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From the early 1960s we follow Jill as she embarks on a journey of sexual discovery with various young male friends that culminates, in this story, of the making of a porn film with three men and a young lady.

Hi my name is Jill. This story is about my own personal discovery of sex, how I embarked on my journey of sexual discovery and, especially, how thoroughly I’ve enjoyed that journey so far!

It was in the early 1960s I felt the first stirrings of an interest in sex. I can still vividly remember a particular incident, when I was in my early teens, when something happened that alerted me to a curious difference between boys and girls. Since I’d been very young I used to, usually on a Saturday morning when we didn’t have school, pop into my brother’s bed with him for a play fight, talk about books, gossip and other trivia. My brother, Richard, was a couple of years older that me and never seemed to mind a ‘visit’ from his ‘baby’ sister. On this particular occasion I’d put a magazine that I’d brought with me at the bottom of the bed and in the effort of stretching out to reach it noticed something hard that I’d knocked against.’What’s that?’ I asked. ‘What’s what?’ he replied. ‘There’s something hard in your bed,’ I said. Richard had turned bright red, ‘Oh, that!’ he spluttered, ‘It’s my torch. I use it for reading under the covers at night.’ I thought nothing more about it, at the time anyway. But I couldn’t get it off my mind. It didn’t seem it could have been a torch . . . so what could it have been?

Shortly after that, Richard, started to get a bit coy about letting me join him in his bed on a Saturday anymore. I was a bit sad about that but my mum just said it’s quite common for boys, and girls, to move on in their lives and change as they grew up.

Several months after that curious incident with Richard a cousin of ours, Nick, came to stay with us for a few months whilst his parent’s, my aunt and uncle, had to go abroad for a while as part of their work. I was now in my mid teens I guess. I’d started to masturbate. From what we girls used to talk about (and guess about!) I was now pretty certain that I knew what Richard’s ‘torch’ really was — an erect cock!! I used to fantasise about having been allowed to see it and feel it. It seemed like a missed opportunity that may never be repeated. How wrong I was. Nick was about 4 or 5 years older than me and I kept noticing how he would keep looking at me especially in my chest area where my breasts were starting to grow sizeably. I could have been embarrassed but I wasn’t at all. In fact I felt quite empowered. One morning I was getting ready for school and as I stripped off my nightie I noticed, in my dressing table mirror, Nick peering at me through my slightly opened bedroom door. Naked, as I was, I tried not to turn a hair and, pretending I’d never seen him, continued to dress. On went my navy blue regulation school knickers, my bra, my vest, shirt, tie and, finally, my cardigan. I briefly moved out of Nick’s view and, unseen to him, advanced towards my bedroom door. Pulling it fully open in a flash, I said very matter of factly, ‘Oh, hi there Nick!’. My eyes were immediately drawn down to his groin where there was no mistaking my first hard cock. Nick spluttered as I pulled him into my bedroom and closed the door. ‘So, what are you up to. As if I couldn’t guess,’ I lied. ‘Nothing,’ replied Nick, ‘I just happened to be passing.’ ‘No you weren’t. I was watching you as I got dressed. I wonder how often you done this without me noticing?’ I said. ‘Please don’t tell your mum. They might throw me out!’ he pleaded, ‘I promise I won’t do it again.’ ‘Now that would be a shame,’ I said, ‘I can think of a better solution. Now take your hands away from your cock? Prick? Penis . . . whatever you want to call it and let me look at it.’ Obviously, the shock of being caught out by me had had a rather detrimental affect on the size of it but it was fantastic to see one ‘in the flesh’. ‘Where you masturbating at my bedroom door?’ I asked. ‘Yes. I’m sorry but you just look so very sexy I can’t help but watch you and think about you and, yes, as I do that my cock does get very excited I’m afraid and I just have to rub it.’ ‘So do you have a cum – is that what they call it? — does stuff come out of the end of it and everything?’ I enquired. ‘Usually, I have to scoot back to my bedroom, grab my hankie, and cum into that,’ he replied. ‘OK,’ I said, ‘When I get back from school tonight I think we’ll need to take things a little further. In particular I’ll need to see your cock erect, please. Then I’d like to see you rub it. And then to see your cum come out. OK? Otherwise, I’m sorry, I’ll have to tell mum.’ ‘Oh, don’t do that, Jill. I’ll do anything you want me to do. That’s a promise,’ he pleaded.

