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A night the Mirons will never forget – روايات سكس جنسيه


This is a resubmition of a previous story. It is now in listed in more themes

The Mirons were a normal American Family. The father Paul(age 45) and the mother Vicky (38) lived in the country and worked hard to provide for their 2 daughters Shelby (14} and Stacy (18). They liked the country because of the peace and quite and the low crime rate that so often plagues the city and suburbs. The night of March 14th would bring the city to them and they as a family would Never be the same again

It was a dark dreary night and the family was getting ready for bed earlier than usual so they would be well rested for their busy Saturday to come. The family was fast asleep by 9 p.m. and dreaming of their ski trip to come. About 11:30 pm, Vicky awoke to make a trip to the bathroom for some Rolaids, and that’s when it happened. As she turned off the lights and headed back to bed, she was grabbed from behind and gagged before she could react. John, a 6’2″ 210 pound career criminal handed her off to his 5’10” 165 pound partner Jim. Jim preceded to handcuff Vicky’s right wrist to her right ankle and her left ankle to her left wrist. Cuffed in this fashion, she couldn’t move at all, and she would be easy to manipulate as they desired. John with knife in hand slowly heads for the master bedroom and finds Paul sleeping. John picks up a Vase, creeps to the bed and hits Paul over the head, knocking him out cold. With Jim watching the hall, John drags Paul into the livingroom where he is cuffed and laid next to Vicky. Now Jim and John head for the other bedrooms and find the prize of the night, 2 tender young pieces of female flesh sleeping soundly. John and Jim each take one bed and quickly gag and subdue the 2 girls. Once they are dragged into the livingroom they are cuffed in the same fashion as their mother and laid out in front of their parents. Vicky and the girls are now crying hysterically thru their gags and they begin to understand what they have in store for them. With Paul cuffed, and helpless, the Miron women were in for a night filled with pain and terror.

Because the Mirons lived out in the woods, no one would see their situation or know of the events going on in the house. John and Jim chose their targets well and started to initiate their plan. You see, John and Jim are career rapists and they picked this house because of the 3 women and the remote location. John turns the lights on and they get their first really good look at their victims.

Shelby (14) was 5′ tall and all of 90 pounds. With shoulder length brown hair, a small narrow waist, and perky B cup breast she made their mouths water with desire. John knees down and cuts off Shelby’s tee shirt, shorts, and panties as she sobs and screams thru her gag. When John removes her panties, he see’s the light brown tuft of hair covering her tiny little pussy. He leans down and gives it a lick and comments about loving veal. John leaves her naked there on the floor and steps towards his next target.

Stacy (18) is 5’2″ and 110 pounds of sexual dynamite. Her shoulder length hair is dyed black and she has a diamond stud in her nose. Her hips are perfectly proportioned and they lead to a perfectly shaped ass that begs to be fucked. Her 34C tits are tight and stand at attention with little help from a bra. John takes his knife and slowly cuts off Stacy’s sports bra and frees her tits from the restrictive fabric. Her nipples come to life and soon are sticking out over ½” in the cool night air. John licks one and smiles as he places his knife in her waistband and cuts off the shorts that hide her ass. Unlike Shelby, Stacy isn’t wearing panties, so when John pulls the tattered shorts off her, there is her shaved pierced pussy staring back at John and Jim. Jim leans down and runs his tongue over her vulva and licks his lips while smiling at John.

Vicky (38) is a prototypical MILF. Medium length brown hair, 5’4″ 125 pounds, 34C tits with only a slight sag, and hips that were meant for holding onto. She is crying and sobbing and tries to keep John and Jim away, but being tied up in the manner she is, she can’t even kick in defense. John takes his knife, cuts off Vicky’s night shirt, and smiles as he sees her small light brown areolas and red swollen nipples for the first time. John sucks on one until it grows to a full 3/4″ in length and comments how it likes the attention. He then slowly cuts off Vicky’s flannel shorts and points out to Jim the fact that her pussy is dripping, and also shaved clean except for a small strip above her clit.

