روايات جنسية

Birthday Desire (edited) – FUCK TXT – روايات سكس جنسيه


Hey all just an edit of my recent story, changed to have paragraph format for easier reading and a couple of minor adjustments here and there

Jamie smiled as he finished the markings, the piece of red chalk down to just a nub now “Whew, all done” he double checks the designs, making sure there are no breaks or inconsistencies in his work. “Looks good, gotta make sure before I attempt this, wouldn’t want it to go wrong on me, could just see Nana scolding me over it if I did” he chuckles softly to himself, a fond memory of his grandmother popping up with that statement. He wished she could be here to see him now, both to give approval as well as help make sure it was all correct. Oh well he’d just have to work really hard to make her proud in the beyond, or wherever it was she might be. He recalled that day, when his Nana had finally passed. He’d felt sad but only briefly, all the good memories of the years spent with her lifting him up inside, even at her funeral everyone seemed to be okay, some even cheerful.
That was how she was though, Nana always brightened things up no matter how dark they seemed, even in death. He flipped through the one of the worn ancient books he’d gotten from her, willed to him after the funeral. When he’d first heard what she left him it seemed strange, maybe Nana was playing a little joke, she had loved doing that, playing a little prank or two on Jamie, he in turn would do his best to get her back later. It was a favorite game of theirs, never was there anything mean about it, some harmless fun between them. But even if it was a prank they had come from Nana and he would cherish them as if they were the finest treasure in all the world. That was two years ago, now he was standing in the abandoned shack, candles burning as he reread the instructions for a summoning. Seems that Nana had been a witch, a pretty good one at that too, the books she’d given him were full of spells and potions for almost any type of situation or need.
At first he hadn’t believed it, his Nana? A witch? Now he truly felt this was some sort of prank she was pulling from beyond the grave. As he had read though them he began to think, his young mind toying with the idea that maybe she was a witch. Wouldn’t that have been so funny? Nana didn’t even look like a proper witch. As he continued though the thought grew, slowly he began to search his memories for anything that might have hinted at her being one. At first nothing came to mind but then he came across a recipe, the ingredients made no sense but something about it brought up a memory, of a cold winter day when he was 7. He’d come down with the flu and Nana had made him some kind of soup, steam rising from the bowl as she brought it in. He’d sniffled, wrapped in a thick blanked as she told him it was magic soup and that it would make him feel better.
Of course being 7 he was skeptical of anything adults said but he trusted Nana well enough so he ate it obediently. Well the very next day he did feel better, able to go out and play in the fresh snow that had fallen overnight. He missed those days, carefree and young, school seemingly a long way off as he stayed with Nana. His mother had passed away just the year before so his father had been bringing him to Nana’s when he was at work.He missed his mother then but Nana filled the hole in his heart her passing had left. With a smile on his face he looked at the recipe closely, searching. Finally he saw it, right there below the recipe was a list of uses for it and one of which was curing the flu. After that he inspected every one and while some didn’t have anything that sparked a memory a few did, enough for him to start believing.
Finally after he’d gone through all the books he found an envelope stuck to the back inside of the last book. He removed it and took out the neatly folded letter. He recognized his Nana’s handwriting instantly. ” Dear Jamie, seems my time has finally come and I have shuffled off this mortal coil so to speak, but such is life and on to the next adventure, we sure had some of our own didn’t we? hehehe anyways, as you may have gathered from the books, that is if you read them first but knowing you you probably did, your dear sweet Nana is a witch, heehee yes a bonefied witch, black cats, broomsticks all that nonsense, well some of it anyways. Not sure who had the bright idea to start the broomstick rumor, dang things aren’t supportive at all, worse than a bicycle. I’m getting off track here though, your mother could have been a witch too if she’d wanted, but she fell in love with the mundane world.