The whole time I was at school that day I couldn’t really settle and the day seemed endless. My mind was definitely elsewhere and my pussy was both swollen and very wet. I’d never known it like that before. When I got back home Nick was in the house on his own having just had a couple of lectures that day at the College he attended. My mum was out visiting her mum and my brother was at football practice at school. ‘OK, Nick, you still up for what we agreed this morning?’ I asked. ‘Yes, I suppose so,’ he replied hesitatingly. ‘Off we go then.’ I said and we went up to my bedroom. ‘Right,’ I instructed him, ‘Off with your clothes.’ He slowly removed everything and I got up lovely and close to his cock which was, rather disappointingly rather soft. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘Usually I get changed when I get home — but you may know that already — so it may help your cock to get swollen if I took some of my clothes off. Would you like that?’ He nodded his approval of my idea and so I started to remove some of them. I slipped out of my cardigan, took my tie off and undid, and removed my skirt. Sitting on my bed in blouse and knickers seemed to do the trick. ‘Now, that’s better,’ I remarked as Nick started to stroke his cock. By now it was magnificently huge. It’s tip was getting very purple whilst the rest of it was getting a very angry red. ‘I’ll need to get a hanky or tissue to cum into,’ he said. I pulled out a hanky from by dressing table drawer and, going very close to his cock, said, ‘Should I try and catch it?’ ‘You can try,’ he murmured, ‘But it can spray anywhere sometimes!’ With that I noticed the hole in the end of his cock suddenly open and out squirted all his white spunk. Try as I might I couldn’t catch much of it with my stupid little hanky so had to go round the room on all fours wiping up the residue.

‘That was spectacular!’ I exclaimed. ‘Can we do it again sometime. And, maybe, I could take more of my clothes off so you can see my breasts next time. I’ve got so much to learn, Nick, and I think you’re just the person to teach me. Thank you that was wonderful.’

Over the next couple of months that Nick stayed with us he and I had so many sex sessions. Firstly, centred around his lovely cock as I learnt how to touch it, rub it and get it to squirt its cum out. Once or twice I tried sucking his cock. Once, however, whilst doing so he started to cum in my mouth before I, and he, were ready and I got and absolute mouthful which I found a bit hard to deal with. I had tasted it a few days earlier and it was ok but, as I said, a large load was a bit too much so I became a bit wary after that. I gradually exposed more of my body to him letting him play with my breasts, sucking and stroking them which was so exciting. Then after watching me masturbate, firstly, in my knickers then in his full view with my knickers off we moved on to touching my pussy and clitoris, stroking it, rubbing it and, eventually, licking and sucking it (which was lovely) till I had a cum. Eventually, the time was fast approaching for Nick’s parents to return and pick him up. Before that happened I asked him whether he thought we should have a first fuck together? We both thought we should so one afternoon when I returned from school and there was nobody else in the house, except Nick and I, we went into my bedroom and quickly stripped off. As ever, Nick, was beautifully solid in the cock department. He licked and gently rubbed my pussy until it was well juiced up and placed his cock on my pussy lips ready to ease it in. ‘This might hurt a bit,’ he said, ‘As I break through your hymen.’ ‘OK,’I replied as I braced myself. But, for some reason, there was no resistance and his cock quickly filled up my pussy. Slowly, both of us, started to move to enjoy the sensation of cock and pussy rubbing against each other. Regrettably, we couldn’t keep going for long before Nick called out, ‘I’m going to cum, Jill,’ and slid his cock out. Almost immediately I felt the rampant member spattering its load of spunk onto my pussy, tummy and breasts. I quickly stroked my pussy to release my own orgasm. Mmmm!! ‘That was brilliant,’ we both agreed. ‘Thank you, Nick. That’s been the most wonderful set of lessons I’ve ever had. A real education.’ Nick went home two days later. It was very sad for me. I’d undoubtably miss him and although I wasn’t in love with him we’d had such a journey together that I’d never forget him even if we never had any ‘real’ time together again.

I now knew so much more about sex. About how to get the most out of it. How to wank myself, how to wank a boy and, now, how to fuck. I realised, also, that I needed to have lots of sex if I could. I desperately wanted to see, fondle, rub and suck boy’s cocks and, especially, have them insert them in my vagina. And, although I hadn’t had an orgasm with Nick’s cock inside me I knew I needed to experience that as soon as I could.

