted to be rid of you and away from you, and I said some hateful things. None of those things were true, and I have felt guilty ever since.”

Matt’s eyes met hers, and he did not speak. His eyes showed concern as she continued, “You were the only man I ever loved, and you were the best lover I ever had. Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest.”

As Matt listened to her, the words were only half his thoughts. He felt the old feelings for her, the companionship and intimacy they once had. When their eyes met again, he asked simply, “Go out with me tonight for dinner and a movie.”

Candice smiled her old warm, friendly smile as she spoke, “I don’t think so. I’m kinda off men in my social life. It’s just easier.”

Then Matt made a new proposal. “Let me take you to dinner; then, let me take you to a nice hotel and fuck your brains out. It’d be a good exercise for us both.”

Candice laughed as she said, “As badly as I need the exercise, I’m afraid I’d have to settle for dinner and just talk. Besides, I’m out of practice.”

As he laughed and began to get up to depart, Candice replied, “Pick me up at 5:30 at my place, she said.”

Promptly at 5:30, Matt was at Candice’s small apartment, where he found her hard at work in the kitchen. We’ll just eat here tonight; you like chicken?” she asked.

Then, as she got Matt comfortably settled in her small living/dining room, she brought them before dinner Gin & Tonics, which they drank slowly and made small talk, as they silently appraised each other.

“My god, but you’re more beautiful now than you were fifteen years ago,” Matt said as his eyes adored every part of her. “To your good health,” he said as he raised his drink to toast her.

Well aware of his eyes focusing on her and knowing where this was leading, Candice reveled in their intimacy. She enjoyed it too much to stop; yet, she assured herself that the relationship would go no further. But when their eyes met and she felt a surge of lust, just like the old days and she reveled in it. It felt good, and the intimacy that came with it was fantastic as she reassured herself that Matt would stop this obvious seduction when she asked.

An hour later, Candice had only hesitated once from their lovemaking to turn off the stove that held their dinner. Now, she lay on her bed, totally bare and making the big decision to make love to Matt. She had started the evening with a firm resolve, and now, after a series of compromises, based on her own needs and desires, she was making the decision to entirely abandon her resolve and moved toward him to accept her lover on to the bed with her.

“Please be gentle and don’t hate me again in the morning,” she said as their lips met in a passion-filled deep soul kiss. Suddenly, it was like when she had been first married. She felt Matt’s flesh and enjoyed the sensations she received from the touch.

Meanwhile, Matt’s hands were also receiving delightful sensations from his fingers as he moved to caress her breasts and nipples. He marveled at the soft and velvety smooth the feeling of her bared flesh felt. Memory hadn’t served him well when he’d recalled those sensations, and now he was eager to pursue them again.

As they played and renewed their old intimacy and familiarity, it was as though the difficulties of the past had never happened, as though they were still together and yet almost for the first time. As their passions slowly mounted and their bodies prepared for the inevitable sexual intercourse, their old erotic techniques came back to them, and they worked to arouse each other.

As Matt’s fingers moved to part the sheath over Candice s extended clit, she whimpered her approval and waited to feel the light caressing that was to follow. Then, after only a moment, she grasped his body to pull it over her as she spoke, “Do me now. I want it now.”

Hearing her plea, Matt moved into position over her as their eyes met, and they saw the fiery passion in each other as he said, “Are you sure about this?”

She responded simply, “No, but don’t you dare stop.”

With that, he moved again to make the final adjustments before his cock slid slowly and effortlessly into the depths of her pussy. It was a defining moment as Matt’s cock rested at its maximum penetration against her cervix, and they reveled in the many sensations that arose from their groins. Finally, after a while, they both climaxed at the same time, her pussy contracting around his convulsing cock.

They lay idle, relaxed, and enjoying those sensations as they kissed and played. “Thank you,” Candice spoke quietly before she moved to kiss him again. Then, as they continued to lay motionless, Matt saw tears in Candice’s eyes. She seemed to be crying. “Hey, this is supposed to be fun, no time for tears.”

“I’ve made such a mess of our lives.”

“Well, the lessons in life are what make us who we are, and I believe we are wiser and kinder from it all.” She smiled and hugged him, and they began to kiss passionately. Soon he was aroused again, and with renewed vigor, he took his man-tool and thrust it back into her to begin their old, familiar coital rhythm. Candice looked up and smiled as she felt his big, hard cock ram back into her depths and her own ass rise off the bed to meet it.

It was fucking at its best; two lovers in the most intimate of circumstances, fully engaged with heart, mind, soul, and flesh, all synchronized to bring their act into perfect harmony together. With the inevitable peak and orgasms, the two lay together and knew that their lives were now healed and changed.

It was nearly 10:00 o’clock when they sat down to their re-heated dinner.

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