It happens, old Gilda had her granddaughter become a lawyer, imagine that, fancy suit and tie with a skirt, all that smartsy lawyer gibberish, back in my day oh oopsies I am getting sidetracked again. Well anyways your mother had made up her mind to be normal, though I know I caught her using a bit of the craft here and there from time to time, old habits die hard. I was so sad when she passed away, we’d seemed to grow a bit apart those last years before the accident. Well from grief comes joy, cause it brought you into my life deary, my sweet Jamie. You were like a bright shining star, I saw a lot of your mother in you, it warmed my heart and I was so happy I got to be a part of that, to see you grow, I wish I could just be there now, had to have been a heck of a shindig for the funeral. Now when she had first decided to become normal I promised your mother I wouldn’t say anything of our family history to your father or his parents, I kept that promise, still have but she never said I couldn’t tell you, my darling grandson.
Now as I watched you grow I saw it, that potential, usually it’s been a girl born each generation but then you came along, at first I thought you wouldn’t have it but then I saw it, the magic of our line, passed on from witch to witch, and now to you sweety, Now I wish I’d been able to teach you some of the craft before passing but the time wasn’t right, I held out as long as I could but you can’t keep death outside your door forever, so while I regret I am not there to assist you in person I will always be with you in spirit dear, I want you to learn these spells and potions, start with the easy stuff of course, should be able to guess which those are, save the harder stuff for last. Hopefully in a few years you’ll be a full fledged witch, well maybe warlock is the right term, not many males practiced the craft in my time, not like in the really old days, boy would have given anything to seen those days.
Magic ran rampant, unbridled, not like now, sheesh barely any magic to be found these days, it’s all been buried beneath progress, pshaw. But practice diligently hun, not sure if they are still around but when I was of age I was taken before the coven, I had to perform a difficult spell, earning me the title of witch and respect of my peers. Well darling that is all I have to say, oh make sure you keep this a secret, as you know our kind isn’t highly regarded as we once were, good luck dear, I’ll be watching over ya” a couple of wet spots form on the paper as Jamie cries a little, sniffling quietly as he bucks up ” I promise Nana, I’ll do my best”….. *back to the present* Jamie closes the book and goes back to the design he drew on the floor, no breaks in the pentagram or the symbols, all are correct, he places candles at each point of the star, lighting each one, then he places a dish with an offering in the middle of the pentagram, stepping back into his own circle he had drawn before the other.
” Alright, it’s now or never, if you’re watching Nana, give me the strength to complete this” He began to chant, softly at first, old words rolling past his lips, long forgotten by all but the most dedicated of historians. He repeated the phrases he’d drilled into his brain from Nana’s book, making sure the words came to him as easy as riding a bike or solving a math problem. Some of the words he uttered weren’t in her book though, at first when he had come to the summoning spell he ignored it, heeding her words to stick to the basics, but as time went on and he mastered each spell and potion he became bolder, more confident in his skills, still he left it alone but began some research into it, what it could be used for. From what he read in her books(Nana had even left him her diary, a wise decision he was sure) she had used the spell before the coven to bring forth a lesser demon, commanding it to perform a task of some sort(she hadn’t gone into much detail what), slowly an idea had formed in his head.
He would do the same, but he had a different plan of who to summon and for what purpose. He of course couldn’t be sure if Nana had used the spell again, she never mentioned doing so but it didn’t matter, what mattered is it was doable, and even what he had planned, all you had to do was make sure you got it right, no screw ups or else it could go very bad very quick. He’d read all sorts of tales about summonings gone wrong, most just stories, some having a ring of truth to em. Finally after three years of research and planning he was ready, he’d decided to do it on his 18th birthday, starting the spell a few hours before he turned one year older so that it could be completed when he did. During his research he’d also tried to see if there was still a coven or council or whatever it may be now but he had found nothing, save that an obscure group of nondescript nature comprised of elderly women had died in a freak accident years before.
