Unexpected Surprise on a Road Trip and Pleasure

I was going home after a long day’s work and didn’t feel like driving in the crappy weather. It was raining cats and dogs, anything was hardly visible and roads were flooded. In that weather, I found a girl looking for lift. I had to stop and I watched her as she slowly walked towards my car. She stood at the window hesitating. I assured her I am not some kind of psycho. She smiled and slowly got in. I turned on the blower, she was dripping wet. I started the car and slowly drove around. I didn’t know an unexpected surprise on a road trip like this is awaiting for me.

“Why were you standing in the middle of nowhere in this crappy weather?” I asked out of curiosity.

“My boyfriend threw me out of the car here instead of dropping me home.”  She said dejectedly.

I looked at her, she was one beautiful woman. Her buds were peeping out of her wet flimsy t-shirt. Her bra could hardly contain her big breasts. Her shapely legs were something to die for. A laugh escaped my throat.

“You must be kidding. No man in his sane mind would leave someone like you in the middle of nowhere.”

“If only you knew the truth. Even you would have thrown me out.”

“Not a chance.”

She then took my hand and put it in between her legs. I was stunned. Instead of her soft hot cunt, my fingers were wrapped around her throbbing erection.

“You are a…” I couldn’t complete the sentence.

“Shemale.” She finished it for me. “So, I guess I must look for another lift.”

Instead of finding it repulsive, I found it hot. I stopped her, brought her close to me and kissed her while my hands found her erection. It was unexpected for her and she moaned in pleasure. She deepened the kiss and her hands found my erection. We kept fisting each other oblivious to the thunder and rain.

She knew I was about to orgasm and she slowed down, she bent forward and took my erection into her mouth, Her warm mouth on my cock made me groan. It was too much for me. I couldn’t help cumming. The orgasm was so intense, I had never felt anything like that ever and I didn’t want it to end. She looked all the more stunning with my cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. And then she swallowed it.

“Now you can take me home.” She said with a smile and started to zip herself up.

“I am not done yet,” and with that I kissed her again. I took off her t-shirt and played with her beautiful breasts. Then I sucked her buds. Along with that, I kept playing with her erection. And then I bent down to return the favor. I sucked her cock and played with her balls. She moaned like a wild animal. And then she orgasmed. But I was still far from done.

“Let me take you to my home.”

“What. Your home.” She laughed.

“Yes. Why not? I stay alone.”

Well, okay then.

I was getting an erection again on the chance to have more of that gorgeous body of her. As soon as we reached home, I dragged her into my bedroom and after a kiss, she begged me to fuck her. I made her bend over on the bed. She was wearing just her heels and that ass of her looked so fuckable, I couldn’t wait anymore. I inserted my cock in her tight asshole and fucked her long and hard. She came without warning and then I spread my jizz all over her big sexy ass. I got an unexpected surprise on a road trip and could fuck a shemale which I don’t mind at all.


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