روايات جنسية

Earth: Tentacle Breeding Ground – Chapter 2 – روايات سكس جنسيه


What are these intros even for?

Two months had passed since Sarah began to hypothesize about the aliens’ potential weakness. Radio contact with the outside world had gone quiet for weeks now, and the only information being shared before was that regular ammunition didn’t seem to affect the creatures much as it simply got absorbed into their flesh. It was too risky to use explosives as there were always captive humans nearby, and destroying the entire nest would cost innumerable lives.

How on earth would humanity be able to overcome these impossible odds? Sarah had a clue: she had caused severe damage to one of the monsters with just a regular flare gun. Why would such a low-powered weapon have such a dramatic effect? She was determined to find out. Was it the heat? The light? If only she could study their biology up close… but that was impossible. Her only choice was to attempt to gleam insights on the invaders by watching their depraved actions over the security camera network.

“Let’s zoom in on camera seven,” Sarah said to Adam, who was sitting next to her in the bunker’s monitoring room and controlling the interface. “I think I see a few Takers acting strangely…” She idly clicked the button on her pen as she readied herself to record any worthwhile observations in her notebook. Sure enough, some of the tentacle creatures were flailing about as if attacking something. Usually encounters with the Takers didn’t last long. They simply overpowered their prey and, well, took them.

Sarah didn’t think that the strange activity on the screen would lead to any sort of breakthrough, but at this point she was clutching at straws to find anything useful. The last few days of watching the monitors hadn’t yielded much in the way of results, just empty, ichor-covered streets, the occasional wild animal, and hundreds of captive humans being endlessly fucked.

Though it had been difficult to watch at first, initially due to horror but later on due to arousal, Sarah was now starting to become desensitized to the countless nude bodies and the lewd acts being performed on them. The biologist in her actually came to start marveling at the invading creatures and how they were apparently managing to convert human fluids – a substance that should have been completely alien to them – into a source of energy and sustenance.

Just the other day, she had spotted a hulking Taker stalking the city streets. The large creature, like the others of its kind, seemed entirely formed out of squirming, fleshy tentacles that worked together to create a body. It crawled on six limbs that supported a thick, hog-like torso. Embedded in each limb were two nude women – one in the upper leg above the “knee” and one below.

Their limbs and faces were all covered with unyielding tentacles, leaving their large, voluptuous breasts, distended stomachs, and moist holes exposed – though the latter were almost always filled with pulsating tentacles pumping some sort of thick, orange fluid deep inside. Sarah imagined this must be some sort of seminal fluid, as all the women appeared to be in the late stages of pregnancy. Her suspicions were proven correct, as every so often, one of the women would begin to violently spasm and twitch before several small tentacles would gush from her womb and sloppily wriggle on the ground covered in juices. The baby creatures would slither off while the newly evacuated pussy was filled with more tentacle cocks to continue the cycle anew.

As it moved, the creature’s legs quickly shuffled along the ground, causing all twelve sets of tits to madly swing and jiggle while their bulging stomachs shook. Eventually, the creature seemed to tire and came to a stop. At this point, the tentacles working on stuffing the women’s pussies redoubled their efforts, this time paying close attention to each of their engorged clits with vibrating and sucking tendrils, seemingly in an attempt to promote milk production.

Larger tentacles sprouted from the creature’s misshapen “head” like dreadlocks and firmly latched onto each woman’s hard nipples before starting to rhythmically squeeze and knead the supple flesh. Their efforts were soon rewarded as creamy white liquid began to spurt from the helpless tits, which was quickly sucked up by the tentacles. After a short while of doing this, the alien’s lethargy seemed to wane and it resumed its activities.

Sarah still hadn’t figured out how the Takers managed to get the women to lactate to this degree, especially as she had witnessed some ladies who didn’t appear pregnant whatsoever still manage to squirt gallons of milk. She assumed it had something to do with the injections that were regularly administered to the captives, the juices being pumped into every orifice, or both. It had to be some sort of alien drug that produced strong aphrodisiac effects, boosted reproductive traits, and, clearly, greatly enhanced virility as evidenced by the almost constantly ejaculating men trapped in the creature’s back.

The twelve men were almost completely absorbed into the creature’s writhing flesh, with only their enormous erections and full balls exposed. Just like the bouncing boobs below them, their genitals madly danced through the air as the creature swiftly scampered through the streets. Despite the erratic movements of their manhoods, dexterous tentacles still managed to stroke them from base to tip. Vibrating tendrils were wrapped around and rapidly masturbating each cock, the speed of which sent the tentacles’ lube-like slime flying everywhere. Their balls were constantly fondled and teased by little feelers that seemed determined to help them build up as much cum as possible before releasing their loads.

And release them they did. Every ten seconds or so, at least two or three of the men powerfully ejaculated, sending rope after rope of hot jizz erupting out of their straining, foot long dicks. The sticky semen rained down in all directions, splattering onto the swollen tits and pregnant bellies of the women below them and coating the ground as the creature walked to create a slick trail of spunk wherever it went. Even while the men were cumming the tentacles never let up. They even seemed to relish in attacking their over-sensitive cock heads at these moments, causing the ejaculating penises to twitch madly in post-orgasm torture.

This behavior confused Sarah quite a bit.

“Why do you suppose they waste the semen of some men but yet collect it from others?” She had asked Adam. They both weren’t as used to all the explicit details on the monitors back then, so they still only managed to speak about them aloud after fighting through considerable embarrassment.

“No idea,” He shrugged. I’ve been more concerned about how they get those guys to ejaculate so damn much. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that three or four times in a row is usually my physical limit before things start to hurt.” Adam seemed to realize what he was admitting to only as he was finished saying it. Sarah blinked and looked away with a slight blush.

“I-I see…”

“Erm, I mean… back in my young and foolish years. Not recently of course.” Adam forced an awkward laugh and turned back to watch the screens in grueling silence.

Since then, Sarah had come up with a couple of potential reasons for the Takers to be wasting all that human seed, but none of them were satisfactory. They ranged from it being a simple accident to some sort of pheromone spreading tactic. She needed more data, and thus she focused on the feed from camera seven, where something had the Takers in an excited frenzy. The reason soon became clear.

A family of four was being dragged kicking and screaming out of a derelict convenience store. No doubt they had been scavenging for food before being discovered. Sarah was yet again reminded of how lucky she was to be safe in a well-stocked bunker. As Sarah watched, the family members had all four limbs ensnared by tentacles and were lifted into the air.

They appeared to be Latino from what she could tell, as they all had caramel skin and glossy dark hair. The parents looked to be in their late-thirties, judging by how the twin boy and girl seemed to be around 18. They had the air of a family that might have been in the area to look at prospective colleges.

Early on, Sarah and Adam had quickly come to realize they never saw minors within the nests and hybrids… but they also never saw them out on the streets. So the Takers must be bringing them somewhere else, but they had no idea where or why. It looked like these poor teens were acceptable to the creatures though, just as Diana had been, as the tentacles quickly began removing their clothes alongside their struggling parents’.

The mother and daughter were suspended facing the father and son, each being forced to watch the rest of the family as their bodies became slowly revealed. The mother was well endowed, with voluptuous D-cup breasts, a slim waist, and a perfectly curved bottom. The red dress she wore was torn violently from her body by the tentacles to reveal a matching set of extremely risqué black panties and a bra, both of which were practically see-through and left little to the imagination. Her quivering boobs were already fit to burst out of the tight lingerie due to their size.

They weren’t kept waiting much longer. A tentacle grabbed the center of her bra and yanked it off, allowing her heavy globes to burst out into view, exposed for all to see. They briefly bounced in the air but were quickly wrapped in several tentacles that began to knead and squeeze them, along with her nipples. Though there was no audio on the cameras, Sarah could tell that she was moaning and that her husband was yelling something out towards her just before a tentacle forced his mouth into submission.

The next tentacles to attack the mother were so eager to get into her cunt that they didn’t even fully remove her black mesh panties. They simply pulled the crotch out of the way and went to work stuffing her already dripping hole full of tentacle cock. Another tentacle slide up between her juicy tits and began to throat fuck her, causing her to gag and choke on the alien spunk that began to fill her mouth. She wasn’t the only one having a hard time, however.

Next to her, the daughter was also being stripped. She was wearing a loose-fitting tank top over a strapless bra and black spandex bike shorts under a cute skirt. Her young eyes were wide in terror as they saw the slimy tentacles approach her helpless body, unable to make a noise as a tentacle wrapped around her mouth. The tendrils seemed to be uninterested in playing with her comparatively boring bra, so instead of pulling it off of her, rapidly vibrating feelers waved through the air and sliced through her top.

As her tank top and bra fell away in pieces, her perky little boobs greeted the eyes of her brother and father. Her pert A-cups were quickly covered with tentacles that, while unable to get a good grip on them as they had with her mother, began to hungrily lick and suck at her extremely stiff nipples. Small vibrating tendrils swirled around them until they were completely erect, at which point both nipples began to get rapidly stroked as the tendrils excreted a slick lube all over them.

Her eyes shook as if already orgasming just from having her young tits played with. It was only going to get more intense for her, as her legs were suddenly yanked far apart right in front of her brother’s face, causing her skirt to ride up and reveal the clearly visible outline of her mound against the skin-tight spandex of her shorts.

The tentacles slid up her leg holes and started to squirm around her crotch before suddenly flexing and expanding, causing the tight fabric of both her shorts and panties to tear and fall away, leaving her moist teenage pussy only inches from her brother’s face, who seemed torn between looking away or taking it all in. Her delicate, unshaven pubes were practically tickling his nose, so it no doubt required a lot of willpower on his part to divert his gaze.

He wasn’t able to maintain his focus for long, as he was also unceremoniously stripped naked in front of his sister just as she had been moments before. His t-shirt and shorts were pulled up and down respectively, revealing boxer shorts with little green alien faces on them. Sarah noted the irony.