The trail had gone cold there and he hadn’t pursued the matter further, perhaps there was no one left, maybe he was now the last, though he doubted that, there had to be others scattered across the globe, someday he’d try and find them, but he had other matters to attend to first. He chanted a little louder, the words a steady drone as he recites them over and over, the candles flicker as the room slowly grows darker, the air feeling chill. Yes, it’s working he thought as he kept going, the shadows in the room lengthening steadily. Wind howls outside the shack but he ignores it, bent on completing the ritual. All the lights in the shack flicker and die, leaving just the candles before him and next to him burning, their light barely able to pierce the inky black depths of the night, he drones on, his voice like a low hum, he barely notices when an even darker shape begins to form in the pentagram across from him, black smoke curling about like a maelstrom as it grows within the drawing.
He keeps going, the spell not yet complete, if he were to stop now then it would be broken and all would be for not. Slowly the smoke took on a more distinct shape, it was now around 6 feet tall and at least three foot wide, slowly legs began to appear, hooves at the ends of them, at first it seemed that whatever was appearing was made of the smoke, for it was covered in a short fur that was as black as the dark cloud. More and more of whatever was within that dense smoke was slowly revealed, a lean muscled torso, long strong seeming arms, a swishing dark grey tail, not unlike that of a horse and then finally the head , the features semi human, the nose and the mouth very much so but the ears were more like that of a horse or a bull and then there were the two long curving horns atop that head, the dark grey mane going from about the middle top of the head down to the bottom of it’s neck and the deep ruby red eyes, steam issued from it’s nostrils as it looked around, all of the smoke gone.
Jamie stopped chanting, the spell complete as he stared at what he had called forth. His eyes took in all of the thing before him, stopping though when they hit the crotch, he had been too intent on the spell to notice this when it had first coalesced but the creature was hung, a long thick soft cock hanging between it’s legs over an ample ball sac, he gulped a bit, blushing at the sight. Slowly, with difficulty he tore his eyes away from the beast’s package to roam back upwards, his eyes finally meeting the gaze of the summoned monster. He just stared for a bit, in total awe of this being before him. Finally the silence was broken when the creature spoke “Well, are you gonna just stand there gawking at me all day? If you take a picture it will last you longer, sheesh, humans these days” Jamie blushes again, flustered that he was so caught off guard despite this being what he had planned.
“S sorry I just that um, well you are even more magnificent than I imagined” his gaze once again falling briefly on the tool between the being’s legs, looking back up quickly in embarrassment. The beast’s eyes had not been idle this whole time, having taken in this would be summoner. So far he wasn’t quite sure what to think of the boy, Jamie being somewhat feminine in feature, he had long dark hair with blue streaks, matching his eyes, slender hips and waist, his face even having a more feminine tilt to it, and if the creature had been able to see behind him he would have found a rear that was pert, one that many guys tended to compare to that of their girlfriends, some even having gay fantasies about it though they kept that to themselves. Jamie Blushed still, feeling those eyes roam over his body
“Hmmm you are an interesting sort, wouldn’t figure you the type to summon an incubus, usually you young lads are looking for a quick lay, summon up a big busted succubus to rock your socks” the demon tests the boundary of the pentagram “A well done seal though I must say, you certainly have done your homework human. Who you study under eh? Amazed there would be any witches or wizards left these days” Jamie clears his throat, still flush after hearing that voice again, the sound of it both wonderful and disturbing at the same time “I I didn’t study under anyone sir, and I summoned you purposefully, I wanted you, I took my time deciding on you. I believe the offering is exactly what you ask for, um I also believe it is customary I wait for you to finish it before we um well….” he trailed off as the demon sat down in the seal and picked up the offering