At school I wasn’t exactly the most desired girl amongst my classmates, or my year group even, but a couple of boys from the year above me started to hang around me a bit and, eventually, one of them asked me out. Dan, seemed to be a sweet, considerate boy and I quite liked him. He and I agreed to meet up at the local cinema on the following Saturday afternoon. The film was a Western which I wasn’t very keen on to be frank but I did have an ulterior motive that, basically, did not rely on whatever was being shown. No, I wanted his cock! We watched for a while and exchanged a little bit of smalltalk, then he started to snake his arm around me, then leant towards me to give me a kiss. I kissed him back. (This is going to take ages at this rate I thought so I’ll push it on a bit!). Taking his ‘spare’ arm I managed to manipulate his hand onto my breast. I could tell he was a bit taken aback but started to rub my breast rather roughly. I, in the meantime, had placed my hand on the front of his trousers. I removed his hand from my breast and, lifting my skirt a little, guided it up towards my pussy. Poor boy, I think he was rather flummoxed. He didn’t know what to do with his hand or fingers up there. He sort of stroked me on my knickers nowhere near my pussy, or more importantly my clitoris so I tried to make it easier for him by pulling the leg of my knickers to one side and, grabbing his fingers slid them onto and into my pussy. Although his fumbling was not having much of an effect on me it certainly was on him. His cock was trying to burst out of his trousers. So I let it. With my hanky ready (it was up the sleeve of my cardigan) I stroked a reasonable sized cock with a firm grip. He lasted seconds. I felt the first throes of his cum starting and quickly wrapped my hanky around the end of his cock. I think I got most of his spunk but I guess we wouldn’t know that until we got out into the daylight. ‘I’ll let you do it to me if you like, Dan,’ I whispered. ‘What? Do you mean fuck you?’ he gasped. ‘Mmm, I certainly do,’ I replied.

Dan and I had a good few times together. A few lovely fucks and plenty of petting when I was on my period. He was kind and gentle. He listened and did his best to please me and, generally, succeeded I’m please to say. He gave my my first fucked cum and I loved it. So much so I could bear him to stop. I came again but he was having to hold back his cum, because neither of us want to risk having a baby, so I had let him out of my pussy for his ejaculation. But I did discover that I could, if I was in the right mood, have multiple orgasms. It was something completely new because when I wanked myself I would sometimes go on and have another one or two but having a cock inside you, making me cum. was very special. Regrettably, Dan and I had to break up when his mum and dad came home early one day and found us fucking each other like mad! Both naked and totally oblivious. Despite the shock of their return Dan must have been so close to cumming that when he pulled his cock out of me, and with his parents standing there, he couldn’t stop his spunk spraying out. Exciting! (to me, anyway). They thought he shouldn’t see me again for some reason.

A couple of weeks on from Dan and the unfortunate end to our relationship and when I was reduced to only wank myself (until I found another willing boy) I had a phone call from Nick. He reminded me that the College course he’d been on was to do with film production. I wasn’t quite sure how that affected me but he told me that over the next few weeks he had the loan of lots of camera equipment, lights, and sound equipment with which to produce a film for his final assessment. However, as an ‘extra’, he’d been approached by a guy who made and rented out ‘stag’ films. He reckoned it was a growth market and pretty lucrative. Nick asked if I was still as keen as I had been on sex and would I be interested in making a film with him and a couple of other guys? He said that if I was we’ll meet up somewhere and discuss it in detail. What did I think? Well, I have to say I was quite intrigued so I said I’d get back to him the next day. I thought about it quite a lot that night as I gently wanked myself and, because, I wasn’t yet in another sexual relationship and could fancy a bit something a bit different I decided to say yes. I rang Nick back the next day and said I’d be willing to talk it through with him; what, exactly, it would it entail for instance?

We met up at Nick’s parents house one Saturday afternoon. As well as Nick there was a guy called Bob, another called Duncan and a lady called Gwen. First of all they outlined the story — such as it was — where I as a young nymphet schoolgirl (remember I was still at school anyway) was sent on an errand to get some milk for my mother. As I left the shop I was stopped and accused of stealing the milk and forced to go back into the shop. I was threatened with the police and I pleaded with them if they didn’t have me arrested I would do anything they wanted. Consequently, I would have sex with the shopkeeper and two other men who happened to become involved. Nick would be the shopkeeper and would direct the film. Duncan and Bob would be the other two. Gwen, would be there to chaperone me. They told me I would receive a royalty for every copy of the film that was sold or rented out. To be honest I was more interested in being fucked by three men than what I would earn. ‘Right,’ said Nick, ‘Can we just discuss what you would be willing to get involved with on the sex side. Will you fuck?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Wank, suck, let us spray cum on you face, breasts, let us play with your pussy, take two of us at the same time – one fucking, you sucking the other?’ ‘Yes,’ that’ll be ok,’ I thought. ‘If, at anytime, you feel uncomfortable you can halt everything straight away. Gwen will keep an eye on you. And us! OK?’ stated Nick. I was happy enough and looking forward to the experience very much.