As this is going on, Paul starts to wake up. He is tied in the same manner as the women and Jim and John have plans for him too. John takes his knife to Paul’s sleeping pants and removes them too. Paul is now naked with his cock and balls in full view of his daughters. This situation will play out in a incestuous way.

With everyone now undressed for their roles, John and Jim get ready to change the life of the Mirons forever. John strips his pants off and unveils his long flaccid cock for all to see. He walks to Vicky and sits her up against the couch. With knife in hand, he warns her to do as he says, and they will survive the night. He removes her gag and stands in front of her with his cock hanging by her face. John tells Vicky to suck it into her mouth and get him hard. Vicky cries and begs John to leave them alone. John strikes her head with the but of the knife, and tells her to get sucking. Vicky takes the head of his cock into her mouth and starts sucking it. As John’s cock starts to grow, he grabs Vicky’s hair and starts fucking her face. When John is completely hard, his cock is over 9″ long and thick as a coffee cup. Vicky starts choking when it goes past her tonsils, and John removes it from her mouth. Now that he is fully erect, he heads for his true prize.

Shelby is stricken in fear when John walks towards her and rolls her on her back. She’s hysterical and John loves it. She may only be 14, but she knows what is coming. John lays down and starts sucking on her tiny little pussy. He runs his tongue up thru the thinly furred lips and tickles her clit with the tip of his tongue. As he tickles her clit, he tries to slide 2 fingers into her pink little hole, but they won’t fit. He takes his index finger and pushes that into Shelby’s pussy and wiggles it around searching for her G-Spot. After a minute or so, he finds it and Shelby gets all tense and starts to quiver. It doesn’t take long and she has her 1st orgasm that sends her juices flowing out over John’s finger. Now she’s primed for the next thing to penetrate her, and John waste no time. He gets on his knees and places the tips of his thick long cock at the entrance of Shelby’s pussy. John asks her “are you a virgin? Have you ever been fucked?” Shelby shakes her head no, and John says “ I thought so. I love fucking virgin pussy”. With that, he starts pushing his cock slowly into her tight pink hole. Paul, Vicky, Stacy, and Shelby are all screaming and crying as the long thick cock goes deeper and deeper into Shelby. She’s so tight, that John has problems getting into her. He grabs her hips and pulls her closer and closer as he forces his cock past her hymen and against her cervix. Now John starts pumping his cock in and out of Shelby as she cries and sobs uncontrollably. Her little 90 pound body is shaking and quivering with one orgasm after another. John is getting close to his own orgasm and he has plans for his seed. With one final thrust, he sends his cock thru Shelby’s cervix and into her womb where he blows long thick streams of cum deep inside her. Jim high fives John and tells Vicky to get ready. John pulls his cum and blood covered cock from Shelby’s pussy and sticks it in Vicky’s face and commands her to suck it and clean off the mess.

That is only the beginning of Vicky’s cleaning duties. After cleaning John’s cock off, Jim drags her over to her daughter Shelby, and tells her to clean the cum and blood out of Shelby’s pussy. Vicky is a wreck and can’t do it. Another blow to the head with a knife butt, gets her to finally do as she’s told. As she starts licking the cum and blood dripping out of her daughter’s pussy, Jim drops his pants and moves behind Vicky. Suddenly, Vicky feels Jim’s hands on her hips and something large and firm at her pussy. With one quick hard thrust, Jim’s 8″ cock is buried balls deep in her. Jim pumps his cock hard and fast into Vicky’s experienced pussy. Her pussy isn’t real tight, but Jim’s 3″ wide cock fits it well and he can feel the tip of his cock hitting her cervix with every thrust. With every thrust, Vicky quivers and shakes as her G-spot takes control and makes her cum in a flood of honey. Vicky has multiple orgasms while Jim’s balls start to tighten and get ready to blow his cum deep inside her. With one last drive into her cervix, Jim sends long thick streams of cum into Vicky’s fertile womb.