“Mhmm okay then, pleasure before business, though pleasure tends to be my business hehehe” he ate slowly, enjoying the offering “Mmmm you really did look up about me kid? I haven’t had this in decades, seems all your kind either died or turned coward, no one willing to try and bring back the glory days” he finished the food with a loud belch “Urrrrppp damn, that was really good, so anyways, why don’t you have a seat too, might as well be comfy, you look like you’ve been pretty busy” he chuckles softly again, even that sound felt wonderful to Jamie. Jamie sits down in his area, folding his legs neatly ” Well I suppose I should get to it then, I summoned you sir, Hadriel, to make a deal. At first I was just gonna try a small summoning , like my Nana had done many years ago but as I got older I had a better idea, one I am hoping you will like as well sir”
he gulps softly as he steadies himself for what he is about to say “I, sir, want to become your lover” the demon’s eyes widen “Huh? My what? Are you sure you’re alright kid? Are you maybe on any kind of stuff? I know the shit you kids got these days packs a wallop. Clearly you’ve not in your right mind so…” “No, I am in my right mind Hadriel!” Jamie nearly shouts, he calms himself before he speaks again “I’m perfectly sound and thinking clearly, I looked into summonings and what they were used for, I found the ones for succubi and even incubi and when I found a picture of you I made up my mind what I wanted when I was old enough, I wanted you to take me, to take my virginity Hadriel and make me yours, though that isn’t really all I wanted, clearly I wouldn’t wish to go live in hell, least not right now, I’m young and want to live a long time like my Nanna did. Now I am not fully sure how much of this she would approve of, despite her background but I know she would support me in my decision”
he adjusts himself, settling in better “I know that many witches and warlocks made deals to gain power, in exchange for something, not only do I want to be your lover I want to convert others for you Hadriel, make others our lovers, slaves to us in desire. Will you let me Hadriel? Will you take me as yours?” Jamie stares at the demon, his eyes pleading with the great beast. Hadriel grunts, snuffling “Wow, I mean just wow kid, really? Hmmm this is a first for me, never had anyone that wanted to well yeah, certainly was plenty wanted to give me their bodies for a brief time ,to gain some little advantage over a rival, or to remain younger for a while longer, mainly women, can’t really recall a male ever wanting me. I must admit I am intrigued and you are rather cute and may I say lovely for a male” Hadriel scratches his chin, contemplating as Jamie sits waiting, nervous, afraid that the being he wants so badly will reject him, that his efforts will have been for nothing.
He’d of course just have to keep trying, plead with Hadriel, his Nana never gave up on the task before her so neither would he. Finally the demon spoke after what seemed like an eternity to Jamie “I am uncertain if I want to take you as my lover boy, however I am willing to give you a try, if you please me then perhaps I will, as you said you are a virgin then I promise to take it somewhat easy, being your first time but it isn’t gonna be all peaches and cream boy” Hadriel rises “Well, how about it then?” Jamie stands as well “You give me your word? If I please you you will let me be your lover? No matter what happens though you cannot harm me, kill me or take my soul understood?” Hadriel chuckles “Yes yes of course, though as for harm well you might get a little roughed up, just saying” Jamie blushes crossing over his area and scuffing the markings of Hadriel’s.
Suddenly the tall demon is standing before Jamie, a smile on his face as he gazes down at his potential lover ” You know up close you are even cuter, let’s get you out of those cumbersome clothes, as much as I like how they show off your cute body they are in the way” the demon stroked a finger down Jamie’s hair to the girls shirt he was wearing, sliding under the bottom and lifting it off. Jamie’s face was red, and he felt very warm, the close proximity of this creature, no, this beautiful muscular being, the being he hoped to please and be with, had him flush and nervous, he’d never been with anyone, sure he’d had opportunities, plenty of boys, and there was even a girl or two he felt something towards but he’d saved himself for Hadriel. The minute he’d found the picture of the demon, read up on him he knew he had to have him, to feel that powerful tool the demon posessed.