Arrangements were made to set up the film in a shop belonging to a friend of one of the participants. I was to turn up early on a Sunday morning (shops weren’t able to open on a Sunday in those days), a week later, at 9 o’clock in my school uniform (complete with navy school knickers). I could hardly sleep the night before but I was on the film ‘set’ in good time the next morning as promised. The first part of the film was the set up. The visit to the shop, The accusation of stealing etc. I was very nervous about that side of it but Nick reckoned my nervousness added to the feeling that I’d been falsely accused and was about to suffer dire consequences.

Following completion of the first part we moved into the back room of the shop ready to start filming the sex part. Gwen, was lovely, she was reassuring, explained exactly what was going to happen, applied some make up to me and asked me to lower my knickers so she could just apply some special jelly to my pussy so I didn’t get too sore. ‘Duncan, I’m afraid, has got a rather large cock,’ she said, ‘ So we’ll just make sure you can take it when his time comes.’ ‘OK, thanks,’ I said. The first scene involved Nick, as I said, and he started to undress me. Off came my school jumper, then my skirt. Nick moved on to my blouse and gradually unbuttoned it exposing my breasts in my bra. He started to kiss and fondle them and gradually removed my bra. All the while I could feel Nick’s cock getting bigger and bigger. By now, just in my knickers, he undid his trousers and released his cock. It seemed bigger than ever. He thrust it at my mouth and, ever willing, I began to suck it. Nick called for the camera, operated by Gwen, to come in closer on me sucking his cock. ‘Right,’ said Nick, ‘Time to move down onto Jill’s pussy area now. Pull you knickers up quite tight, Jill, so we can see how swollen your pussy is please.’ ‘Do you want me to rub my pussy a bit to get it really swollen, Nick?’ I asked. ‘That would be good, yes please,’ he replied. I started to gently wank myself as Nick also did off camera. ‘Close up please, Gwen,’ directed Nick. I took my hand away from my pussy. Then Nick began to lick and suck my pussy through my knickers. I was aware of the other two men with their cocks out all both well engorged and, yes, Duncan’s cock did look huge! Nick moved my knicker leg to one side as he continued to lick and suck me. Gwen was still filming in close up as Nick gently presented his cock at the opening of my pussy. He slid in. Wow! It was lovely, He started to move slowly and whispered, ‘If you start to have an orgasm, Jill, just let it rip. I’ll not cum inside you so don’t worry about that. The other two are wearing condoms incidentally.’ I did as Nick said, and just started to thoroughly enjoy the whole erotic feeling. The thought of all these people watching me cum was just so exciting I just did begin cumming. ‘Gwen, close up please. I’m just going to cum on Jill knickers. Stand by,’ And woosh! out it shot. Gwen followed its spurts as best she could and then pulled back for a slightly wider view of Nick’s cum soaking into my knickers and running from my tummy and breasts.