After Jim withdraws his cum covered cock from Vicky’s pussy, he gags her again and walks towards Stacy. She’s seen the drill and knows what to do. Jim removes her gag and she sucks and licks her mother’s juices and he cum from the 8″ cock staring at her. When she is done cleaning it off, then she is dragged over to Vicky and told to clean her mother’s pussy up. While Stacy has kissed other girls on a dare, this is something way different. She cries as she knows what is soon to come. As she eats the cum from her mother’s pussy, John’s revived cock is looking for a hole, and Stacy’s pussy is it. While Stacy wasn’t a virgin, her pussy had only seen 2 dicks and none were bigger than 7″. John’s 9″ long 4″ wide member was going to hurt, and she tries to brace herself. John gets behind Stacy and licks her pussy from top to bottom and pulls on her clit ring with his teeth. He loves the taste of her and comments to Jim how sweet she taste. Once she is dripping, John places his cock at her tight hole and pushes it in. With his cock about half way in, Stacy screams out and suffered a series of orgasms that embarrasses her. As her sister, mother, and father lay there watching John buries his cock balls deep in her, Stacy couldn’t stop shaking and crying out in shear pleasure. Her passions fire John up and he pumps her pussy harder and harder. Every time he bottoms out in her velvet tunnel, he penetrates her cervix. The sight of Stacy’s swinging tits while eating Vicky’s pussy was enough to send John’s cock over the edge. Just like Shelby, John plows his cock past Stacy’s cervix and blows his seed inside her wanting womb.

Now if things couldn’t get worse for the Mirons, Paul’s role was defined for him. He had been laying there naked in front of his family and there was nothing he could do about it. Now he was going to suffer a far bigger problem. Shelby, was carried over to her father, and told to do the unthinkable. While Vicky cleaned the cum off John’s cock, Shelby was ordered by Jim to suck her father’s cock until it was hard and stiff. Her gags are removed, and she is shoved between Paul’s legs. She has never sucked a cock before, but after watching her sister and mother suck John and Jim, she had an idea. She slowly opens her mouth and as she tries to suck her father’s flaccid cock, Paul moves away from her. That brings a blow to his head and submission to his heart. Shelby moves forward and takes her fathers cock in her mouth. Because of the embarrassing situation, Paul’s cock is slow to respond. Shelby does her best and soon has her father’s cock starting to grow, as he tries to avoid looking at anyone. When Paul’s cock has reached it’s full length of 7″, Shelby was instructed to continue sucking until she was told to stop. With Shelby’s attention focused on dad’s cock, Jim moves in behind her and grabs her hips. She doesn’t react, because she is now numb to the situation. Unknown to her, Jim has some dish soap with him and he squirts some down the crack of her ass. As Shelby continues to suck off her father, Jim puts the head of his cock against her browneye and shoves the tip in. This causes Shelby to scream in pain and come back to reality. Jim pushes in some more and Shelby can feel her ass starting to tear. As Jim adds more soap he pushes further into her virgin ass, and soon has his balls resting against her pussy. Jim grabs her hips and starts pumping her ass like a possessed man. Her little hips and 90 pound body give him no resistance as he pulls her harder and harder into him. All the while Shelby is crying and trying to suck her father’s cock. Soon Paul starts to act funny and John pulls Shelby’s head off her father’s cock. “Not so fast there Dad. We have other plans for your cum.” With that proclamation, Jim slams Shelby tight to him and he blows another load of seed deep in her bowels. After a few seconds, Jim withdraws his cock and presents it to Vicky for a good cleaning. As she struggles to swallow the cum, blood, and shit covered cock, she notices the next tragedy for Shelby.