As the demon slowly stripped Jamie down to just the soft lavender panties he’d chosen for this occasion he smiled shyly. “Heheheh you sure know how to show off for a fella don’t ya cutie” with a sudden motion Jamie felt the larger male’s hand groping at his crotch, the warm rough hand massaging his balls and limp uncut cock through the fabric “Mmmm you got a good pair on ya, wonder how big the trunk is though” Hadriel grins and kneels in front of Jamie, tugging down on the boy’s panties to reveal a now semi hard cock and ample for a human balls. Hadriel grins as he works the young lads cock, stroking it slowly, using the foreskin to jack it. Slowly Jamie’s cock grows, eventually rising to a nice 8 inches in length, about 2 inches wide “Mmmm not bad not bad, decent size for a human, bet you woudl have made some lady happy, or boy”
Hadriel grins mischeviously and leans in to give the head of Jamie’s cock a kiss then a slow long lick from head to base then back up. He rises and strokes the boy’s hair again, leaning down to plant a hot soft wet kiss upon his lips, the action catching Jamie off guard but soon he warms to it, his eyes closing as he moans and opens his lips, letting Hadriel’s tongue in to explore his mouth. In a flash of boldness Jamie’s hands first touch Hadriel’s chest, stroking over the finely chiseled pecs and abs, the soft short fur feeling velvety as he slowly worked his way down to find the dangling rod betwixt Hadriel’s legs. He gulps a little as it is even bigger seeming in his hands than he had thought, his one hand roams down to find the large sac as the other continues to explore the soft fleshy tool, the head of it being shaped similar to a horse, the shaft even having a medial ring like he’d seen in pictures of the animals.
Slowly it begins to swell, the cock growing stiffer and bigger under the boy’s hands. Hadriel grunts and rumbles deep within himself, clearly while Jamie may have been saving himself he hadn’t neglected taking care of himself and his touch while at first slow and seemingly awkward grew ever more precise. Experience finally taking over nervousness to work the monster of a cock before him “Mmmm that feels pretty good cutie, how about you have a taste? I know you gotta be dying to see what it tastes like” Hadriel gently but firmly pushes Jamie down to his knees, the boy now face to dick with the demons member, the head pulsing to the beat of the dark one’s heart. Jamie blushes yet again, many times had he jerked himself to fantasies of this very situation. Now that he was here with the real thing he was a bit stunned, his brain taking a bit to process the whole situation, all the while his hands still lavishing attention on this godly cock and balls they held.
Finally with a grunt Hadriel grabs the boy’s head and pushes him against his cock “Heheh gotta just jump right in darling, otherwise you’ll get cold feet” he chuckles and rubs Jamie’s lips against his cock shaft and up to the head “Come now little one, take a nice good lick, you’ll love it” Jamie whimpered a little, his nose filled with the demon’s surprisingly not unpleasant scent, the deep heady musk Hadriel was putting off made him lightheaded and super horny, his cock was throbbing achingly as he breathed in more. Tentatively he gave the thick hard member a kiss, then another, and soon he started to lick, finding that he did indeed like the taste. The nervousness he felt at the start almost gone now as he grows hotter, hornier. He needs this, he wants it so badly, to taste, to please this beautiful Adonis of a creature before him, his hands massage and stroke as he brings the head of the stiff enormous prick to his lips, kissing it.