The sight of his mother and sister being violated clearly had aroused something in the boy as an impressive tent had already formed in his underwear. A thick tentacle slid down under the elastic band and began to slither around his bulge, causing him to involuntarily shudder. The tendril then retracted and aggressively tugged his boxers off. His rock-hard 5” teen cock got pulled down with the garment and then painfully slapped back up against his toned stomach, bobbing a bit before coming to a stop.

He sported a respectable patch of dark, fluffy pubes that were quickly covered by a thick tentacle that swallowed his young member from tip to base, even going as far as to engulf his tight ball sack. It began to squeeze and pulsate as if milking him and he opened his mouth and threw his head back just as smaller feelers began to playfully rub and tease his nipples.

The patriarch of the family could only helplessly watch in disbelief as his family was stripped and molested in front of his very eyes. He was moved so that his own crotch was directly in front of his daughter’s field of view, the three of them now forming a sort of human ladder. His expression turned from valiant defiance to utter defeat as his own clothing was ripped from his body. His work suit and tie fell to the ground below as tentacles began to tear off his boxer briefs, eager to get full access to his impressive bulge.

Soon enough, his respectable 7” dick flopped out and struck his daughter in the face, who winced and blushed. She stared at it unabashedly, however, as if amazed. Sarah wondered if this was the first real penis she had seen up close in person. Sarah certainly remembered how astounded she had been the first time she saw a guy’s genitals – especially seeing his balls – which she had only at that point realized were, in fact, “balls”. She chuckled at the memory as she watched the feed, despite the horrors it displayed.

To Sarah’s surprise, the tentacles did not begin masturbating the father’s cock, which was only at half-mast. He must have been using all of his willpower to repress his instincts. Instead of a tentacle playing with his manhood, a funnel-shaped one appeared and began to ooze a viscous, orange liquid all over his shaft, which enrobed it like honey. Sarah watched transfixed as the smothered rod immediately began to harden until it looked so painfully erect that it might burst.

Both of the Takers attacking the family already had a single captive inside. The one holding the women had a large black man’s ass and cock sticking out of its abdomen, which were being constantly frisked by tentacles. The one holding the guys had a woman’s bountiful breasts visible on its back, being milked into a frenzy.

The tentacle sucking the black man’s oversized, thick shaft slowly slid off its length, leaving the madly twitching and squirting member covered in gooey slime. Sarah thought the sight of the painted-orange cock set against the rest of his dark skin was oddly satisfying.

Suddenly, the mother was swung over towards him and, without warning, she was impaled down onto the foot-long black cock below her. Her eyes watered and rolled back into her head, which was quickly lashed to the creature’s body as her limbs were absorbed into it as well. Tentacles pushed up on the black man’s butt and began to forcefully shove his dick back and forth into the trembling woman, the tentacle mucus acting as a perfect lubricant. The strong force of the pounding made her large tits jiggle deliciously with each motion.

As the father watched his wife getting banged by a complete stranger, he noticed their son also getting dragged towards her. The boy’s swaying genitals were shoved against the face of his mother as his limbs were held tight in front of him inside the tentacle body.

The aphrodisiac drugs in the tentacle’s slime seemed to be already doing their sinister work on the mother, as she didn’t even hesitate to swallow her son’s enticing erection down into her mouth, lapping away at his balls with her tongue, much to the boy’s surprise and apparent delight. She bobbed her head back and forth along his teenage shaft as best she could as if sucking on the most delicious candy of her life. It wasn’t long before a thin line of cum began to dribble from between both sets of her lips as her son and the man fucking her came hard inside her moist holes.

The boy’s own holes weren’t ignored either. A ribbed tentacle, covered in mucus, rammed its way into his twitching boypussy and found its way through his body, exiting out through his mouth and wriggling in the air. It was too intense for the boy who appeared on the verge of passing out, but a small needled tentacle suddenly entered his neck and his energy seemed renewed as he began to actively shake his hips to help his mother take more and more of his already re-hardening dick.

Sarah could only assume that the father was grateful that his wife’s vision was blocked, even if by their own son’s naked penis, as he, too, was placed in another hybrid creature’s chest. He strained his muscles to escape as he noticed the tentacle’s intentions, but he was held completely immobile. Small feelers grew up and began to tickle and tug at his hanging balls, but what clearly had his attention was the approaching form of his nude daughter. The tentacles brought them face-to-face before slowly lowering her spread legs towards his well-lubed manhood.

They gently rubbed the girl’s swollen vulva against his reddening glans, playfully swallowing just the tip and rocking around it a bit before suddenly pushing her down all the way and forcing his whole length inside of her apparently inexperienced slit. Her moist pussy lips were buried into her father’s thick black pubes.

She began to wildly thrash in pain, and her father blankly stared up into the sky, unable to process that he had just taken his own daughter’s virginity. Sarah realized that she hadn’t noticed Diana behaving this way. She must have gotten right down to business as soon as college started… or maybe even earlier.

Tentacles lashed around the girl’s body and bound her close to her father, pressing her hard nipples into his abdomen and gliding her up and down onto his cock. Her stiff nubs trailed up and down his hairy chest, adding to the stimulation. Even from the low-res footage, Sarah could tell the girl was experiencing a huge climax as her asshole flexed open and closed in intense, orgasmic spasms.

As she continued to ride her dad’s slippery penis, another small tentacle poked at her twitching anus. She shook her head in terror, her mouth still gagged, but the tentacle paid her no heed. It slithered up into her tight hole and started to piston in and out, gushing loads of the orange fluid into her bowels just as her groaning father filled her tight cunt with his own hot juices.

Sarah stared at the monitor as the family continued to violate each other in full view of everyone watching. She had been desensitized to such things, but even so it was hard to watch. There was a part of her, however, that secretly wished to trade places with them. To experience a thick tentacle cock perfectly filling her up and forcing her to experience endless pleasure.

There wasn’t much privacy in the bunker, so she hadn’t been able to masturbate at all in months and it was starting to drive her a little crazy. She wondered how the rest of the group was handling it, especially Steven who was still in his early twenties and no doubt a fountain of virility.

“I… I think I’ve seen enough for one day,” Sarah mumbled. She stood up with her legs tightly closed, worrying about any unwanted moisture being noticed by Adam.

“Already?” He asked in mock surprise. “You mean you DON’T like watching this hellscape? You coulda’ fooled me.” He winked, but his expression quickly changed to being apologetic as he saw the embarrassed look on Sarah’s face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean… I mean… I was just joking around.” He scratched his growing beard and stood up alongside her.

“What do you want for lunch?” She asked, changing the subject.

“I dunno. What were you thinking?”

“Maybe… canned food?”

“Hmm… but we had that yesterday.”

“It’s what I’m good at making.”

“Again, coulda’ fooled me.”

“Hey!” She laughed and playfully punched him in the arm (though with a bit of extra force). “Stop teasing me and let’s go get the other two. Steven should be back from checking out the rain barrel. It was almost empty last time I-” Her eyes flitted over Adam’s shoulder and then she suddenly rushed past him to stare closely at one of the other monitors.

“A-Adam! Look at this!” She hastily beckoned to him without taking her eyes off of the screen.

“What!? What is it!?” He said, startled. He bent down to look over her shoulder to see what she was watching. His eyes widened. “What is she doing!?”

A lone figure stood in the street just outside of the college Sarah and Adam taught at. The person was completely covered in what looked like a biker-suit and helmet, though her ample bosom straining tightly against the fabric made it clear that she was a woman. She appeared to be trying to gain entry to one of the school’s entrances, hacking away at the thick crystalline ichor that covered the door using some sort of long metallic tool.

“She’s going to get herself caught making that much noise!” Sarah exclaimed, aghast. Sure enough, a hybrid appeared just as the woman was about to break through the last layers covering the door. She glanced over her head and saw the creature lunge its long tentacled arm at her, but just before it made contact, she gracefully leapt backwards with an inhuman swiftness, though the tool she carried remained lodged in the ichor.

Though she dodged the first attack, the creature, seemingly a bit taken aback, had already extended its other arm towards where she was landing. Just as it was about to wrap around her athletic body, the woman hurled a small silver orb towards it. Though the orb didn’t seem to change in any way, the tentacles forming the monster suddenly fell to the ground like liquid, flailing about randomly in a pitiful display.

“Wh-what did she just do!?” Adam asked, his nose inches from the screen.”

“How should I know!?” Sarah replied, her shocked face right next to his. “The entire construct is losing its structural integrity!” They continued to watch as the whole creature was reduced to nothing more than a pool of weakly flopping worms.

The two captive humans, both men, who had been inside of it, also fell to the ground in a wet pile. However, despite their newfound freedom, they appeared either unable or unwilling to stand up and escape, simply lying in the mound of writhing tentacles and panting. Suddenly they seemed to notice one another for the first time and practically swam towards each other’s erections, before locking their mouths around the other’s cock and greedily sucking in a 69 position.

Adam looked a bit grossed-out by this display. Though not a homophobe, he still wasn’t particularly interested in seeing that sort of thing. Though he had certainly witnessed it plenty of times on the monitors, he never quite got used to it. Sarah, on the other hand, had a very different reaction, which she kept to herself.

The mysterious woman seemed to hesitate for a moment, unsure of whether to go save the two men or to return to her task with the door – but her inaction only lasted for a second. Just as she was heading towards the door again, three more hybrids appeared from behind a nearby house. Her pace quickened towards the door, clearly hoping to beat the creatures to it, but it wasn’t looking good and she knew it.

She ran a hand along her belt which carried three more of the silver balls from before, as if considering using another, but she must have calculated that this wasn’t a fight worth attempting, especially as the previously deformed creature on the ground behind her was already slowly starting to build itself back up again from the tentacles that had regained their senses.

She turned to run and abandon her tool, but her previous moments of hesitation had already added up too much. She was blind-sided by a large tentacle arm that suddenly rose from the still-forming pile of tentacles. It sent her flying across the street and slamming into the side of a house. Her limp body slid to the ground and her head slumped over as if unconscious.

“Shit, that’s it for her, then.” Adam said with a disappointed sigh. “I really hoped we could… huh? Who…?”

“STEVEN!?” Sarah yelled, standing up and sending the chair behind her flying into the desk behind her.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING!?” Adam roared while slamming his hands against the terminal interface.