John lifts her little body and holds her so her dripping pussy is positioned above her father’s hard cock. John lowers her pussy over Paul’s cock until all 7″ is inside her. Paul is now inside his daughter’s 14 year old pussy, and he can’t do anything about it. Shelby is ordered to move her hips back and forth and soon has found a pace that works for John. He pushes her down against her father’s face and orders Paul to suck on her tiny little tits. As his cock slides in and out of his daughter’s pussy, John positions himself behind her ass. With Jim’s cum oozing out of her ass, Shelby’s going to suffer the next torturous event. John puts his massive cock at her back door and shoves it in. Shelby yells out in pain and nearly passes out as John gets 5″ inside her torn bleeding asshole. Three more thrusts and John is in as far as he can get. Shelby quivers and shakes then passes out as John sends his load of cum inside her. When he pulls his cock out of her limp body, he grabs her hips and moves Shelby back and forth on Paul’s cock until Paul tenses up and sends his own load of cum into his daughter’s abused pussy. John leaves her there on her father’s cock as his cum and her blood drip out to the floor.

After dumping his load in Shelby’s limp body, John presents his cock to Stacy for a cleaning. She also struggles to clean the cum, blood and shit off John’s cock. The taste and thought of it is enough to cause her to gag. John gets pissed at her lack of effort, and pushes her to the ground and readies her for his cock. John gets the tip at the entrance of her pieced pussy, and rams it in with one long hard thrust. As his massive 9″ cock slams into her cervix, Stacy yells out in pain. John has pushed so far and so hard into her pussy, that he is now inside her womb. His cock is so thick and long her velvet pussy is screaming out to her. None of the guys she’s fucked before have been this big, and John is plowing her hard and fast. As his cock strains to punish Stacy for her lack of cleaning, John rolls over to position her on top of him. While this has been going on, Vicky has been sucking Jim’s cock to it’s full 8″ length. John nods to Jim and then Stacy is subjected to something few women have. While her tight teenaged pussy strains to deal with John’s massive 9″ cock, Jim get behind her and squirts some soap on her ass. Her eyes get wide and she screams in terror thru her gag at what she knows is coming. Jim places the head of his 8″ cock at her asshole and shoves the tip past her sphincter. As Jim pauses for a moment, John pulls Stacy tighter to him and sticks her tits in his face. While he licks and sucks on her perfect tight C cups titties, Jim continues his assault on her ass. He continues to add soap to her browneye and his cock and slowly he manages to get his whole 8″ cock inside her. Few woman can accept one cock that size into their ass, but Stacy was being forced to also accept a larger 9″ cock in her pussy at the same time. 17″ of horse sized cock was more than she could stand. Her body tenses up and starts convulsing uncontrollably as she passes out. John continues to suck on her tits and nipples while John finishes what he started. Almost at the same time, they both let loose a torrent of cum in Stacy’s pussy and ass. They give each other a handshake, and Jim pulls his cock out of Stacy’s ass. Once Jim is out of the way, John rolls Stacy over and withdraws his cock from her worn out pussy. As they head for Vicky, their cum drains out of Stacy and it has a hint of red to the color.