He is rewarded with a sweet salty warm fluid, clearish. He smiles as he licks at the pre Hadriel has begun to leak, moaning with a sudden hunger for more as he opens his mouth wide and pushes the fat head in, having a little difficulty at first before it pops past his stretched lips, his tongue darting to the opening to lap up that delicious fluid, savoring it as he lets it roll down to his belly “Damn kid, hehehe not bad, mmm that feels pretty good for an amateur, little work and you could be pro” Hadriel grunts and holds onto Jamie’s head as he rocks his hips a little, working the head around the cock hungry boy’s mouth, his huge balls gurgle with cum “Keep it up cutie and I’ll give you something really delicious” he starts to hump a little more, stuffing more of his fat dick into Jamie’s tight hot mouth, grunting and groaning “Mmmm yeah, even better, work that tongue babe”
Jamie’s eyes widen a little as he get’s face fucked for the first time, his tongue frantically lapping away at the tool sliding back and forth in his mouth. Suddenly Hadriel shoves it even further, the fat head stuffing down into Jamie’s throat, making him gag and choke. He does his best not to struggle while still attempting to get air. “Mmmm fuck yes sooo good, just relax babe, you’ll have to get used to deep throating if you want to be mine” Hadriel pulls back, letting Jamie catch his breath before stuffing it back in, repeating this several times, his dick throbbing as he nears release. He picks up the pace, grunting louder as he plows the boy’s face, managing to stuff most of the fat cock down his throat, his balls nearly slapping Jamie’s chin “Ahh yeah, almost there, better get ready darling cause I am gonna feed you some delicious cream and you will swallow it all”
he growls with lust as he holds Jamie’s head tight so he can’t get away, Jamie almost used to the sensation of being throat fucked, his hands massaging the fat cum filled balls in front of him. Suddenly he feels the big cock swelling in his mouth as Hadriel groans, holding Jamie in place as he rams it in all the way, stuffing it down his throat as far as he can as the head flares and cum begins to shoot, firing like a hose into the boy’s body. Jamie moans and whimpers, trying to breath through his nose as the demon holds him there for a bit, feeling the thick monster dick pulsing in his throat, hot sticky demon cum filling his belly. Slowly Hadriel pulls his member back, allowing Jamie to finally breath easier but his mouth is now being quickly filled with hot spunk. Finally able to taste it he finds that while different from the wonderful pre it isn’t bad, he gulps it down as quick as he can so none spills out of his mouth.
Hadriel pants and strokes Jamie’s head as he feeds him his massive load, his cock throbbing. Finally he pops it out of the boys mouth, having to yank a bit hard to get the flared head out, a final spurt of cum blasting over Jamie’s lips and face “Best lick that all up” Jamie obliges, smiling as he eats Hadriels delicious cum eagerly, wishing he could have it every day, nothing would ever taste this good or satisfy him as much now. He looks up at Hadriel, love and lust in his eyes, his cock throbbing and leaking his pre beneath him. The demon’s massive prick is still hard, glistening from being in Jamie’s wet mouth “Mmmm show me that nice ass you got naughty boy” Jamie giggles softly and turns around, wiggling his bubbly bottom at Hadriel, looking back. The demon smiles and in one motion is on his knees and grabbing Jamie, lifting the human’s rear as his face presses between the plump cheeks.
Jamie gasps and meeps in surprise as he is accosted, scrabbling with his hands, feeling Hadriel’s warm breath upon his virgin rear and balls, sending a shiver through his body. Suddenly he feels a wet sensation gliding along his balls up towards his rear. He moans as the demon’s tongue caresses his flesh, sliding over each orb in his sac then up over his rump, tickling a little as it does. “You sure taste good my little cum lover” he resumes licking Jamie’s ass, his tongue teasingly sliding between the cheeks down to Jamie’s balls every so often, eliciting more moans from the horny human. Hadriel rumbles, delighted in the taste, reveling in teasing the cute boy, finally he decides he wants more and his long flexible tongue finds its’ way to the boys tight pucker, wriggling against it. His cock throbs and leaks pre again, ready to fill an eager hole, but first he has to prep it, knowing the boy hasn’t had anything in there yet.
Slowly he pushes his strong tongue into the tight hole. Jamie who had been moaning and wiggling goes still and quiet as he feels the thickish appendage pushing into his rear. As his hole opens up he moans again, louder than before as he is slowly stretched by the wriggling tongue. Hadriel pushes in deeper, slurping the insides, savoring the human’s taste as he plumbs further. Jamie had the foresight to clear himself earlier with a thorough enema though Hadriel could still taste some residual bits, not minding too much, for now though he was concentrated on getting the boy loosened some and wet all around. His warm strong hand had been stroking Jamie’s throbbing cock as he rimmed him, making the boy whimper and moan more. Finally he pulls his tongue out with a lewd slurp, satisfied he has Jamie prepped as much as possible, he lowers the boy back down and positions his thick cock at the now wet entrance
“Mmmm well it’s time to see how much you can truly handle, hope you;re ready, not that it matters cause I am gonna fuck that ass of yours weather you want to or not now” all Jamie can do is nod and whimper, so horny and wanting to cum, so far he has been brought close yet never quite made it. He spreads his legs some to make it easier to get to his hole and pushes back eagerly. “Here goes” Hadriel grips Jamie’s hips and pushes, the fat head of his cock pressing tight to the boy’s star, slowly it spreads open as the head shoves inward. Grunting with the effort he holds on tight, pulling Jamie back some as he pushes. Jamie moans and whimpers, his hole being stretched even wider than the tongue had done, causing him pain. He could have cast a spell to desensitize himself to be able to take Hadriel easier but he’d wanted to feel it all, to know that sensation for his first time.