“Is-is something wrong…?” Zoey’s worried voice entered the room behind them. “I heard a lot of bangs and yelling, so…” Her face paled as she saw what was on the monitor next to Sarah and Adam. “Oh my GOD! Is that STEVIE!? WHERE IS THIS!?” She scrambled up next to the other two and desperately watched the screen as, sure enough, her older brother stealthily creeping towards the unconscious woman, holding a pool cue in one hand and his smart phone in the other.

“Dammit is that one of my pool cues!?” Adam yelled. “I only have two of those! That little shit!”

“Fuck you! Is that really important right now, professor!?” Zoey screeched at him. “Sarah, where is this!?” Her sharp eyes suddenly focused, taking in the details on the flickering monitor. “Wait is that the college campus?”

“Y-yes.” Sarah stammered, surprised by Zoey’s outburst. “Steven must have heard the commotion going on down the road and thought he could be a hero or something…”

“He’s a fuckin’ idiot is what he is!” Adam snapped. “He was just supposed to go up, check the rain barrels, and come back down. What is he thinking!? He knows we aren’t in the business of saving random individuals right now!”

“That’s because unlike you, he cares about helping people!” Zoey spat back, her body shaking with rage.


“WOW how many times have I heard THAT this week while you sit on your ASS!?” She got up in his face, spittle flying. “Congratulations! do you want a goddamn MEDAL!?” It looked like they were both about to start throwing punches before Sarah suddenly interjected.

“ENOUGH!” She bellowed, putting herself between the two. “This is a stressful situation and our thinking ability is clearly impaired. We need to focus. So SIT. DOWN.” She glared menacingly at both of them, her chest heaving.

“Y-yes ma’am…!” Zoey shrunk back and fumbled into a chair.

“But she…!” Adam clicked his tongue. “You’re right…” He lost steam and dropped into a chair as well.

“I’m… I’m sorry professor… I just get protective of my brother. He’s all I’ve got now, you know…?”

“I’m sorry too, Zoey. That wasn’t right of me. …Shit.” Adam sighed.

“Good.” Sarah clapped her hands together. “Now that you both have your heads on straight, let’s return to figuring out how to get our dumb-but-heroic friend Steven out of this mess, hm?”

They turned to anxiously watch the scene unfold on the screen as Steven made his way over to the unconscious woman, inching along as quietly as possible to avoid alerting the several Takers in the area.

“We have to go help!” Zoey piped up. “He has no chance of getting that woman out of there by himself!”

“There’s no way we’d get there in time to do anything…” Adam groaned.

“We’ll have to just hope he knows what he’s doing.” Sarah said, eyeing the phone in Steven’s hand and wondering if he was attempting to do what she thought he was.

“Mngh…” Zoey squirmed in her seat, relenting but seemingly ready to bolt for the door at any moment.

“Hey,” Adam said in a firm voice. “Don’t even think about it. He wouldn’t want you in danger.”

“I guess you’re right…” Zoey murmured. Her fidgeting stopped and she focused on the screen even harder, as if trying to mentally will her brother to turn around and run away.

Despite Zoey’s best attempts at ESP, Steven pushed onwards. The group watched with bated breath as he neared the woman, dropped the pool cue, and crouched down on one knee in an attempt to lift her up into a fireman’s carry. However, it appeared that his lifestyle as a video game streamer had not done wonders for his physical abilities. Just as he managed to position her body into a good spot on his back, his legs gave out and he fell forward, slipping on the pool cue and crashing to the ground.

“No…!” Zoey gasped, covering her mouth and jumping to her feet before Adam quickly grabbed her in a bear hug to immobilize her.

The Taker that had initially knocked the woman away was already nearly reassembled and heading in their direction, with the two men still choking down each other’s cocks absorbed back into its abdomen. But with the sudden sound of Steven’s collapse, the other three Takers, who had previously just been investigating the area, also pivoted towards the two of them and began to trudge dangerously close to where they lay.

Steven hastily got to his feet, using the pool cue as a support while fumbling with his phone. Suddenly, the closest of the four hybrids lashed out at him with its stretchy tentacle limbs. Steven made little effort to dodge it. It wasn’t clear if this was because he physically couldn’t, knew it would be futile, or because it would otherwise strike the woman behind him, who was starting to stir. Regardless of what he was thinking, he was quickly subdued by the tentacles and pulled up into the air by his legs.

Steven began to stab at the tendrils binding him, using the now broken pool cue as a spear. It did little other than annoy the creature, which began to bind his thrashing limbs with strong tentacles. Just before he was completely restrained, however, Steven held up his smart phone to the creature and a bright flash suddenly blanketed the tentacles around him.

“…He took a picture of it…?” Zoey asked, incredulously, suddenly losing the strength to fight against Adam’s sturdy arms.

“That fool…” Sarah groaned, massaging her eyes. “It told him it was only a theory!”

“What are you talking about?” Adam asked, finally being able to relax a little now that the struggling girl in his arms had calmed down.

“It was one of my ideas I shared with him on the Taker’s weaknesses…” Sarah explained. “That flare gun – the one I used on the first day – remember how it melted the tentacles? Well, I assumed it either had to do with the heat or the bright light… but I wasn’t sure…” She sighed heavily. “I guess we can rule out the latter…”

Sure enough, the tentacles holding Steven seemed unperturbed by the light. A look of shock and frustration came over his face as the phone got knocked from his hand. The Taker had him hanging upside down and now completely bound in tentacles. His blonde hair fell from his face and tickled the jiggling breasts of the woman inside the creature’s chest, which were being milked by two tentacle suckers. Her glazed eyes locked onto his and she seemed to lazily smile at him through the thick tentacle she was sucking on.

She opened her mouth wide as if to try and say something but all she could muster was to cough up drool and orange alien cum that gushed down her chin and onto her bound tits. The Taker suddenly thrust Steven’s face in between her slime-covered boobs and he began to jerk in his bonds, clearly struggling for breath. The erratic movements did little to deter the tentacles that quickly began to explore Steven’s body under his hoodie and work to remove his uncannily tight jeans.

“They’re gonna kill him! We need to help! We need to do SOMETHING!” Zoey yelled, rocking her body back and forth in Adam’s tight grip in an attempt to worm her way out.

“There’s nothing we can do! I’m sorry, Zoey, but your brother is…” Adam’s voice trailed off. His eyes, like Sarah’s, were staring at the screen. Just as the tentacles had ripped open his hoodie, something glinted off the light next to him and suddenly all four of the Takers reeled back, crumbling into individual tentacles and sending all the captive humans falling to the ground.

The helmeted woman had regained her senses. She was clutching a heavily bleeding wound on her side, but she was up on her feet. Just as one of the other creatures had started to wind its tentacles up her well-toned thighs, she had suddenly sprung into action, hurling another of her silver orbs into the midst of the monsters.

She didn’t have long to celebrate, however, as she stumbled forward weakly and collapsed to her knees, holding her wound. Her subsequent attempts to stand were only met with failure as she slid on the mucus-covered street.

Fortunately, Steven was having better luck. He grabbed the nearby pool cue and used it to shakily make his way over to the woman, ignoring the orgy going on behind him, made up of the freed human captives who had almost immediately started wildly fucking each other in the squirming mass of tentacles and slime.

There were five men and one woman total. The woman was happily riding two of the giant cocks in an impressive display of double penetration, while hungrily sucking down the stiff rod of another man next to her. Both her hands were occupied on the two-foot-long monster dick on her opposite side, frantically stroking the man’s throbbing shaft and massaging his balls. The final man had attempted to slide his engorged penis between her breasts, which still dribbled milk from the nipples, but the thrashing of the entire group made it too difficult. He instead began to squeeze and nurse on her tits as another of the men started to fiddle with his unused manhood.

It was too late to save them, is what Steven probably assumed, as he hurriedly made his way to his struggling savior. After several tense seconds of maneuvering past flailing tentacles, he finally made it to her. He attempted to lift her up while speaking to her, but she knocked his hands away, leaving him shocked. He stood there unmoving for a moment before snapping out of whatever was in his mind as the woman suddenly fell back to the ground. Her hand left her injured side, revealing the gash to still be freely bleeding out.

The woman seemed to be losing consciousness again as her head lolled to the side. With the power of the adrenaline no doubt pumping through his veins, Steven wasted no time in scooping her up and onto his back. She had a very athletic and curvy body, but her frame was still a bit smaller than his. With visible effort, Steven got to his feet and managed to break out into a light jog, not even stealing a look behind him at the Takers that were just now starting to reform. After that, he left the camera’s field of vision, heading in the direction of the bunker.

Sarah, Adam, and Zoey all stared at the monitors without a word for several seconds before all of them simultaneously started to scramble towards the entrance.

‘You ladies stay put; I’ve got this!” Adam shouted as he began to climb up the ladder to the hatch.

“Zoey, go prepare a bed! I’ll get first aid supplies!” Sarah instructed. Both women dashed off to complete their respective tasks. Sarah ran to the bathroom and shakily grabbed some disinfectant and gauze from the medical cabinet, along with a thread, scissors, and a needle for stitching wounds.

“Quick! Lower her down, slowly!” She heard Adam saying up above.

“That doesn’t make sense!” Steven’s wheezing voice replied.

The sounds of grunting and sliding objects echoed down the hallway as Sarah returned with the supplies in hand. Adam and Steven had already managed to move the woman down into the bunker, with the older man carrying her towards the sleeping area while Steven closed the hatch behind them.

Sarah followed next to Steven as they hurriedly made their way towards the bed that Zoey had prepared. Adam gently placed the woman on the cot, careful not to agitate her wound. Her large chest was heaving slowly in haggard breaths.

“We need to get her out of this suit so we can get to the cut.” Adam ordered, as he began to reach for the scissors in Sarah’s hands.

“In your dreams!” Sarah declared. “Zoey, escort the boys out of the room while we take care of her.”

“W-wait! But-!” Steven started to interject, but his sister was too fast for him. She grabbed both of the startled men by the arms and shoved them out of the room, closing the door in their faces before turning around to assist Sarah.

