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Teds revenge – FUCK TXT – روايات سكس جنسيه


stalking ex girlfriend gets screwed

Consensual sex, revenge, phone sex

Ok guys my story is different in that I’m not talking about some young fantastic bodied lovers. Face it, we all age, some of us get divorced, life goes on. My name is Ted and I am oh let’s say 50ish. Divorced and back in the dating game. My problem, and eventually my solution to that problem started like this.

I met Debbie, pretty lady with a nice figure, especially for people our age and a really nice size rack, we’re talking D cups here and she showed them off quite prominently. We dated, things were good, sex included and we “took it to the next level” she moved in. That is when Debbie came out of her personal closet and reverted to the things that must have led to her last divorce. All the sudden her boobs were off limit, any desire that I had for sex was just an example of how men are so “dirty” and rather immediately it became obvious that the move in wasn’t going to work, thank god I didn’t marry her. At first when I started pointing out the problems she threatened to move out on me. When I called her bluff on that, she dug in and I had to legally evict her. Then after the eviction she started the game of calling me and stopping by to make sure that I ” wasn’t seeing someone else”

This is where my “solution” came in. I had to make a sales call to one of our client companies and they have this woman at the front. One of those women that is so drop dead gorgeous that even at my age I still get tongue tied when trying to talk to her. And I never even hit on her, but I did hit on a plan. On my visit I went up to her desk and said ” hey I’ve noticed that you have no ring. Does this mean that you’re single? I could see the look in her eye, the oh no here it goes again. I managed to smile m way through that and said. Hey look if you are single then you’ve obviously had guys hit on you before because lets face it you are gorgeous. Just hear me out and if you say no, I’ll never bother you again. She smiled and nodded yes.

I laid out my problem, ex girlfriend starting to stalk me. Then I pointed out my positive side. I like going home after work, I have good hobbies. One of which is wine making, and that it is good wine. That I don’t really expect anything from her, but if she would help me in getting rid of my ex that I would let her sample what I made and she could have a case of whatever she liked after she got rid of my ex. Because my thinking was, if my ex stopped by and saw a woman as beautiful as she was at my home. Then the ex would figure that she’s just been out gunned and leave me alone.

Well Cynthia was her name, she waived off the security guy that was coming over to move me along since so many people hit on her and she simply said yes. A simple exchange of phone numbers and my address and we were set up for Friday night. I asked her to wear casual clothing to make it look like we were already comfortable together and she obviously ignored me. Cynthia showed up looking like a model of middle age perfection, the kind of beauty that makes other women silent with envy. I had to explain that while I was going to do my best to not stare at her, I was gonna fail because even my fantasy lovers weren’t as good looking as she was. She obviously liked my comment and we got along rather well. I had a nice dinner ready for us and we were taking samples of the third different kind of wine that I had. Hadn’t even pulled out the mead yet and the main event came a knocking. I smiled at Cynthia and said “show time” she grinned right back at me

Debbie was at the door, made it about 2 steps inside where I stopped her and began talking. She started demanding to know if there was another woman here when right on cue Cynthia walked up. Debbie’s jaw dropped as this breathtaking beauty walked into view. She started sputtering about what’s she got that I don’t but gave up on that since it was obvious. Then she started saying loudly enough for Cynthia to hear, my boobs are bigger. Well I jumped on that by asking her what that could possibly mean. She seemed at a loss to explain herself so I continued, I pointed out that her boobs were obviously off limits but that Cynthia’s were absolutely exquisite. Debbie snapped at me with WHAT? So I just repeated with an oh god yes, they are absolutely exquisite.