speaking of he had almost forgotten that it was his birthday soon, he looked over at the old clock he’d brought, seeing that it was almost midnight. He gritted his teeth and with a groan pushed back, helping Hadriel’s cock to go further, wanting to have it all in him by the time the clock struck. Both were panting heavily, grunting softly, Hadriel and Jamie both working hard. Little by little it slid further into Jamie, his ass feeling less on fire but still hurting some as it was stretched bigger to accommodate the massive intruder, Hadriel rested a moment when he got half way in, letting the boy adjust to him, enjoying the sensation of the spasming asshole on his dick. He started again, Jamie pushing back as he pushed in harder. They kept at it and finally with a satisfied sigh all of Hadriel’s fat dick was buried within Jamie, just as the clock chimed
“Oh Hadriel, yes yes I oh it is so much Hadriel, I have never felt so, full, it it hurts some but ungh I I am getting ohh used to the feeling” Jamie panted and lowered his front some as his ass spasmed more, his cock achingly throbbing “Mmmm you’ve done well taking it boy, not many women could even go anal with me, now you’ve rested and so I am gonna pull back, this may hurt again but you will get used to it” Hadriel starts pulling backwards, his cock sliding from Jamie’s stretched asshole, the boy crying out as he is hit with a new wave of pain, though it isn’t as bad as when Hadriel had first penetrated him, his rear having gotten used to the size. He groans, his cock spurting some pre this time as his prostate is massaged by the retreating dick. Finally the demon has pulled back till just the fat mushroom shaped head is in, gripping Jamie tight again as he shoves forward, faster than when he first entered him, no longer as concerned with hurting the boy than with pleasuring himself.
Hadriel groans as his cock is once more enveloped in the tightest softest ass he has ever had, letting out a quiet moan of delight. He can’t even recall a woman’s pussy feeling this good, and he’d had many of them over the years, none of them were bad, young and older both having felt great but this was something else, this felt amazing, no it felt more than that, also it felt, right? As he picked up the pace, holding Jamie tight whilst plowing into his ass he contemplated that, how he felt taking this boy’s virginity, how it felt so right, like this boy had been meant for him. Who was this kid, this human who was giving him the most intense pleasure he’d ever had. He had to know, needed to find out more. So yes, he’d make this boy his lover, take him and make him his, give him power, together they would convert others, turn more humans into their sexual slaves.
He grunted loudly, pumping his dick harder and faster, Jamie having long since started pushing back as the pain had turned to pleasure, his hand furiously stroking his dick. Hadriel smiled, muttering something softly as he fucked Jamie, a soft glow appearing at the boy’s dick and balls, slowly they began to grow and Hadriel transformed his lover, shaping him into a new being. Jamie was too lost in the intense pleasure he felt in his ass to notice as his dick grew to about a 10 inches, then 12 then finally a foot and a half, matching the length of Hadriels, then it began to widen, swelling from the 2 inches it had been to a girthy 3 and a half, the head even flattening out to become like a horses, the opening drooling pre steadily now as Jamie kept jerking, his ass flexing around Hadriel’s dick. Hadriel grunted and went even harder, so close to his second orgasm but first he had to finish off changing his lover.