“Oh, come on!” Adam’s voice rang out from the other side of the door. “It’s not like we haven’t all seen tons of naked women in the past couple months!”

“Hold these,” Sarah ignored Adam and instructed Zoey, giving her most of the items in her hands before she wielded the scissors to carefully cut the woman’s skintight suit away from her body, exposing her toned midriff. Both Sarah and Zoey let out a gasp of surprise at what they saw. It wasn’t the wound – which didn’t seem as deep as Sarah had feared – but what was around it. The woman’s skin was pale blue.

“Oh my god… she’s already dead!” Zoey began to fret. “Except… wait… something’s not right…” Not only was the woman’s skin-tone unusual, but she also didn’t have a belly button.

“What in the…?” Sarah breathed. But there was no time to think about all that now; they had to stop the bleeding first. Refocusing on her task, Sarah disinfected the cut and blotted up the excess, orange blood – the color of which she was only now truly noticing for the first time.

Though she was a biologist and not a doctor, Sarah had taken some medical training several years prior when doing some camp counseling over the summer. She prayed that she could still remember how to do this. She took a deep breath and began to suture the wound as best she could with slightly trembling fingers. Eventually, she completed what she considered to be a pretty decent stitching and the woman seemed to stabilize, though she hadn’t regained consciousness.

Sarah put down the last of her tools as she applied an adhesive bandage to the cut and let out a relieved sigh that she had been holding in. She glanced at Zoey and they both gulped as she moved her hands up to the woman’s tinted helmet. It didn’t seem to come off at first, but then Zoey pressed a small button on the side, which resulted in the entire helmet suddenly dissolving away and into the neckline of the suit. They gaped at the woman’s peacefully resting face.

“G-guys…?” Sarah called out. “Maybe come in here after all…”


That evening, the group gathered in the kitchen to eat dinner together, as was usual. Their conversation, however, was far from it.

“So what are we going to do about this… um… ‘woman’?” Adam spoke up.

“I guess we’ll at least have to wait for her to wake up before we figure anything out.” Sarah shrugged. They had spent the last couple months watching aliens take over an entire city, so it was not incredibly shocking to have discovered another one – albeit of an apparently different species. Or at least they assumed the woman was an extraterrestrial. She had several human-like features, but many that were distinctly not of this earth.

“She kinda’ reminds me of a void elf from World of Warcraft…” Steven said absent mindedly while prodding at his canned corn.

“Mmm… yeah I can see it.” Adam nodded in agreement.

“Wh-huh?” Sarah said in confusion. Zoey put a hand on her shoulder and shook her head, saying,

“It’s from a video game.”


Sarah wasn’t too familiar with the game in question, but she definitely agreed that the woman looked like something out of a fantasy story. Beyond just having light blue skin, she also had long, white hair, two eyes that were slightly larger than a human’s, ears with two pointed ends, and flat nostrils instead of a nose.

The fact that she clearly had mammaries (or what Sarah assumed to be breasts) made her question all that she thought she knew about evolution and the common ancestry of humans. Her most striking features, however, were her extremely long white eyebrows that curled up in the air like antennae. At a glance she would be mistaken for a gorgeous, graceful human woman, but she was, without a doubt, an alien.

“Good thing she’s at least able to breathe our air.” Sarah sighed. “Who knows what might have happened otherwise after we took off her helmet.”

“I knew something was different about her when she tried to speak to me after I saved her,” Steven said. “I didn’t recognize the language.”

“After YOU saved HER?” Zoey gave him an incredulous look. “You do realize we were watching the whole thing on the monitors, right?”

“It was all a blur, honestly.” He shrugged.

“What were you even thinking!? You could have been captured! Did you even think about how that would affect us? Affect me!?”

“Listen, when I hear someone in trouble, it’s my instinct to go help.”

“Mhm.” Zoey eyed him over skeptically. “I assume I know what ‘instincts’ you are referring to. So it’s just a coincidence that she happens to be a total babe?”

“I can’t control the winds of fate. We’re all just slaves to destiny…” Steven said wistfully while giving his sister a dramatic look. She punched him in the arm.

“If you ever do something like that again, you’re going to WISH they had taken you away.” She glared at him and shoved a spoonful of spinach into her mouth. “Blughh… I’ll never get used to this…” She mournfully swallowed the offending green mush. She gulped down the rest of her bottled water as if trying to drown herself to avoid having to eat any more vegetables.

“Hey, careful with how much of that you drink,” Adam cautioned. “As Steven confirmed earlier, our water barrels are running pretty low due to the lack of rain. We need to be a bit more frugal in our water usage for the time being.”

“Ah, right…” Zoey said sheepishly.

“Don’t worry so much,” said Steven, trying to reassure his sister. “It looked like some rain clouds were finally rolling in overhead just as I was getting back. We’ll be able to replenish our water reserves in no time!”

The rest of the group didn’t seem too sure, however, and they continued to eat in silence for a few more minutes until Adam once again broke the awkward silence.

“So…” He spoke slowly. “What about… alien viruses and stuff? Shouldn’t we be quarantining her or something?”

“Mnn, thash a common mishconshepshun,” Zoey said through a mouthful of greens while shaking her head. She took a labored gulp and continued. “Bacteria and viruses that evolved on Earth alongside humans are able to infect us for that exact reason. Pathogenesis requires that the bacteria or virus be able to interface with the host’s cells, which is the product of millions of years of coevolution. Furthermore -”

“Ok, let me stop you right there,” Steven groaned, putting his hand up to his sister’s blabbering mouth. “We get it. You’re smart. It’s good to know we’re safe from killer alien diseases, at least.”

“Zoey’s right,” Sarah agreed. “However… this… alien, for lack of a better name, does share a surprising amount of features with us. So it may be too early to assume that their biology is completely different from ours.”

“We actually refer to ourselves as ‘Bellus.’”

All four of the humans in the room swiveled in their seats to face the kitchen entryway. Adam barely seemed to notice that he knocked over his open bottle of water. Standing behind them all was the alien woman, who was now very much awake. Her large, almond shaped eyes had a buttery yellow hue to them and white irises in the center.

Her eyes scanned the room calmly, giving off the impression that she was sizing them all up. The alien didn’t seem concerned at all, likely because she believed that she could take them all in a fight. Based on the footage from before, Sarah had no doubt that this belief was well founded.

“Forgive me for intruding on this communal calorie ingestion,” the ‘bellus’ continued. “But we must be swift. I believe we share a common enemy in the Krinis and time grows short for us to act.” She looked out at them all expectantly. No one said a word as they simply stared at the alien nonplussed.

“Y-you can speak English…?” Steven finally mustered up the courage to ask. “But back then you…”

“Did not have this,” she replied. She tossed him something, which he caught out of the air.

“My phone!” Steven exclaimed. “I thought I lost this forever!”

“Yes, apologies. I procured this during our earlier battle. Though primitive, I was able to operate it well enough to gain at least a basic understanding of your species and planet.” She wore an expression that Sarah swore was a smug grin, but it was hard to know for sure. “I will admit, I was worried you all spoke in rhyme like on your device there. I am glad to know that you do not seem to behave this way normally.”

“What…?” Steven scratched his head. “Oh…! You must have listened to my music! I’ve got good taste, right?”

“I have not had a chance to sample your kind’s cuisine. It hardly seems palatable.” She gave a side-eyed glance at Zoey, who still had a soggy spinach leaf dangling from her stupefied mouth. “I take it by your inexpressive faces that your planet has yet to achieve interstellar contact. I imagine that my presence must be quite shocking, then, but I would expect the Krinis to be even more so.”

“Krinis…” Sarah finally found her words. “You’ve said that a couple of times now… what is that?” The alien looked at Sarah as if she were a pitiful ignoramus. Sarah was getting a little tired of her apparent superiority complex, even if it was arguably justified.

“The ones consuming your planet,” she replied. “The parasites who leech off of your reproductive systems. They are the Krinis. They devastated my world and are now on the verge of claiming yours. Or maybe you did not notice?”

“Yeah we ‘noticed,’” Adam said with a huff. “Maybe you didn’t notice yourself, but we saved your life – so maybe at least thank us, miss alien?” She looked over at him with an evaluating gaze, blinking a few times before giving a small smile.

“Forgive me. I am not yet accustomed to your social mores.” She put her hands up to her eyebrow-antennae in a sort of salute. “You may call this one A’luhr. It is the closest approximation to your human vocal sounds. Thank you for assisting and healing me, though the battle was lost.”

“You can call me Adam. This is my place.”

“Impressive,” said A’luhr, not looking particularly impressed.

“S-Steven!” Seven stuttered, with a hint of a blush.

“I’m Zoey.” Said his sister as she finished the food in her mouth with a look of embarrassment.

“My name is Sarah Cassidy,” Sarah declared, standing and walking towards A’luhr. “I-I have so many questions to ask you… about… everything! But to start, what did you mean when you said ‘our time grows short’?”

“Based on how much time seems to have elapsed since they first invaded your planet, it would be unsurprising if the new Krinis Queen were to hatch soon.”

“Queen? Like a hive?” Sarah asked. A’luhr sighed and leaned against the doorframe.

“It seems you have discovered less than I had anticipated,” she said in an exasperated voice. “Allow me to explain the perilous situation we are all in.”


Over the course of the next half hour, A’luhr conveyed what she knew about the tentacle aliens, which apparently were called the Krinis. The group asked questions here and there, but they got the gist of it pretty quickly. These parasitic beings were unable to reliably reproduce on their own, as their fertility rates were extremely low. To make up for this, they assimilated the local dominant sexual species and turned them into their mindless breeding slaves – often employing powerful chemical excretions to directly stimulate their prey’s pleasure centers.

The wombs and reproductive juices of their captives would be used to birth more of their kind and provide sustenance to the youth. Once enough of these life-giving liquids were harvested from their slaves, a queen would be born, who would leave the nest and head out to other planets to parasitize and repeat the process.

Apparently the matriarch was capable of faster-than-light speeds, though A’luhr admitted she was not clear on how a mere organism could achieve this – but luckily it seemed this was a trait unique to the queen. A’luhr had managed to escape from the nests on her own planet and followed the new queen using her own vessel, arriving on Earth shortly after the Krinis first invaded.