Nick took over the camera from Gwen as Bob got sucked up to full size by her. The filming restarted. I’d now removed my soaked knickers and Bob presented his condom covered cock for me to suck. I’d never, felt, touched or sucked anyone wearing a condom before so it was an interesting experience. As I was sucking Bob, Duncan appeared at the other side of me with his cock also encased in s condom. How he’d got it on was a bit of a mystery because it was so stretched on his lovely thick cock. Duncan slid his fingers, nice and gently, into my pussy hole and started to wank me. My juices were really flowing by now and as Bob prepared to enter my pussy with his cock I was asked to turn over onto all fours so Bob could enter me in that position. Another experience I’d not had before and it was gorgeous. Nick moved the camera for a close up between Bob’s legs looking up and his cock pounding away at my pussy. I was aware, however, that the feeling of the rubber condom wasn’t a sensitive as the bare flesh of a naked cock. Duncan had moved up to be near my face and presented his gorgeous cock for my to suck. Again a close up for Nick to film. The penetration of one cock in my pussy and one cock in my mouth was more than enough to make me cum again. I couldn’t help but squeal (very hard to do with cock filling your mouth!). We carried on like that for a while then were asked to change positions. Duncan lay down on the bed we were using with his cock pointing skywards and, with Gwen’s help, I was lowered slowly on to it. It took quite a while to do so because, as Gwen said, ‘we don’t want you torn.’ I have to say it was both pleasurable and a bit painful but eventually I got enough of his cock buried in my pussy that I could start to work myself on it. More close up work from Nick then back to a longer shot. Bob, meanwhile, had moved his cock up towards my face and, having now removed his condom asked me to suck it. I did. My pussy beautifully impaled on Duncan’s cock was really, really enjoying itself. As I got nearer and nearer my orgasm I started to sink lower and lower onto his cock. And I came. Wow! Did I cum. Loads of my girl spunk dribbled out of me as I couldn’t bear to finish my cum and kept riding him. Eventually, it subsided and I eased myself off Duncan’s fantastic cock with Gwen’s help. I couldn’t help but notice that she, too was now naked. Strange I thought. Maybe she was having a wank. Duncan took off his condom so now I had two cocks to suck. Sucking and wanking them in turn I could tell both the guys were getting close to cumming. And, absorbed as I was with the prospect of two lots of cum squirting on to me I was astonished to feel someone licking my pussy. Nick was definitely holding the camera as he homed in on the two cocks and my sucking mouth so it must be Gwen. Whatever, it was very nice. Soothing after all the heavy traffic it had been subject too recently. Gwen circled on my clitoris as I sucked on the two cocks and, not surprisingly, I came once more. It was lovely but I couldn’t fully enjoy it as I had a job to finish. Bob was marginally first. He splattered his spunk on my mouth and some on my forehead. I was happy enough to clean the spunk from the head of his spent cock but I couldn’t manage to swallow all his cum. Duncan started his final throes. Out his spunk spurted, bursting out at speed and in great quantity. Most of it was spayed onto my breasts but, again, I quite liked licking the residue spunk off the end of his cock. And that was it. The three boys did some extra bits of filming supposedly of their faces as they came then we all got dressed. ‘Is your pussy ok, Jill?’ asked Gwen. ‘I think so,’ I replied. ‘Just rub a little bit of this lubricant into it now and I think you’ll not be too bad. And by the way, just give me your knickers and I’ll wash them for you so you won’t have explain how you’ve got Nick’s spunk on them,’ said Gwen.

I asked whether I’d ever get to see the film and they said that they’d try and arrange that. They told me that two separate films would be created from the film we had made today. One would be edited in such a way that you’d never see cocks, pussies and spunk and this would be for the stag film market whilst the other film would find its way onto the pornography market. ‘I’ll get your knickers back to you when we see you next. OK?’ said Gwen. I left them then and I must say it was the most sex I’d ever had in one day. And the greatest sex I’d ever had too!

A couple of weeks later I got a call from Nick to tell me that the film was ready to be viewed if I still wanted to do that. ‘Yes, please,’ I replied. Nick lived in a nearby town so the discussion led to where to meet. My mum and dad where going out for the evening in a couple of days time so Nick arranged to borrow a car and call on me with projector in tow. I would provide the white wall to project onto courtesy of my bedroom. I mentioned to my parents that Nick, who was their nephew, was popping in to see me so all was set. Nick arrived and quickly set up the projector in my room. Loaded the film and got ready to run it. ‘Nearly forgot, Jill,’ he said, and handed me a brown paper package. Inside I found the navy blue school knickers that I’d worn for the film. ‘Thanks, Nick. And Gwen of course.’ ‘Actually,’ said Nick, ‘Gwen was so taken with your knickers she wore them on a few occasions. Hope you don’t mind. I mentioned how they had played an important part in our sex education if you remember.’ ‘Of course I do. And I’m quite excited by Gwen wearing them,’ I said.

Nick started the film. It was amazing. Watching myself taking three large cocks (one rather extra large) in my hands, my mouth and my pussy was just so very erotic my pussy just juiced up. I reached across to Nick’s jeans and, sure enough, he felt exactly the same it would appear. I opened his flies and extracted his cock. It was well excited. Not to be outdone Nick reached under my skirt, slipped his hand down my knickers and started rubbing my pussy. As the film reached its climax (me taking spunk from both Bob and Duncan) we also reached our individual climaxes. Nick’s spunk flew out from his cock and landed on the carpet (bit of cleaning required there I thought) whilst I just had an unbelievable cum on Nick’s fingers and hand.

As Nick was leaving I thanked him for so many unbelievable experiences. Our sexual education together, the film and finally our mutual masturbation that evening. ‘No,’ he said, ‘I should be thanking you, Jill, You’ve been brilliant and who knows where we’ll all go next? But I hope it’s going to be as exciting as the journey we’ve both been on so far.’ ‘You can say that again,’ I replied.

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