Jamie’s balls swelled out, more rapidly than his dick had grown, filling with hot bubbling cum as they produced it at a faster rate, at the same time two little nubs had grown out of his head, tiny horns forming up, very small btu a sign of the demon magic being used on him. Finally, just as both his dick and balls stopped growing, Jamie cried out, his cock swelling, the head flaring as he erupted like a long dormant volcano, his balls tensing up as a thick jet of hot spooge shot forth, his ass spasming hard on the dick within it. Hadriel groaned and a low rumble began within him as he slammed into Jamie really hard a few times before with a roar he shoved his dick as deep as he could go, the prick swelling up huge again and flaring as he too shot forth, his cum spewing deep into Jamie, a horse tail spouting out from just above Jamie’s ass cheeks as the transformation completed and Hadriel made Jamie his.
Jamie’s already rounded belly began to grow again as he was filled with more demon seed, his dick still shooting cum like a fire hose, a pool of it slowly forming where it shoots. He pants and moans more, wiggling on the fat cock emptying into him, his ass milking it for everything, Hadriel gladly delivering as he empties what must be near a gallon of sperm into Jamie. Finally the flow ebbs for both, Jamie’s dick giving out first as it fires off one last spurt then softens slowly, Hadriel’s cock remaining hard for a bit in the tight milking ass of his lover even after he is done cumming. With a sigh they collapse, Hadriel’s dick sliding free of Jamie’s ass with a wet pop, a small rush of cum flowing out with it. Jamie sighs in satisfaction, his cock semi soft and dribbling last bits of cum as he strokes his full belly, the once flat stomach looking like a girl 5 months pregnant.
Hadriel lays next to him, pulling the boy close to his warm sweat soaked body, reaching around to caress Jamie’s bell yas well, smiling at the thought he had filled him up, and the thought he will be filling him many times more “Mmmm how do you like the changes lover” Jamie turns his head some “Changes? ” he looks at his body “Hehehe yes, imagine you were too caught up in our love making to notice but I took the liberty of making you more suited to be my lover” Hadriel reaches down to grope Jamie’s now massive balls, the fat orbs actually being even bigger than Hadriel’s. Jamie moans at the touch to his sensitive flesh as he explores his body, finding his dick changed as well, he touches every inch of himself, finding the horns on his head. He notices a sensation at his rear and he reaches back, his eyes widening as he finds the horse tail sticking out.
He blushes as he spoons with Hadriel, the demon still groping him. “Sso Hadriel, this means?” “Yes you are my lover now, may I know your name then my darling hmm?” Jamie blushes and smiles, his wish being fulfilled, at least partly now “Yes yes my love ,it’s Jamie” Hadriel rumbles softly as he holds onto his now mate “Mmm a nice name, though perhaps we shall come up with a new one for you, wouldn’t want any others to use it against you my dear, you well know how powerful names can be” Hadriel nuzzles the boy;s neck, in what to some may be considered odd, most people would think a demon incapable of showing affection like that. Jamie closed his eyes partially as he sighed again, relaxing in Hadriel’s strong warm arms “Love you Hadriel, ever since I saw you. I couldn’t explain it but I knew I loved you and wanted to be yours, thank you Hadriel, thank you for accepting me”
Jamie smiles again and closes his eyes completely, his body spent from his first time. Hadriel watches the young human, amazed at this cute soft boy, no one had ever really loved him before, yeah they’d been attracted to him, kind of hard not to be, it was his nature but no one had ever truly wanted him like this. He’d always felt like there had been that little something missing, no matter how many partners he’d been with. Well there would be plenty of time to figure it all out later, right now all he knew was he felt as if he’d become whole, like a missing piece of a puzzle had been found and put in. He stroked the boy’s hair, a smile coming to his lips as he leaned closer, whispering into the boy’s ear “I love you too” and with that the two lovers slept, comfortable in each others arms while the wind howled away outside the old shack, the sounds of the night soft and muffled as they lay there.

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