“This… this is all quite a lot to take in…” Sarah croaked. “So basically these… ‘Krinis’ impregnate our women and consume the semen of our men in order to further their species?”

“Correct,” A’luhr affirmed.

“If grabbing as many people as possible is in their best interest, why don’t they just keep using those big balloon units?” Steven asked.

“Ah, you must mean the Kri-vesus,” A’luhr replied. “I do not know much about them, as my own knowledge is based on my observations from when my own planet was invaded, but I believe it is because they require too much energy to keep active. The Krinis are a subterranean species and do not enjoy the light of the stars. The young queen sends the Kri-vesus as a first wave of attack on a new planet to collect as many slaves as possible before they must be retired. With the plentiful captives, they can create drones to go and hunt for more prey, as the drones use the bodily fluids of the slaves inside of them to maintain their energy.”

“You mean the Takers?” Adam asked. “The ones with the people stuck inside them?”

“Yes. The ones that attacked me while I attempted to access your local reserves of starfire,” A’luhr sighed regretfully.

“Starfire?” Zoey, who had been looking more and more depressed by the minute, perked up at the interesting name.

“Hmm…” A’luhr’s eyebrows curled as if in thought. “I do not know its name in your tongue. It is a mineral not found on the Krinis’ home planet. When ignited with flame, it creates a light of pure, blinding brilliance that reduces their cells to ash. It is their only true weakness, that I know of, at least.”

“What about those?” Steven gestured towards the two grenade-like orbs resting on A’luhr’s hip. “They seemed to blast those freaks pretty well.” Sarah had to agree, remembering how they had reduced the seemingly unstoppable Takers to helpless piles of writhing tentacles.

“These simply emit a high-frequency sound that temporarily disrupts the drones’ connections to the queen.” A’luhr ran her fingers over them. “It does not last long and each one is single-use. Hardly a solution with any sort of finality. Regrettably, I only have these two left after I lost my ship.”

“Y-your ship!?” Adam suddenly jumped from his seat, causing the rest of the group to flinch in surprise. “What do you mean ‘lost’!? You mean you LOST alien technology that is capable of FTL speeds!? Studying that would revolutionize humanity!” He ran his hand through his beard in frustration.

“Unfortunately, I was still exiting cryosleep when my vessel entered your planet’s atmosphere.” A’luhr replied in an annoyed voice. “I landed in the water. Did you know your planet is mostly water? Ridiculous. Needless to say, my spacecraft was not designed to be a submersible. I barely managed to get out and swim to the nearby shore before it sank down.”

Adam seemed on the verge of tears. She shifted her weight uncertainly, clearly not expecting this sort of reaction.

“It… it could be saved, I suspect.” She comforted him. “But we need to focus on saving your species first, or else there will not be any humanity left to revolutionize.”

“Why do you care about us so much?” Steven asked. “Why come all the way out here just to help a bunch of primitive humans?”

“Revenge.” She answered coldly, her ethereal eyes narrowing. “And to stop their plague-like spread once and for all.”

“Fair enough.” Steven gulped.

“So, how do you propose we go about defeating these things, then?” Sarah interjected. “You mentioned something called ‘starfire’? Can you elaborate?”

“I already explained it to you,” A’luhr sighed. “It is a mineral that glows brightly when put to flame. I am not sure how else to describe it. My sensor – now broken, by the way…” She held up a fractured device on her wrist and gave an apologetic look to Adam, who seemed about ready to pull his scruffy whiskers out. “My sensor showed a modest collection of the material in that nearby facility. Unfortunately, I was not expecting the entrances to already be covered in the Krinis’s domain… and, well, you know the rest.”

Sarah racked her brains trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. A mineral that burned brightly? She thought back to the flare gun she had used. Steven proved that it wasn’t the light itself that harmed the tentacles, and it didn’t seem to be heat either. Was it perhaps the compounds inside of the flare that had the effect…? She wasn’t a chemist, but she knew enough about chemical reactions to realize what A’luhr was referring to. It was one of the main ingredients in flares.

“Magnesium.” Sarah breathed, feeling as if a curtain had been lifted from her eyes. “Or magnesium-oxide, to be more precise. A’luhr – am I saying that right? A’luhr, your scanner tool must have picked up the traces of magnesium that our university keeps in the chemistry lab storage!”

“It sounds like you are familiar with starfire, then.” A’luhr nodded approvingly. “Or, ‘magnesium’ as you call it. Also, yes.”

“Mm?” Sarah was confused.

“Yes, you pronounced my name correctly.”

“O-oh!” Sarah smiled bashfully.

“However, knowing of the starfire and having it in our hands are two different things. I am reluctant to return to that building as the Krinis no doubt have it marked now.”

“Damn…” Adam kicked the wall. “Well how in the hell are we supposed to get a bunch of magnesium now, then?”

“We may not need ‘a bunch’,” A’luhr replied. “We only need one good hit on the new, gestating queen. If you have any available, it may be enough.”

“Well, unfortunately magnesium wasn’t on my shopping list when I was putting together this shelter,” Adam groaned.

“What do you even use it for?” Zoey asked, curious as always.

“Flares, for one,” Sarah explained. “It’s what makes them so bright and glow for as long as they do. But unless you have more flares kicking around…?” She looked hopefully at Adam who just shook his head. “I thought so…” She sighed.

They all seemed lost in thought for a little while, trying to figure out some sort of way to safely get back into the university.

“…Would fireworks have magnesium in them…?” Steven suddenly asked with a glint in his eyes.

“Sure.” Adam shrugged. “But I don’t have those either. I didn’t build this place with celebrations in mind.”

“I have some.” Steven suddenly began to fill with an excited energy. “In- in my backpack! The one I dropped in the street when we first got here!”

“THAT’S what you were carrying in there!?” Zoey shrieked. “Why did you even HAVE fireworks!? They’re ILLEGAL this time of year… I’m pretty sure…!”

“Hey, get off my case! I bought them back in July and planned to set them off for my 500k subscribers mark on my channel. I figured I’d bring them along as flares or distractions or something. I dunno. I had other stuff in there too! Jeez!” Steven crossed his arms defensively.

“A good thought.” Sarah nodded. “But they’re probably no-good now. After sitting out in the elements for a couple months, surely they’ve gotten wet and destroyed.” Adam began to pace back and forth, a look of realization on his face.

“I’m not so sure about that…” He mused. “The rain barrels have been emptying ever since day one. I don’t think we’ve actually had any rain at all in the time since the invasion started. Right?”

“Y-yeah…!” Zoey squealed. “I don’t think we’ve had any rain! It could still be dry out there!”

“These… ‘fireworks’ sound promising.” A’luhr pondered, her eyebrows twitching with a mind of their own. “I believe you said you noticed incoming precipitation earlier, however? Apologies, but I eavesdropped for a short while before making my presence known.”

“Fuck!” Steven swore, jumping to his feet. “She’s right! It looked like we were going to get rain today!”

“How far away was that backpack?” Adam hurriedly asked.

“Only about a block or two!” Sarah replied, also standing. “If we hurry, we can get there before it starts to pour!”

“Is that really worth going back out there for?” Zoey asked nervously. “The Takers are still wandering around, I’m sure.”

“That’s why we have these bad boys!” Steven shouted, running up to A’luhr and gesturing towards her two round weapons. She seemed surprised by his sudden advance and quickly grabbed him in a chokehold, smothering his face between her other two round weapons. He was shaken by this but didn’t seem to mind, much to Zoey’s look of disdain.

“Apologies.” A’luhr said, releasing him. “Do not approach me without warning. It is a reflex.” Steven took a moment before stepping away from her generous bosom and rubbing his neck.

“We can get away from the Takers with those things, though, right?” Steven croaked.

“Yes, but I only have two left.”

“Then let’s make them count,” Sarah said, already moving towards the door with a look of determination on her face.


“There it is!” Steven whispered to the rest of the group. Sarah and A’luhr came to a stop behind him and peered out from behind a parked car towards where he was pointing. Sure enough, a large black backpack could be seen on the side of the road, covered in a layer of hard orange ichor.

“This is a problem.” A’luhr spoke in a concerned tone. “We are going to need to break through the shell covering your storage unit. It will be loud. It will attract nearby Krinis drones.” The group had been careful to watch both the streets and the skies for drones.

So far they seemed to be in the clear, but the dragonfly-looking ones were fast and stealthy, so they stayed vigilant. The weakness of the dragonflies, or the Kri-penna, as A’luhr called them (Sarah preferred ‘dragonfly’), was that they had no captive host inside their bodies from which to draw energy. As such, they had to quickly go back and forth between the nest and their hunting grounds in order to stay energized. With the skies clear, now was the group’s best chance.

As Sarah looked up to confirm that there were no buzzing creatures above them, she felt a drop of water hit her cheek. She began to equate the dark clouds closing in above to hands circling their necks. She knew they had to take action NOW.

“Can’t we just use your weapons if a Taker comes to investigate?” Steven asked hopefully.

“No.” A’luhr’s eyebrows shivered. “It will not stop them for long enough. Or, at least, it would be a very big gamble.”

“What if…” Sarah gulped. “What if we had some sort of… of distraction…?”

“What are you suggesting?” A’luhr turned to her in surprise.

“J-just… I could… you know… get the attention of any of the Takers that come our way…?” Sarah could feel heat rising in her face.

“What!?” Steven hissed. “You know what those things do, right!? Besides, who’s to say that they will only go after you and not us as well?” This is a dumb plan!” A couple more raindrops pattered to the pavement next to them.

“I agree with the male.” A’luhr said. “The risk does not match the reward. We will just be as swift and silent as we can. Come.” She strode out into the street without any hesitation. The other two followed.

“Haha… yeah… I don’t know what I was thinking…” Sarah mumbled, biting her lower lip. They approached the encased backpack and stood looking down at it.

“So… how are we going to break this stuff?” Steven inquired.

