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16 y.o. Zoe’s First Time 1 – روايات سكس جنسيه


Tom’s infatuation with his 16 year old neighbour leads to something more.

I woke early that morning due to the insufferable birds that persisted on perching outside my window. I wiped the sleep from my eyes, sat up in my bed and looked out of my window onto the serene rolling hills of the Irish countryside. It was truly picturesque. I glanced at my clock and saw it was only six a.m. I stood and strolled down to my kitchen for breakfast, switching on the television as I went. I listened to the morning news as I drank a glass of water and looked out of the kitchen window whih looked directly out on my neighbour’s house though we were, perhaps, 200 meters apart. From my vantage point I could just about make out the majestic form of my 16 year old neighbour Zo?She was out in her back garden jogging slowly, and seemingly gracefully, around. She was always up at this time. She was beautiful: lightly tanned, gifted with a slim body that kept curves in the right places, luscious lips, brown eyes and black/brown hair. Her figure was on par with Rihanna’s but she had an allure I could not resist. I had often talked to her but I knew too well nothing could ever happen between us.

After watching the sublime figure of my neighbour I strolled into my living room and began to work on my laptop. I was an author though with my new book was under no time constraints. My eyes soon tired due to the little sleep I had had the previous night so I decided to grab my keys and jog over to an old friend’s house. I arrived at Johns house at half ten. He poured me a glass of whiskey when I entered. I reluctantly accepted then we both sat down to watch the highlights of a rugby match. “How have been?” I asked him.
“Good. Same shit different day,” he replied dryly. “You break up with Caran like you said you would?”
“Yep. Finally. She was nice but it just got boring.”
“Good. I was starting to think it might get serious. At least you have Zo? he said with a wry smile. He knew I liked her, but any man would find her attractive.
“A bit too young I think,” I said smiling. “You going to the Munster match this weekend?”
He noticed I changed the subject quickly but didn’t pursue it any further. After a few hours I jogged home and had a shower. I was pleased with my fitness which I thought to be exemplary of a man my age. I was 42, 6 feet 1 inch and quite muscled though not too much. I was often considered good looking but never put too much effort into pursuing women.

Not long after my shower Zo?nocked on my door. “Hey,” she said smiling sweetly.
“Hey, what’s up?” I replied.
“I was just wondering if you could help me with my English homework.”
“Yeah of course, come in.” I watched her as she strolled in. She wore a light t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. She wore no bra and her young B cup breasts looked perfectly round and pert. I could just make out her nipples which seemed to stand out quite a bit, perfect size in my opinion. I watched her ass all the way into my living room. She put her book down on the desk where my laptop was stationed. “Mind if I get a drink?” She asked.
“No go ahead,” I replied having to concentrate on her young breasts which seemed to be calling out to me. Damn she was unbelievably beautiful. She walked to the kitchen and I glanced at her perfectly round ass as she walked. “There’s some Coke in the fridge.”
“I see it. Thanks,” she replied. God has a cruel sense of humour, I reflected, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen is in my house and I can’t touch her.
“Oh shit,” I heard her mutter. “I spilt some on my top. Mind if I go and clean it off in your bathroom?”
“Of course not. Go on,” I called back. I heard her walk to the bathroom. While she was gone I noticed she had brought her poetry book and decided to head for my bedroom to get some of my notes. The bathroom was on the hallway that led to my bedroom and I noticed the door was slightly open. I was barefooted and made no noise on the lush carpet. I glanced in the door and my jaw, quite literally dropped. Zo?tood topless in front of the mirror above the sink wiping her top dry. I looked at her body in the mirror. Her breasts were as perfect as I had imagined on, well, lonely nights.Her stomach was flat and sloped beautifully down to what I imagined was an already penetrated pussy. Her dark hair was up and I gazed at her back, so perfect and slim. Just gazing at her lithe body caused an erection so hard I could have hammered nails with it. Then she glanced in the mirror and saw me. I was prepared for her screams but instead she smiled. Had she been older I would have recognised her ploy but I really didn’t expect it from her. All I could do was gape at her perfect beauty. “Would you mind helping me to dry my body? I’m a bit wet and I’m getting a bit wetter seeing that thing trying to blow its way out of your pants.”
I couldn’t speak; I just nodded and went to her.

She continued to face the mirror as I approached her. I took a towel from the rack and stood behind her. I could smell her vanilla perfume. I reached around with the towel and gently rubbed her body paying particular attention to her breasts. I watched as they bounced lightly when I rubbed them quickly. I soon slowed my rubbing as I became even more aroused. I could feel my 7 inch cock against her lower back. I dropped the towel and began to use my hands to rub her breasts as I pressed my cock into her body. I took her silky breasts in my hands and softly palpitated them, rolling her bud like nipples between my index fingers and thumbs. I was rewarded with the softest, most unbelievably arousing moan I have ever heard. She reached for my cock. I felt her small smooth hand touch the tip and almost came. “We shouldn’t do this,” I whispered.
“I want to,” she replied and that was it for me. I slowly reached down and pulled down her pants. She kicked them away and I realised she wore no underwear. I looked at her smooth round ass. “You wanna take me from behind?”
I answered her question by throwing off my pants and boxers and kissing her neck. My bare cock rubbed against her back. I gripped her breasts a little tighter and was rewarded with another small squeal. She used her hand to place my cock at her asshole, though she had to stand on her toes. I put a hand on her hip and slowly began to ease my cock into her. “If it hurts too much just tell me,” I said as my cock plunged ever deeper into her small tight ass.
“I want you in me.”

I felt the warm tight softness of her anus surround my cock. She was being stretched and moaned loudly with both pain and pleasure. Finally I was most of the way into her and I began to pound he soft ass with all my worth. I dropped my hand from her breast to her fuzzy pussy mound and found her to be dripping wet. I found her clitoris and immediately began to rub it making her emanate a soft moaning sound. “Oh fuck me, please, yes, like that,” she whispered continuously as I slowly increased my thrust rate and she bent over to support herself on the sink. I felt her warm ass cheeks absorb the shock of each thrust. I caught both of her hips in each hand and started to ram my meat into her sweet 16 year old ass. I was soon picking her up slightly with every thrust. I had always known my first time with her would be quick and I soon felt a slight tingle run down my back as I began to come deep in her ass. I noticed her tightening up as she furiously rubbed her clit with a hand. She was close to climaxing. With my final strokes I rammed my cock into her harder than ever before until the slight tingle turned into a shuddering orgasm. She came with a high pitched moan and a tightening of her ass so it seamed she pumped it for all my come.
“Wow, first time” she whispered as we panted in unison.
“First time?” I asked, stunned.

Continued in Part 2

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