Well Debbie left and I turned around only to have Cynthia walk into me pressing her breasts against my chest. She did this while asking absolutely exquisite? How did you know? Well this woman may be totally out of my league but I am no dummy. I wrapped my arms around her and told her that I wanted to take her with my mouth more than anything. Well apparently the home made wine was good enough, because we stumbled our way into the bedroom without ever letting go. Her breasts were every bit as good as I could have imagined with stiff nipples thrusting into my mouth. I was working my way down south while dragging her dress and panties out of my way when my phone rang. A check of the screen on the phone confirmed that it was Debbie. I groaned god damm can’t she take a hint? Cynthia was obviously turned on and said “don’t stop, let me talk to her” I gladly traded my phone for her sandy blond muff and Cynthia began narrating to Debbie what I was doing. She made it sound almost as if she were asking for help with things like “oh god he’s going down there” some conversation at the other end and then “you know, I mean down there, he’s already stripped me and sucked my poor nipples raw”. I got to my destination and Cynthia obligingly spread her legs showing off her sex which was already glistening wet with her lips starting to flush open. I traced my tongue along her lips while she dutifully reported this to Debbie at the other end. Also, when I plunged my tongue inside and began licking up inside of her she did it again. Almost like she was begging for help from my ex with an “oh god now he’s got his tongue inside of me, god he’s licking inside of me” she then started giving me verbal cues while along to my ex. She said how shed lose it if I started to pull on her clit with my teeth. Then grunted into the phone when I complied. With a combination of sucking, licking and teasing her clit with my teeth she got off both in my mouth and while still on the phone with my ex.

Honest to god, I could hear my ex’s voice over our sounds here and there as she screamed NO! Debbie clearly did not have the brains to hang up and this was leading to the most intense sex I had ever had in my life. I started to climb up to mount her and she gave me her hints again. Almost babbling into the phone now Cynthia started saying “oh god no, he’s going to fuck me now, please don’t do me from behind” first talking to Debbie then to me with that. I grinned and grabbed her hips. I gave a good loud grunting growl while flipping her over like a rag doll. Cynthia screamed into the phone about being flipped over and being used like some fuck toy. Then she went on to narrate how I was pulling her up by her hips to openly display her sex like some animal. So naturally I did as she said following her instructions to the letter. I could hear Debbie in the background now screaming that I was raping her. While I did this Cynthia put the phone on the bed facing up so she could hang her head down and talk into it while holding herself up on her hands and knees for me. At my end however, it was obvious from Cynthia’s breathing that this impromptu phone sex game was driving her wild. As I positioned myself behind her Cynthia never missed a beat. She faithfully relayed all this sounding like she was in desperation, describing how I was lining my cock up with her unprotected opening. Then her gasp as I easily slid it in and started thrusting. She changed her conversation to single word grunts. Stuff like cock, in, fucking, along with some grunts and groans. She said fucking several times, then it was apparent she was getting ready to come again. I pulled her knees out and drove her pussy down into the mattress while railing the hell out of her wet slit. She kept right up by screaming that I was driving her into the mattress. Finally somewhere in there my phone went dark. Debbie finally realized she was being used and hung up before I unloaded inside of Cynthia.

We both took some time to recover from that, I finally said that this was the best sex of my life. Cynthia pointed out that I had actually unloaded inside her right while she was coming. One of those things that you read about that really doesn’t happen much in real life. I snuggled up behind her and cupped her breast in my hand. Then Cynthia surprised me by closing and opening my phone, she pulled up the last call and called Debbie back. Debbie actually answered the phone and Cynthia poured on the syrup in her voice asking Debbie if she could please call again tomorrow night because that led to the best sex she’d ever had in her life. Debbie hung up.

Cynthia spent the night, then the whole next day. She was clearly turned on by what had happened and promised me that we’d have fun tonight no matter what so I had to stay horny all day. By evening I was almost nearing the state of blue ball hell, and by god Debbie called. I immediately walked behind Cynthia who answered my phone and started feeling up her tits. She again started the game again by telling Debbie that I was untucking her shirt. So I followed her suggestion and began doing that. Then as I slipped my hands up her shirt and began groping her breasts I could hear Debbie threatening to hang up if I didn’t get on the phone.

Cynthia handed me the phone and now Debbie was going to be mine, but not in the way either woman might have predicted. Debbie was demanding that she was going to come over so we “could talk” I looked at Cynthia saying “you want to talk? ” with Cynthia shaking her head no I proceeded to make up a line of shit that only a desperate stalker would buy. I told Debbie that she could come over but that if she made a scene on the deck that I’d call the cops. I still had my copy of the eviction papers so I could get her arrested for trespassing. Then I told her that she was going to walk up on the deck naked. That if she showed up dressed I was gonna have her arrested, if she made a scene she was gonna get arrested. That it was her choice, I could see that Cynthia was getting ready to leave. I shook my head no and mouthed out the words “you call the police” her head snapped up looking at me. I grinned and held two conversations at once. I spoke to Debbie who I think was already driving around in the area and got Cynthia to realize what I wanted.