“With these.” A’luhr declared, pulling two dagger-shaped pieces of metal from straps on her legs. She handed one to Steven and kept one for herself. “Strike down with as much force as you can summon,” she instructed. “You start there, I will start here. We will create a fissure between us to weaken the shell and then pry it open.” She pointed to spots on the ichor to show where to strike. “Sarah Cassidy, you look out for drones. Alert me if you see any.”

“Got it.” Sarah nodded. She turned around to watch the backs of the other two as, on A’luhr’s mark, they both started to chisel away at the hard ichor. The loud sounds of the daggers striking the shell echoed off the houses and cars that surrounded them, and after about thirty seconds, there was still no sign of trouble.

“How’s it coming, guys?” Sarah nervously asked without turning around.

“It’s gonna take – ngh! – a few more minutes, at least!” Steven grunted. Sarah wasn’t sure if it was sweat starting to drip down his face or water droplets from the rain that was slowly but steadily starting to pick up. Suddenly, Sarah spotted movement out of the corner of her eye. A single drone lumbered up to the intersection a block away and began to turn in their direction.

“We’ve got company!” Sarah warned.

“Hm. We are getting close but I do not think we have time before it gets here.” A’luhr said calmly, looking up to see the approaching Taker. “It located us faster than expected. We will have to retreat.”

“But this is our only chance!” Steven groaned, continuing to hammer away at the ichor. “It’s already started to rain; we can’t miss this opportunity! Let’s just hurry up!”

“You still have two of those orbs left, right?” Sarah slowly asked A’luhr. Looking around, she didn’t see any sign of other drones. It was just the single one approaching her, though it was somewhat large, as it seemed to already have two captives inside. At a distance, she could make out the nude bodies of a man and woman extending from its abdomen.

“Yes, but -” A’luhr began to object to whatever it was Sarah was going to suggest, but she didn’t have the time to finish before a white lab coat hit her in the face as she turned.

“Keep that safe for me! I’ll… do what I can to slow it down!” Sarah yelled back – already springing down the road towards the creature, now only in her red fitted T-shirt and khaki office pants. Her shoulder-length auburn hair fluttered behind her as she began to wave her arms towards the Taker and skirting off to its side.

“The fool!” A’luhr hissed, moving to stand and go after her, but Steven grabbed her arm.

“Let her go! We need to finish this!” He barked. “She’s strong; she’ll be able to handle it until we can come help! Let’s not let this go to waste!” A’luhr seemed momentarily torn, but then quickly agreed and turned back to her work as if she had never stopped, pounding away as chunks of the ichor began to break off and deep cracks began to form.

Sarah saw the Taker’s body swivel and face her, clearly falling for her provocation. She nearly tripped in surprise, though, as she got a good look at the humans inside of it for the first time.

“D-Diana!?” Sarah gasped. Sure enough, the 18 year-old student of hers was deeply embedded in the creature’s chest. Her arms and legs were both swallowed up into the tentacles behind her, leaving only her naked torso and head exposed. Sarah almost didn’t recognize the Asian girl at first, as her stomach was grossly inflated as if completely filled with cum. It shook like gelatin each time the creature took a step.

“pRoFesSoR!” Diana moaned with a happy, dazed expression on her face. “Ahnnn! Ah! I’m soooooo glad we found youuuu! Come join us! It’s amazing! Ohhh!!” She could barely speak through the series of moans pouring from her mouth. The cause of her ecstasy was clear.

Two translucent tentacles were completely engulfing her now F-cup tits, squeezing them taut. Inside the tentacles, Sarah could see dozens of smaller tendrils wrapping all around both boobs, playing with them while flicking and kneading her painfully erect nipples. Creamy milk regularly squirted from her stiff peaks, which was already filling the visible insides of the tentacles and sloshing around, coating her bound breasts in their own milk.

“Oh! Ohhhh! There! That’s it, Arlo! YES! OH GODDDDD! GHOOOOOOO!!” Diana howled in pleasure as she bucked her restrained hips up and down to better ride the huge black cock that was repeatedly pistoning in and out of her gushing cunt from below. The 18” monster was several inches thick and completely stuffing her helpless teenage pussy. Her moist lips were stretched far apart as they greedily hugged his thick shaft in an effort to coax more thick cum out of him. There was already quite a large amount of it oozing from her spasming slit and down his thrusting length.

The mixture of semen and girl-juice constantly flowed down his bulging balls, which were being individually sucked on by tentacles. The liquid mixure fell into a bowl-shaped appendage below their squirming bodies that absorbed the fluids into the creature’s fleshy form.

Diana suddenly gasped and screamed again as small tendrils found her erect, exposed clitty, which was now almost the size of a pinky finger. One of them morphed into a transparent sucker and swallowed the top half of her twitching bud, aggressively sucking and squeezing on the sensitive flesh. Two more tendrils started to vibrate and began to rapidly stroke the bottom half of her clit, coating it with slime as they scoured up and down the length.

“NGHHHHHHHNNNN!” Diana’s eyes rolled up into her head as she clenched her teeth. Her whole body shivered uncontrollably, went rigid, and then slack, save for the bouncing of her milky titties and distended belly from the force of the boy continuing to mindlessly plow her.

His own body was enraptured in orgasm as a thick, slippery tentacle thrust deep into his asshole, while a vibrating tendril was busy sliding around the inches of his cock that weren’t currently inside Diana’s overflowing pussy.

“Diana! Stay with me! D-did you say, ‘Arlo’!?” Sarah slowed down a bit as she tried to get a better look at the two of them. She blushed deeply while doing so and felt a sudden flow of moisture between her legs as the familiar heat of arousal filled her core. She thought she had gotten desensitized to all this, but seeing it… hearing it… FEELING it in person was a whole different world from watching it over a small screen. She gulped.

She couldn’t see the face of the boy underneath Diana’s writhing nude body, as he was positioned directly behind her, with only his genitals exposed between his obscenely spread legs. Arlo was one of her other students and she remembered seeing him with Diana in the nest months ago. If it really was him, she knew she HAD to find a way to save them both. But what could she do? She had to think.

Sarah had been lost in thought a moment too long. She leapt out of the way of an incoming tentacle but was slow to notice the second appendage that shot out towards her. She attempted to juke it… but she was too late. The wet tentacle coiled around her ankle and made her trip to the ground.

“D-damn it!” She frantically looked around for anything to help her, but there was nothing. Unless a few blades of grass would be of assistance, but she highly doubted it. Steven and A’luhr were still focused completely on their task down the road, but, luckily, the Taker seemed likewise completely focused on Sarah’s squirming limbs. She realized she was on her own. She knew that from the beginning, of course, but had hoped her companions would be far enough along by now to render some aid – but that didn’t yet seem to be the case. She knew what would come next.

“I… I can do this…” She clenched her eyes and shakily whispered to herself. “Just don’t give iiiNNNNN?” She yelped suddenly as she was lifted bodily into the air by the tentacle around her leg.

Strong tentacles flew out of the Taker and wound around her arms, pinning them to her midsection and leaving her legs to kick wildly in the air behind her. She jerked her shoulders around in an effort to break free, but it was useless. She let her head drop and took labored breaths. The tentacles binding her still allowed her to breathe, but they were extremely tight.

Things were progressing as she had anticipated, but it still didn’t stop them from being any less unnerving. She felt a slimy tentacle begin to worm its way down the back of her pants, sliding underneath her panties and between her tight ass cheeks. She shivered as it wrapped around to the front of her crotch and began to gently rub directly against her already dripping mound.

Her head became extremely hot and she could feel her pulse in her ears. She was both completely terrified and aroused as the exploring tentacle continued to slide between her legs and up under her shirt to stroke her quivering stomach. The tentacles binding her loosened slightly to allow it passage, but she didn’t even bother to struggle.

Another tentacle suddenly grabbed onto the front of her waistband and began to pull. The button popped off and the zipper tore away as the appendage slid the garment off of her shapely legs. Her plain, cotton white panties were revealed, tightly hugging her wiggling ass. Her underwear might as well have been transparent given how wet it already was. The thick fleshy tentacle could clearly be seen beneath the soaked fabric, separating her delicate pink lips on either side as it brushed between them and over her sensitive clit.

Sarah bit her trembling lip in anticipation. However, after almost a minute of this, she realized that the tentacles had stopped stripping her and instead seemed content with just gently gliding against her wet folds and twitching little bean. It wasn’t quite enough to push her over the edge, but it was making her more and more horny as the aching between her legs begged for release.

“Mhnnnn…” She moaned. “Wh-why are you teasing me like this…?” She didn’t expect an answer, of course, but as if in response, she was suddenly swung through the air with her body parallel to the ground. Her gently panting mouth was positioned inches away from where the two teenager’s genitals were messily slapping into each other with gooey, wet sounds. Sarah attempted to look away from the lewd sight, but another tentacle wound its way around her head and forced her to witness the intense fucking happening right in front of her eyes.

“N-no!” She panted. “Why do you want me to see this!? How is it helping you at all? This makes no seAAAAHH!” Her words were cut off as more tendrils wormed their way into her open mouth and forcefully pried it open, leaving her moist tongue lolling out.

“Uht har hoo doig?” She tried to speak, but her mouth was no longer hers to control. This somehow almost felt more violating to her than the ribbed tentacle that continued to teasingly caress her dripping slit.

“Ehehehe…” Diana giggled drunkenly. “Mmm you’re joining us, Cassidy…? It’s good for teachers to spend time with their students, right?”

“Hiana!” Sarah shouted up at the girl. “Yoo eed ooh geh-!” But whatever she was trying to say suddenly melted away, along with her thoughts, as some of the juices gushing out from the teens’ holes in front of her splattered into her mouth. “Hhhhnnn?” She groaned.

Her vision began to gently swim a little and her head felt like it was full of fluff. The only things she were able to focus on any more were the tentacle cruelly edging her and the delicious-looking cunt and dick that were nearly touching her nose. She took a deep breath through her nose to enjoy the rich, erotic sent of their sex and it made her stomach tremble with butterflies.

