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Alissa and I Part one – روايات سكس جنسيه


A fantasy about me and my friend i have!

Part 1

I pick up my phone to the pleasant voice of my summer fling, Alissa. She asked me to come over because her mom is not going to be home for the night. I got dressed, nothing nice, and then went over. I got there and her moms car was still in the drive way so I parked down the street and went around back to go in where I had so many times before.
I turned the corner to see Alissa tanning. I walked up to her and she greeted me.
“Oh my god Ben, I’ve been so horny for you baby”
“I can imagine”
Alissa was hot. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, very nice C cup boobs, and legs to die for. She led me inside and told me she was going to get changed. She went into her room and I sat on the couch. When she emerged from her room she was absolutely banging. She was wearing fishnet stockings with high heels. Her waist was covered with a very small skirt made of the lightest material. Her boobs where hidden by a tube top that was obviously too small for her bust.
“Want to play pool?” She asked in a sly suggesting voice.
“I’m game if you are”
“Oh I’m game, but there are some new rules” she retorted
“Tell me these new rules” I told her with a wink.
“Well, every time I make a shot, I chose and take off one article of clothing from your body. When you make a shot you can take off one of mine. The first one naked … well if we get that far without fucking…” she said giggling with a naughty look in her eyes.
“Sounds sexy babe!” I said.
I let her shoot first. She made her shot. Alissa then walked around the table and came up behind me. Her arms reached around my body and rubbed me up and down getting a feel for my stomach and arms, as well as my ass. She then tucked her fingers underneath the bottom of my shirt and began to lift up. I lifted my arms up to ease her efforts. As her arms went up to remove my shirt one of her boobs popped out of the tube top she was wearing. I felt the hardening skin of her nipple against my back and turned around. I grabbed her boob and sucked it until it was rock hard before she told me to hold off until a few more clothes came off.
Now it was my shot. I took the que and shot the red ball into the corner pocket. As it went in Alissa shooed me under the table because she heard her mom coming down the stairs. I scrambled under the table. As I got under the table I was shocked to see Alissa’s beautiful legs. I crawled over and began to massage her legs all the way up to the end of her stockings.
Her mom emerged from the stairs and was talking to Alissa. This is when I took my shots reward. I looked up her skirt and saw these very small thong panties covering Alissa’s hot slit. I licked up her thighs to a quivering, dripping wet cunt where, with my teeth, began to pull Alissa’s thong down. I pulled it over her thighs and it fell to the ground. Alissa flinched as the cold air hit her dripping pussy.
“Whats wrong Alissa?” Her mom asked.
“Oh nothing, just a little cold.” Alissa said nervously.
“Well dressed like that you should be” Her mom said.
“Oh, I just threw something on, I was outside tanning, all my other clothes are in the wash.” She explained.