Vicky is beside herself. She has seen her husband forced to fuck his 14 yr old daughter while her ass is fucked by another cock. Then she watched as her other daughter is forced to endure a double penetration fuck by 17″ of horse sized cock. Now they are coming for her. So far she’s only been forced to suck John and Jim’s cocks and was fucked in her pussy while eating the cum from Shelby’s pussy. But she won’t get off that easy. In between suck and fuck sessions, John and Jim have both swallowed a little blue pill, so their cocks have no problem staying hard. John pulls Vicky on her back and gets between her legs. He sticks out his tongue and starts running it up and down her shaved MILF lips. He tickles her clit and soon she starts to drip the honey that will be needed for the next event John gets on his knees and pushes the head of his cock inside her pink hole. As her vagina relaxes slightly, John pushes in until his cock is resting against the cervix from which her 2 daughters emerged. John still has 2 more inches to go, and with another hard shove, he pierces her cervix and enters her womb. His length and girth has allowed John to penetrate all three of the Miron women’s wombs. Once inside Vicky’s womb, he rolls over and opens the way for Jim to get his piece of ass. With a good sized squirt of soap, Jim readies Vicky’s ass for the final trial of the night. John pulls Vicky’s tits to his mouth and starts sucking on them as Jim enters her ass. Vicky screams in pain thru her gag as Jim get half his cock inside her. Paul had never fucked her ass, so this was virgin territory for her. Jim squirts more soap in his cock and shoves it all the way into her until his balls are resting against John’s cock. Jim takes the lead and sets the pace of their assault on Vicky’s body. Slowly they increase the pace of their fucking and soon Vicky is quivering and shaking like her daughters did. Even her experienced pussy was having issues with the size of the cocks in her. Not nearly as tight as her daughter’s pussies, Vicky’s pussy is stretched to a full but pleasurable size. Never before had she had such a big cock inside her and in a perverse way she liked it. The cock in her ass was another matter. It hurt like hell and made her scream in pain. Faster and faster they pumped their cocks in her until they couldn’t hold back anymore. After 20 minutes of assaulting Vicky’s ass and pussy, John was the first to blow his load of cum inside her womb. As he started to relax, he felt Jim’s cock swell and twitch as he sent long burst of cum deep in Vicky’s bowels. As Jim slowly withdrew his stiff cock, cum was expelled from her ass and some starts to drip out of her pussy.

After ravaging the women of the Miron family, Jim and John were tired and soon fell asleep. After a few hours, they wake up and gathered their things up. Before they leave, they search the house for any money or jewelry they can find. They gather their gear together, and as they start to head out the door, they pause for a moment. They both notice that Shelby and Stacy are still passed out and they smile at a common thought. John and Jim strip off their pants and head for the sisters. John takes Shelby, and Jim takes Stacy. They kneel down and put their cocks against the cum and blood stained pussies of Shelby and Stacy. With one quick thrust they both shove their cocks back into the teenaged pussies that are now loose and sloppy. Faster and faster they pump their massive cocks into the girls. After cumming multiple times over 6 hours of sexually assaulting the women, John and Jim’s balls are reluctant to shoot any seed into the ravaged pussies. Finally after 20 minutes of thrusting and pumping, John feels his balls tighten up. He yells to Jim, “quick, lets switch pussies and get it done.” They jump to their feet and shove their aching cocks into the pussy in front of them. John drives his cock past Stacy’s cervix and once again blows a load inside her womb. John cries out as his cock head swells and unleashes it’s seed into the battered 18 year old pussy. Jim also has his balls sending a delivery of cum towards the womb of the little 14 year old womb. He screams in pain as his load of seed flies into Shelby’s limp body.

John and Jim stand up, pull their pants up and head for the car. It’s now Saturday morning and they have to get out of town. Around noon time, the girls finally wake up and Vicky manages to wake Paul. They drive to their local doctor and have their daughter’s pussy and asses checked out. Paul and Vicky beg the doctor to keep quite about it because they are so ashamed of the nightmare they lived thru. Stacy and Shelby require stitches to fix torn flesh in their anus and vaginal regions. Vicky only needs her ass treated, because her pussy was able to deal with the extra large cocks driven into her. That child bearing process loosened her up enough to cope with their cocks and not suffer any vaginal tearing. After receiving their treatments they travel back home and notice the date on the calender. Shelby had started to ovulate last year and she along with her sister and mother had the same cycle. It was the 14th of month when they were raped and assaulted, and all three were fertile on that day. Being devout Christians, abortion wasn’t an option and now they had to worry that all three would be giving birth to babies sired by John and Jim, or in Shelby’s case it could be her father’s baby. It was a nightmare that would have no ending.

Nine mouths later, all three Miron women gave birth out of the country to three dark skinned babies. John and Jim had left a mark that wasn’t going away.

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