The tentacle restraining her head suddenly loosened its grip and Sarah didn’t hesitate a moment to spring into action now that she had the chance. But instead of attempting to bite at the tentacles or otherwise try to escape, she lustfully began to use her warm, wet tongue to lap at the thrusting cock in front of her. She ran long, tender licks up and down the glistening shaft like a lollipop as her gaping mouth curled into a contented smile.

The cum oozing from Diana’s nearby pussy began to collect in Sarah’s wide-open mouth, which she had no choice but to swallow – not that she even considered anything other than that.

Her tongue glided up the boy’s throbbing penis as the tendrils released her cheeks, allowing her to get her entire mouth on the thick meat, which she dutifully began to kiss and suck along the side of.

Sarah slid her lips and tongue around the boy’s rigid rod, savoring the feeling of it pulsating as he continued to ejaculate almost nonstop. She began to squeeze and grind her own legs in frustration as the tentacle between them continued to drive her into a sexual frenzy but offered no climax. She groaned into the cock between her lips and moved upwards, licking at the spot where it was frantically pistoning into Diana’s well-used womanhood.

The 27 year-old woman began to lick back and forth between the wet pussy lips and the penis that was spreading them wide, drawing complex shapes over the teens’ engorged flesh as if her tongue were a paintbrush.

Eventually the pressure building from her own loins made Sarah begin to desperately squirm and beg for release. She just needed SOMETHING to make her feel full and satisfied before her brain turned to mush.

“P-please…!” She gasped and panted while continuing to lick. “S-stop p-playing with meee! J-just fu… FUCK ME ALREADY! Mnnnnnn!” Her dignity as a professor trying to rescue her students was gone. Her mind had been washed away with her only goal now being the pursuit of pleasure.

But still, her captor did not allow her reprieve. In fact, she felt a small tendril begin to gently vibrate inside her hopelessly ruined panties, slowly caressing her erect clit. It was just enough to elevate her to the next level of arousal but maddeningly too weak to push her past the point she so craved.

“Nghhh!!!” She attempted to buck her hips in an effort to achieve more friction on her aching sex, but the tentacles held her completely immobile, forcing her to endure the torture. If she wasn’t being allowed to orgasm, then she at least wanted to keep helping her young students do so, Sarah decided. This was her duty as an educator… right? Her mind struggled to string together cohesive thoughts.

The tentacles playing with Diana’s long clit suddenly fell away, allowing Sarah to greedily slurp the lubed-up nub it into her warm mouth. She sucked it in and out between her lips as her tongue danced along its tender surface. She felt Diana squirm and tremble satisfactorily under her ministrations and she drove the girl towards a climax that she herself was deprived of.

Sarah didn’t have a long time to continue to savor the taste of girlflesh as she was suddenly moved from the two teens’ writhing crotches. Diana’s clit audibly popped from Sarah’s mouth as her lips still attempted to powerfully suck on it even while being pulled away.

A change came over the Taker as it began to shift the positions of the two teens inside of it. Diana was slowly lifted up and off of the boy’s huge meatstick, allowing the cum inside of her to freely gush from her hole.

The appendage was doing its best to collect the valuable fluid, but it quickly overflowed, and the excess spunk splatter to the ground below. The Asian girl was brought up to around where the creature’s head would be if it had one, and her legs were spread obscenely wide while still being fused into the creature’s flesh. Diana hardly seemed to notice this change of events as her head still rolled around in a happy daze with her tongue hanging out.

Sarah, though only half-conscious in her swimming mind, was able to make out the face of the African-American boy who she had just been tending to. As Diana had briefly alluded to earlier, it was in fact Arlo, one of her students from the same section as Diana and Zoey.

Arlo stared back hat her with a blank smile.

“Heeeeeeey professorrrr!” He groaned. “Yoouuu know, I’ve always wanted to play with your huuuuge boobs heh… such a distraction in class!” He hungrily eyed Sarah’s transparent panties. “Why… why don’t you come with us?” He winked. Sarah didn’t even have the state of mind to roll her eyes at his pun. He always was the class clown. Arlo shook his hips, making his rigid cock and tender balls sway back and forth in an enticing, lewd motion. She was about to find some sort of words to reply with, when suddenly the tentacles around her began to act.

As if a kiss from an angel, Sarah felt her panties get pulled away and her legs twitched in surprise as the cool air brushed along her moist slit. Though, “moist” wasn’t really the best word to describe her hopelessly dripping hole. The tentacles fiendishly edging her poor womanhood withdrew as her body was rotated to be perpendicular with the ground.

Two strong appendages wrapped around her knees and gently pried them apart with little resistance as they moved her trembling ass directly over Arlo’s still fountaining cock. She could feel his thick, warm semen splash up onto her eager, swollen pussy lips that were only centimeters away from his throbbing glans.

The tentacles slowly began to lower Sarah’s sweating hips towards the hard shaft, but stopped just as the tip of it grazed her petals. She could feel her student’s warmth as his cum started to gush up between her labia while his twitching cockhead gently brushed back and forth over her sensitive clit.

“D-don’t stop!” Sarah groaned. She began to shake her ass as best she could to try and get more stimulation by feebly grinding her vulva against the spongy tip of Arlo’s rod. Instead, all she managed to do was make more of a mess as the spray of his latest ejaculation missed her crotch and painted the dark red patch of hair that delicately adorned her soft mound.

Though there wasn’t much of a need to keep things shaven anymore, Sarah still made regular efforts to keep her pubes neatly trimmed. It gave her a feeling of control in her life and also allowed her to be ready just in case things… developed… with Adam. She had fantasized about the two of them making love in the monitoring room some day, surrounded by the sights of countless other people being fucked as well.

Sarah was distracted from her futile task of getting off when she looked up to see that Diana’s gaping pussy was again only inches from her face. Suddenly, a thick tentacle wrapped around Diana’s swollen midsection and squeezed firmly. Diana cried out as gallons of gooey cum and slime erupted from all of her holes. Her cries turned to choked gurgles as some of the fluid belched from her mouth, while it continued to flow from her wildly spasming asshole and vagina.

The violent burst of juices completely drenched Sarah’s head, making her lose her sight and sputter for breath through the thick coating. She opened her mouth wide to take a big, gasping breath and suddenly her head was pushed forward until her lips engulfed Diana’s still-flowing cunt. She began to gulp-down mouthfuls of Arlo’s cum that flowed from it while digging into the Asian teen’s messy slit with her tongue, as if trying to shovel more of the jizz into her greedy mouth.

As Sarah feasted on Diana’s pussy, the tentacles binding her arms to her side suddenly loosened enough for her to slide out of them. Using her freed limbs, she attempted to reach down to masturbate herself, but tentacles blocked the path of her eager fingers. She gave up in frustration but still found other uses for her hands.

Unable to stimulate her own breasts, which were still wrapped in tentacles, she instead blindly felt her way up Diana’s slippery body and began to sensuously massage her student’s jiggling tits.

Suckers continued to milk the girl’s nipples, but now Sarah added her own rhythmic squeezes into those of the tentacles. She buried her fingers deep into Diana’s soft, supple boobs and hefted them in her hands, enjoying their warm weight. It was then when it finally happened.

“HMNGHHHH!” Sarah’s yell was muffled in Diana’s pussy. Sarah gasped in both shock and lust as she felt Arlo’s huge cock suddenly ram up into her begging cunt. Small tendrils held her moist lips wide open, so his rigid manhood easily slid deep inside of her, reaching the very back of her walls in one thrust. Any pain she might have felt from the violent intrusion was easily eclipsed by the flung-open floodgates of her first orgasm in months.

She felt her pussy walls cramp up from the overwhelming pleasure, clamping down onto the well-lubed shaft that continued to piston in and out of her spasming hole. Her entire body shook from the release that had been building up for the past ten minutes, though it felt like hours. Her anus twitched open and closed, her hips bucked, and her painfully erect nipples rubbed against the inside of her bra. It was the best orgasm of her life. And she wanted more.

As the fireworks inside of her head began to fade away, her panting mouth resumed hungrily sucking on Diana’s welcoming pink lips. Lost in her own orgasmic bliss, she paid little mind to the sudden wet choking sounds that her female student made.

A moment later, she felt a firm, slick tentacle prod against her puckered starfish. Though she was an anal virgin, Sarah felt no hesitation as she obediently relaxed her tight sphincter and allowed the thick tendril to enter her. The feeling of being so thoroughly filled in both her holes made her gurgle happily into Diana’s soaked pussy. This was far better than doing it with any man she had ever been with, much less her own toys.

Suddenly, she felt something rising in her throat and she thought she was vomiting from pleasure, but instead a thick tentacle pushed its way up through her esophagus and out of her mouth. Sarah went wide-eyed and fear overtook her for a moment, expecting to suffocate, or feel her internal organs be shredded to pieces from the appendage that had clearly gone entirely through her body. However, neither of those horrific fates came to pass. Instead of pondering the mysteries of the Krinis’s biology, she began to focus once again on tending to Diana’s succulent genitals.

Sarah glanced up and noticed Diana’s own mouth filled with a pulsating tentacle, which she was happily sucking on. Looking down as best she could, Sarah could see a tentacle connecting the anuses of both her and her student. She realized then what had happened. The tentacle had entered Diana’s mouth, exited through her ass, then plunged into Sarah’s before making its way up to her throat. The squirming tentacle connected both women, and it was about to come full circle.

The end of the appendage wiggling around in Sarah’s mouth seemed eager to help her pleasure Diana’s exposed sex. As Sarah’s lips latched onto the girl’s tender mound, the tentacle pushed past her licking tongue and delved deep inside the twitching hole. Diana moaned throatily into her end of the tentacle as the appendage opened up inside or her like a flower and scoured her inner walls. it aggressively massaged her g-spot while her teacher suckled at her moist, swollen vulva.

All three of them came at the same time. Sarah felt Diana’s twat flex open against her lips as the teen’s love juices poured down into her mouth. The tentacle came as well, adding to the liquids pooling inside of Sarah’s cheeks, unable to enter her throat, instead cascading down her chin. Sarah thought she felt a bulbous object travel up her throat and pass between her lips and into the girl’s pussy, but it was hard to tell through all the other sensations overwhelming her convulsing body.