While I worked Debbie over on the phone, Cynthia called the police saying that her boyfriends ex girlfriend might be on her way over to his house, naked. Do you know how many cops are on duty in your city? Call in a naked woman and you’ll find out. I explained to Debbie that she was going to stand at my door naked. That her clothing would be in her car and she would hand her keys to Cynthia. That we were going to wait till she’d been bitten by at least one mosquito then we’d let her in. That we would either talk or if she misbehaved we’d all end up naked and she would watch me and Cynthia go at it. This was all BS mind you, but Debbie bought it. Hook line and fucking sinker.

Cynthia described Debbie to the cops, large breasted, 5’6″ maybe 135 pounds and yes, we will certainly call right back if she does show up. Heck, we’ll call even if she’s not naked. Bless her heart though, Debbie showed up naked. She and I had gone from great sex to no sex and now she’s trying to win me back with more sex. Well Debbie handed Cynthia her car keys, Cynthia in turn locked the screen door and hit the lock button on Debbie’s key fob. I on the other hand took my turn at calling the police. I told them that my girlfriend had just called them and yes my ex girlfriend was now standing on the rear deck naked. They asked me to describe her so I said “well if you pull up here, she”ll be the naked lady on the rear deck, big boobs, a bit crazy, can’t miss her” I think Cynthia almost pissed on her self trying not to laugh. The call taker at the other end did laugh, I didn’t think they were supposed to do that. Anyway about 30 seconds later we heard multiple engines roaring on our street. A brief “what? NO!” from the deck then the patter of naked feet running from the deck.

Not that it helped, her car was locked, hey I promised her that I wouldn’t touch her clothing and I meant it. Cornered by multiple cops Debbie ran back up on the deck and started pounding on the locked storm door actually breaking the glass and cutting her arm a little. Just enough to put on a really good show, with the blood and broken glass and all, the poor cops had no choice. They had to shoot Debbie in the ass with a stun gun. I walked out on the deck while Debbie was still stiff and twitching from the electrical charge. She was even drooling a little from her enraged screaming, she wasn’t speaking at the moment though because apparently the stun gun can stop that. One of the cops told me to go back inside so I asked him if he didn’t want any witnesses that could say what a good job they were doing. That changed his mind so I grinned a shit eating grin and motioned for Cynthia to come out. She popped out on the deck, looked at Debbie as they picked her up and commented how nice it was that she shaved down there before going out in public like that. There were 3 cops helping to arrest Debbie and two more standing back looking, I could hear some more engines racing towards my house. Cynthia ran back in the house and came out with Debbie’s keys and a glass of wine. The way she twisted her hands while handling the glass and “accidentally” dropping the keys into the wine shorting out the key fob was pure genius.

It turned out that Debbie religiously used that key fob and her door locks were too full of crud to let the key work. She was foaming at the mouth screaming that she wanted her clothes so bad that one of the cops had to bust a window to get her stuff. She was putting up such a fight that they just ended up tossing her naked into the back of a squad car and taking her in like that. A cop there left us with some witness statement forms and took off to “help with booking” Cynthia and I put some real good work into our statements, they came out really good, if you know what I mean. Then it was off to bed for some hot sex with lots of nasty talk interspersed with outbursts of laughter. The pounding at the door brought us around, the cops were back for their witness statement forms. I looked at her and she looked at me, with a wicked grin. All I said was “I dare you” she got up out of bed, my god this woman was beautiful, naked or dressed. Sandy blond hair, genuine hair color with a gorgeous tuft of matching hair between her legs. Her breasts hung down a little with I think her left nipple still a little shiny from my mouth. That and a fresh load of sperm sliding in lumps down her leg. That is how Cynthia answered the door for the cops. I never heard the cop say a thing. I already knew the sultry smile that she gave him when she turned over our witness statements and I swear you could have read a half a dozen different things in the way she said thanks to him.

I wish I could tell you that I married her but some men are players, so are some women. She was outta my league from the start, she thanked me for the best sex and some of the best revenge she’s ever had. We are probably going to hook up again when I get that case of wine together for her, I hope.

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