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A Dirty Little Idea – FUCK TXT – روايات سكس جنسيه


I think alot of you guys will enjoy this.

I am a very horny girl, I am also young, but luckily for Cole my parents were out for the week and I had the house to myself. I called up my four very best friends who shared my sexual hunger. I proposed a plan, we had the week off and we were going to have a very long sleep over. Once they were there I told them my plan. “we’ll call over a hot but geeky boy from school.I’ll fashion us some sexy outfits and we’ll give him the time of his life.” They agreed and we decided on a boy named Cole. I used some string and cloth in each of out favorite colors to make identical bikinis of a sort. a tiny strip of fabric covered the slit of our pussy, while the rest of the bottom part is merely two strings, the top is tied at the neck and back with merely 1 inch triangles covering the nipples.
My little group and I were blessed with very shapely bodies, bit tits and fine round asses. Jennifer was in red. Lia in green. Tamina in blue. Maralle in purple. And I in black. The five of us gathered around the TV and turned on some girl on girl porno. I quickly called Cole and asked him to come over, he agreed. The porno was extremely hot and being that amazingly all of us were Pansexual, it was not long before we were all over one another. Kissing, sucking, and licking all over.
After 45 minutes of this we decided to wait for Cole, we turned off the porno and waited on the floor patiently. I had already texted him directions as to where to find the spare key, s one of us wouldn’t have t let him in, ruining the effect.
When he walked in the smell of our juices in the air already had him getting hard. He dropped his bag as a look of surprise then mischief flashed across his face. ” Hello
Master” The five of us said in unison. He walked in front of us and simply said ” Undress me.” “Yes Master” As we finished by dropping his boxers I was nearly slapped in the face by his 10 1/2″ cock. He smile as we stared in awe. “Sit” We all sat with our legs closed evenly spaced along the reclining couch. Cole walk over to me and whispered in my ear “You’re coming home with me.” He then kissed me on the mouth and soon his tongue and mine were exploring each others mouths for all it was worth. He pulled off my sliver of a bra and string of panties, leaving me feeling oddly exposed. Then he started to kiss on my chest, sucking my tits. Then I feel his finger entering behind the lips of my already dripping pussy. He teases my hole circling and dipping, making me moan at every touch. Then by surprise he picks me up and finds his way to my bedroom, motioning to the others to follow.
He lays me on my bed and ravages me, leaving 3 shots of his cum when he pulls out. I dip two fingers into my pussy and taste him cum. I immediatley want more. I kneel before him and licked his dick, he moaned. I enclose the head in my mouth and bobbed up and down his cock giving him deepthroat. I took it out then teased his shaft with my tongue. “Fuck, mmm, fuck I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum all over you, and your big tits.” I leaned back and felt the stream land all over my face and chest savoring what fell in my mouth. Now it was the other’s turn.
They each took their turn getting fucked and sucking him but I knew it was me he wanted.

The End
The Sequel to this story will be out soon, Hope this gets you horny.

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