Sarah never considered herself to be a “squirter” before, but that all changed now. At first she was alarmed, thinking she was peeing herself (which wouldn’t have been too surprising), but soon realized that she was in the midst of ejaculating a huge flow of womanly juices that gushed down to envelope Arlo’s own orgasming organ.

Sarah felt her insides filled with hot, sticky cum as her student’s cock erupted deep inside of her twitching cunt. His fluids joined hers in a sloppy dance as they oozed from her hole and were quickly sucked up by tentacles. Some of it still managed to escape and drip down his hanging balls to spatter into small pools on the street below.

Lost in their shared ecstasy, none of the enslaved humans noticed as the Taker’s body began to morph. The tentacles writhed as if full of new energy and began to separate to make room for a third person to join the creature’s fleshy abdomen. Sarah’s gasping, sweating head flopped forward as the tentacle slid back out of her body as it prepared to move her to her new home in the creature’s warm embrace.

She felt herself being spun around to face the other way as the tentacles holding her torso separated to allow another set of tendrils to begin to slide down her shirt and into the D-cups of her bra. Their questing feelers brushed against her stiff nipples as they began to tear at the fabric of her shirt in an attempt to expose her hidden tits for the world to see.

Just before the tentacles pulled away to finish their work and reveal Sarah’s completely naked, slime-covered body, she heard a shout and groggily turned her flushed face towards the sound. She saw a silver glint pass by her head and suddenly she was falling. She landed softly in a pile of squirming tentacles and tried to focus her eyes, desperate to find something to fill any of her desperate holes with.

She fished around clumsily with her hands as she felt something else grab onto her arm and yank her to her feet. However, she was too weak and shaky from the powerful orgasms she had endured only moments before, and she collapsed to the ground, causing the remainder of the cum inside of her slit to spurt out and lazily drool from between her legs.

“She has drunk of the Krinis’s nectar.” Sarah heard a familiar female voice say above her as she lay in a fetal position. “It may not be too late if we help her quickly. For someone claiming to be an educator of this world, she is remarkably brash in her decision making.”

“Well, it’s because of her that we were able to get the time we needed to snag my bag. So instead of chastising her, maybe thank her!” Said another, deeper voice.

“The time for graciousness will come later. We must return to your metal cave quickly before this drone recovers and more follow.” Sarah felt herself lifted into the air by a pair of strong, slender arms. She opened her eyes and looked up to see a blue woman holding her in a princess carry. Sarah didn’t know when it had happened, but her long white lab coat had been placed over her tired body to cover it from view.

“A’luhr…?” Sarah wheezed, beginning to come to her senses. “Whuh-”

“Do not speak, Sarah Cassidy.” A’luhr replied in a concerned tone. “The more you move your throat, the more the nectar will be absorbed and poison your mind. Rest now.” Sarah was about to protest in confusion and anger for having been stripped away from the endless well of pleasure she yearned to return to, when suddenly she felt a strong grip on a pressure point at the base of her neck and she fell into darkness.

All she could sense before slipping away were the sounds of unintelligible voices, hurried footsteps, and the calming drops of rain that began to gently patter against the unfeeling pavement below.


“Drink. That’s it. You are lucky water is so abundant on your planet. Its ability to fight-off the effects of the corrupting nectar is very strong.” A’luhr’s distant voice drifted into Sarah’s ears. She felt something cold and wet pressed to her dry lips and she thirstily welcomed it into her parched throat.

She didn’t realize how dehydrated she had become. She wasn’t surprised, however, as rigorous physical activity, sweating, and ejaculating all heavily tax the body. She struggled to open her eyes and blinked at the bright light, feeling like her mind was finally pushing its way out of a deep, foggy forest after days of being lost in the dampness. She could make out four humanoid shapes nearby.

“Is… Is she going to be okay?” Adam said with concern. “What the fuck was she thinking!?”

“Shh!” Zoey shushed. “Not so loud! Diana and Arlo are still sleeping too.”

“Her body already begins to reject the drugs in her system. We got to her in time, it seems.” A’luhr assured them. “Look, she awakes.” Sarah’s blurry vision slowly came into focus as her eyes scanned around the room. She was back in the bunker and lying on a cot with the rest of the group huddling over her. A’luhr had a water bottle in her hands, which she gingerly removed from Sarah’s lips as the dazed woman attempted to sit up.

“Whoa… whoa easy there…” Adam gently breathed a sigh of relief as he and Zoey both helped Sarah into a somewhat seated position. She looked down at herself. She was covered in a blanket but realized she was completely nude beneath it. She suddenly blushed and wrapped her arms around her hidden chest and clenched her legs.

“D-did you…!?” Sarah stammered.

“Good ol’ Zo took care of washing you while you were out; don’t worry.” Steven remarked. “Though it’s not like A’luhr and I didn’t already get an eyefu- SHIT!” He yelped as Zoey kicked him hard in the shins. Sarah realized that her body was indeed feeling clean and refreshed. She ran a hand through her hair and confirmed that there wasn’t a single glob of slime or dried cum in it. She wasn’t sure how Zoey had managed this feat, but she was damn impressed.

“Thank you…” Sarah whispered. “I… I know I was stupid. I just wanted to do anything I could to feel like I was in control of the situation and then, well… the opposite happened.” She felt blood rise to her cheeks as she remembered the pitiful, horny state she had been in. She almost could have vomited from the embarrassment writhing in her stomach like that long tentacle had been doing not long ago.

“How long was I…?”

“You’ve been back around two hours now.” Adam answered, predicting her question. “You’re the first to wake up though. Likely because you weren’t as exposed to the Taker’s aphrodisiac stuff as the other two were.”

“Other two…?” Sarah turned her head to look across the room at the other beds. She saw the sleeping heads of Diana and Arlo poking out from under the blankets of the two cots next to hers. She let out a sigh of relief. It had all been worth it.

“The Krinis’s nectar keeps their slaves conscious for as long as possible, despite the heavy physical strain that constant copulation puts on the body,” A’luhr explained, offering Sarah more water, who gratefully accepted. “Now that they are separated from their source, the effects of the accumulated exhaustion have hit them both all at once, so they rest. They will be fine, though I don’t know how their… bodily modifications will adjust. I take it that most males of your species do not usually have phalluses this large, nor do your females often possess mammaries of that magnitude. We will have to monitor them to make sure they remain healthy.”

“What about the fireworks?” Sarah said, suddenly remembering the entire point of their mission.

“Got ‘em ready to roll in the work-space.” Steven replied, rubbing his leg. “We managed to get back just before the heavens opened up on us!”

“Yes. We would have made it with a larger window of time had you not insisted on saving the other two humans here.” A’luhr grunted. “We cannot afford to jeopardize our entire cause just for two individuals. Believe me, I’ve made that mistake before and it cost me.”

“I won’t turn my back on people when I know I can help them,” Steven declared defiantly. “…Not again…” His gaze turned sullen and he looked away from the alien woman.

“Thank you, Steven,” Zoey said with sincerity, putting a hand on his arm. “Really… you helped save my friends…” She sniffed. “If only I could have been there to help too…”

“What kind of brother would I be to constantly put his little sister in danger?” Steven perked up. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, you know?”

“Sure.” Zoey laughed while rolling her eyes. “Anyway, we have the magnesium now… but how exactly are we planning to use it? We only have enough fireworks for one good explosion and I don’t think the creatures will just let us waltz into their nest with them.”

“Good point.” Adam agreed. “We got enough for a big ol’ fuckin’ blast, but from what A’luhr was saying earlier, it sounds like we need to kill the queen or else the bitch’ll just keep spewing out more of those freaks.”

“Indeed, we do not have a lot of time to figure out our plan of attack.” A’luhr sighed. “We have merely set foot on the ‘starting line.’” She glanced over at Steven as if looking for approval on her idiom usage. He gave a curt nod and a thumbs up. She hesitantly returned his gesture with her own thumbs up, seemingly still getting used to the humans’ mannerisms.

“Is there some way we can mask ourselves from them so they can’t see us?” Adam wondered aloud.

“They hunt based on a combination of sound and heat,” A’luhr replied. We would never be able to sneak in.” She shifted uncomfortably in place before continuing. “I propose we allow one of us to get captured, similar how to Sarah Cassidy… distracted… the drone earlier.”

“What!?” Zoey cried. “That’s insane! You’d be a goner!”

“Correct.” A’luhr nodded. “If not for my last impulse detonator.” She held up her one remaining grenade. “We simply find a way to get someone inside the breeding grounds while retaining their possession of this and the starfire. Then when the time is right, they activate the impulse and set off the starfire towards the queen, at which point she will die and all the Krinis will lose the will to live.”

The rest of the group stared at her in silence.

“I agree that this plan has holes.” A’luhr’s eyebrows twisted together. “We cannot guarantee that the captive will be able to keep their hold on the weapons, nor that they will be brought near the queen. It is dangerous, but the only chance we have. So I vote for myself to go.” She stood back as if offering herself to them all.

“A’luhr…” Sarah whispered. She didn’t like the idea of her new ally being subjected to the horrors of the tentacles for her sake, but she had no other ideas to offer.

“What if…” Steven spoke up, his voice getting stronger and more excited with each word. “What if we didn’t need to send any PERSON into the tunnels at all?”

“Explain.” A’luhr tilted her curious head towards him.

“Do you know something we don’t?” Adam asked, crossing his arms.

“I know plenty of things that you don’t,” Steven said with a cocky wink. “But more importantly, I HAVE something you don’t!” He suddenly bolted out of the room, leaving the rest of the group to blink at each other in confusion.

“Ah! I wonder if it’s…!” Zoey started to say, as Steven burst back into the room carrying a large, rectangular case. It was the one he had risked his life to bring to the bunker back on the first day. Sarah seemed to recall him referring to it as his “baby”. She raised her eyebrows at the sight of the admittedly forgotten box.

“This will be our ticket to sending those alien fuckers into the ground that they love so much.” Steven grinned devilishly as he snapped the case open. The eyes of the rest of the group opened wide in surprise.

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