When her panties it the floor I brought my face up to her dripping vagina and unleashed my tongue. I licked up her slit and then pushed my tongue inside to get at her clit. With this action Alissa fell forward to put her weight on the pool table because her legs were now getting weak.
“Well, it looks like your about to have sex” Her mom blurted out.
“Mother!” Alissa said in return.
“Well I’m going for now, stay safe” Her mom said as she turned for the stairs
“I will.” Alissa said.
I continued to lick her pussy and tickle her clit with my tongue and fingers after her mother left. Moans escaped Alissa’s mouth. Then finally, Alissa pushed my head and tongue form the assault on her pussy. She then turned and lifted herself onto the pool table and spread her legs wide. Then she took something out of her pocket. It was a clicker type thing with one spinning knob.
“Whats that?” I asked.
“The best invention of all time” Alissa said very happily.
She reached down and spread her pussy lips with one hand and then with the other, pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned but soon these two fingers emerged from her dripping wet cunt holding a small egg shaped object that was vibrating in her hand.
“That’s a little better” She said with a smile
“What is it?” I asked
“Its an egg vibrator” she said giggling.
“What you couldn’t wait for me?”
“Hey, tanning is boring and I couldn’t get my mind off of you, so I made it more exciting… Literally.” She said laughing now.
“That’s very arousing” I said.
“Well I’m fucking horny, now eat my pussy!”
She pushed me down and pulled my face into her cunt. My face was instantly greeted by a sweet aroma of Alissa’s pussy and the sweet nectar her pussy was bathing in. I pushed my tongue at her pussy spreading her lips wide.
“Ahh, Oh my God!! Ben, Right there!” Alissa moaned.
Alissa reached up and began to massage her own boob which had fallen out of her tube top. She rubbed her nipples in circles back and fourth and then pinched them between her pointer finger and her thumb. She the grabbed my hand from her hip, my other was squeezing her luscious ass, and brought it up to feel her extremely hard, erect nipple and massage her boob.
With my hand on her ass, my tongue in her soaking pussy and, my other hand rubbing her luscious boob she was going out of control. I could feel the build of her orgasm with my tongue in her pussy. I could feel her heart pump and her breathe get very short as she got closer with my hand on her tit. I knew she was about to unleash her orgasm all over my face so I tongued her pussy harder and squeezed her ass and boob and her nipple extra hard to make sure she did just that.
She exploded all over my face.
“Yeah you like that girl cum in your face baby? You like it in your mouth hunnie?” she said barely able to breathe or talk for that matter.
I didn’t answer I just kept sucking it out of her pussy hard and long. She slowly came down. The whole time still moaning and getting off on my tongue in her pussy and my hands roaming her free body. Finally I removed my head from her soaping clit and soaking pussy lips. Her cum was all over my face.
“Get over here baby!” she said to me pulling my face to hers.
We kissed, more like savagely made out for about two minutes. We are not in love but we have our “more than just fucking” moments. And it might turn into something. The sex is great.
She then turned over and stood up on the table with me right under her. I thought she wanted me to eat her again.
“Babe, u want me to suck your cunt again?” I asked with a wink
“Maybe in a little while, I owe you right now.” She winked at me.
Then she stood up and started to walk on the table in her high heels, fishnets, mini skirt, and the tube top that wasn’t covering anything anymore. She pulled up her tube top to a frown on my face.
“Oh stop it. You will enjoy this.” She said as she wagged her ass in my face. I was directly under her and could see right up her skirt. There was her white cum all over her lips and a stream dripping and streaming in globs down her thigh.
I pulled her over to me, I was sitting. She grabbed my head for stability as I put my head between her legs and licked up the stream of globs of cum dripping down her thigh.
“That was naughty… My turn!” Alissa said to my delight.
She got down off the table and gave me a little dance on the way down wagging her ass and touching her self all over. She grabbed the edge of the table and then dropped her ass shaking it back and fourth once she couldn’t go any lower. She then continued to do some more naughty things like suck on her own fingers and touch her self, rubbing her boobs.
Finally she got on her knees in front of me. I, still sitting on the pool table, let her do all the work. I was so hard right now that my bulge spoke for itself. She rubbed my bugle through my shorts. The soft fabric on my cock felt very nice and almost tickled my cock.
“Lets spring this pleasure tool free!” she said
Alissa reached for my crotch and grabbed the zipper on my kaki shorts. She pulled down slowly giving me that look.
“You just eye fucked the shit out of me!” I said.
She giggled then pull my pants off. Alissa on her knees now started to stroke my cock.
“Oh, this is gonna feel so good inside me babe!”
“Oh My God, I cant wait till I can just watch it go in and out of my soaking pussy. Oh, In and out Ben!.” Alissa moaned.
“I’ve been waiting for so long for you to just fuck the shit out of me Ben” she moaned.
I saw Alissas hand reach for the egg vibrator and the clicker. She pushed the egg vibrator deep into her soaking pussy as she rubbed my cock. Then she handed me the clicker and I turned it all the way up. She jumped then moaned with pleasure.
With that she brought her mouth to my seven inch cock and it slipped into her mouth. She went up and down the shaft, wrapping her tongue around my cock the whole way.
Alissa had an amazing tongue. I knew this from before, the few times she had given my head before.
Her tongue went up and down my cock, her hand in conjunction with it. The combination felt amazing on my dick as it was stroked. Then her tongue and lips focused on my head. She sucked the head into her mouth and with her tongue swirled around it getting it all nice and wet. Then with her hand, which was also all soaped in her pussy juice, she had been fingering herself, rubbed it over my head and then down my shaft. Then she plunged the head back into her mouth right to deep-throat.
My cock hit the back of her throat causing her to choke. Her tightening throat felt so good.
“Oh Baby, Don’t stop that ever!” I told her.
I pushed the switch into overdrive and she began to sway with pleasure. I could see some cum leaking down her legs.
She had to pull off though. But as soon as the cold air hit my cock her mouth was back on my dick sucking up every inch. She once again went into her deep-throat and took my entire cock.
“Fuck Yah Alissa.” I said to her
“Yeah you suck that cock!” I told her.
With that she sucked harder and harder and took it deeper and deeper. Then she released my cock from her velvet throat and picked up my balls with her mouth. They disappeared into her mouth. I had never gotten my balls sucked on and it felt oddly good. Most girls just didn’t try because I have unusually large balls. Its weird. She loved them. She sucked them hard and long but then switched to my cock again.
“Yeah you lick that prick nice and good slut!” I told her.
She pulled off after another minute.
“Blow on my face, I Swallow!” She told me with another eye fucking wink.
She sucked my tip for another moment and I could feel my spunk coming. It filled in my cock and my dick got extra ridged. She opened wide as she felt my cock harden as my sperm filled it. Then I unleashed my seed onto her face and into her mouth. One load hit her nose and another hit her upper lip. Then the next two, the biggest shots, went directly into her mouth.
I brought clicker knob down to just medium and watched her as she played with my cum in her mouth and on her face. She gathered all the other cum with her fingers from her nose and licked her upper lip so she could get that cum and sucked it into her mouth. She sucked the cum off her finger. She then put all my cum on her tongue and let it drip down into the depths of her mouth. She brought it all back up for me to see and then swallowed all of it with two huge gulps.
“Oh My God, Alissa, that was amazing. You give the best head ever!”
“I hope your ready for more. I’m not even close to soft baby.”
“Good because sucking cock makes me horny and I’m soaked from my little toy which is still buried in my pussy.” She snickered.

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