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The Shoe Salesman and the Hot Mom Pt 2 – روايات سكس جنسيه


Michelle revisits her secret lover at his shop, this time wearing a white tankini and matching wedges. Let’s how how he reacts…

As Michelle lay on her bed, she couldn’t get the thought of Frank the shoe salesman out of her mind. They had been intimate a few days before and she thought about his huge Aussie dick drilling into her when she went to his shop. As her husband lay on top of her and pounded his own, smaller cock in and out of her warm pussy, she wished it was Frank doing her in some other, interesting way.

She came back to the moment and cuddled her arms around her husband as he thrusted down into her. She gave him little kisses on his ear. She still loved him, was still happy to satisfy him, but her own satisfaction lay in another man and her husband’s own limitations with no imagination in bed left her wanting more than this when it came to sex.

Countless times she has tried to spice things up with her man. She tried wearing sexy clothes, tried introducing sex toys, tried doing it elsewhere than just the bed all the time. But he resisted, wasn’t interested. She was more than this, she needed more. Meeting with Frank the other day opened up her world, it was the beginning of something new and exciting. She wanted to see him more and more.

“Hrmph!” came the grunt from her husband as he emptied himself inside her. “Yes, oh, yes,” he repeated as his orgasm subsided as she rubbed his back and encouraged him. Then he pulled out, rolled over and was exhausted. He was about to drift off to sleep when she leaned over and cleaned his cock with her mouth. “Uh! Uh!” he cried as her tongue went around his spent dick during that sensitive moment of post-orgasm.

Michelle let it slip out of her lips and went to the ensuite bathroom to spit, washing out her mouth. She stopped liking the taste of his semen a few years ago. As she she held some toilet paper against her pussy to let it seep out, she remembered Frank’s sweet-tasting juice. He seemed to be a very clean-living individual and he liked that a lot about him.

As she looked back at the bed, her husband was already asleep. No thanks, no smile, no nothing. Just sex and then gone to sleep. She couldn’t remember the last time he went down on her.

She walked over and covered him with a blanket in case one of the kids came through, then went to fix herself a glass of water from the kitchen. She sat at the dinner table alone with her drink, thinking about Frank until she was half-asleep.


The next day, Michelle walked down the main street in Cincinnati, across the road from the shoe shop. She wanted to visit Frank just to see how he was, but knew she had to do a few things first. She resisted the urge to try and look in the windows from afar.

As she lined up inside a bank, she started thinking about what she might be doing in fifteen minutes. Underneath her deceptively ordinary clothes she wore her white tankini swimsuit. She hoped Frank would like it. She wanted to do something interesting like this every time they met.

The bank clerk smiled as he served her. Michelle tried a little friendly flirting in return and found it coming more and more naturally to her. The clerk was smitten with her as she turned and left. He liked her dark hair up in a tight pony tail.

Walking out of the bank, she looked at herself in the shop windows as she walked back to Frank’s shop. She wore a grey top over tight, three-quarter length white pants that revealed much of her strong ankles. Knowing that shoes meant a lot to Frank, today she had slipped on her high white cork-based wedges that matched her bright white tankini.

Approaching Frank’s store, her heart began to quicken again and she pushed open the door. She immediately noticed Frank busy with a family of two kids and parents. She calmed down and pretended to look through some shoes on the shelves.

Frank smiled at her and went back to his customers. Michelle could hear his expert sales technique. “These are the best kids’ shoes for school, sports class and general running around each day. They’ll last for ages and I find most parents who buy them always get another pair to replace them.”

Michelle smiled when he heard him seal the deal with the customers and they went to complete the sale. The customers walked past Michelle, and Frank went with them. He held the door open as they left. Michelle admired that about him, such personal service in a world where no one seems to really have time for it anymore.

“So,” said Frank, having closed the door. “What happened to you coming back the next day?”

“I’ve had a busy few days,” replied Michelle, wanting to share the details but knowing it didn’t really have a place here. “Family stuff.”

“I understand,” Frank nodded. “So are you after another pair of sexy high heels?”

“Actually, I’m interested in trying on some platform sneakers.”

“Really, well I have a whole range over here.”

Frank and Michelle went through the process of trying on several pairs of platform sneakers. The tension between them was growing and growing. Frank wasn’t concentrating on selling shoes and instead watched Michelle closely, while she was building up the courage to break the ice between them again.

After slipping on a pair of white platform sneakers with pink trim around the opening and base, Michelle grinned, “Wanna lock the door?”

Frank didn’t need any clarification and casually went over to lock the shop’s front entry door while developing an erection. When he turned around, Michelle was gone. He walked through to the back and found her undressing by the desk they had fucked on before.

He watched as she removed her top to reveal her white tankini top, then her pants slipped down to reveal the tankini bottoms. She was barefoot and quickly slipped back into the white and pink platforms. “What do you think?” she asked him.

Frank didn’t know how long his mouth had dropped open for, but he found the ability to speak. “You look stunning,” he replied. “You should be a tankini model.”

“Well, don’t just stand there,” she replied, hopping up to sit on the desk. “Show me what you’ve got!”

She watched as Frank undid his tie, undid his belt and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a small and friendly, cuddly tummy with a little hair. When he dropped his pants, his dick still looked as big as she dreamed it was. She made a mental note to find out its measurements one day. It was unbelievably thick.

“God, Frank, where have you been hiding all my life?” she said, staring at the head of his penis.

“Waiting for you to come and find me,” he replied. He came to her at the edge of the desk, sliding between her arms and kissing her down onto the desk. Her lips moved perfectly, her tongue not shy and her breathing sounded sexy.

She raised her legs around him and he felt the sneakers against his ass, pulling him against her groin. “Is this what you want, baby?” she whispered. “Do you wanna fuck me in these platforms today?”

“You’re like a white angel in your outfit, and I like fucking angels,” he responded with a grin.

It made Michelle let out a grunt, a grunt of frustration and need. What he said in his Aussie accent made her crazy. “Fuck me,” she said encouragingly. Her pussy was so ready for his hard meat.

Frank moved back slightly, forcing her gripping ankles apart. Her legs came up around his sides and she pointed her toes, waiting. He looked down at her in her two-piece white tankini and loved the way it fitted around her body.

He loved her style, her imagination, her ideas. He didn’t know until now that he really wanted to fuck a woman in a tankini, and how lucky was he to have a woman dressed in one and lying ready and waiting for him.

Taking his long, thick cock in his left hand and, pulling the thick strap of her tankini bottoms out of the way using his right hand, he guided the head against the hole of her vagina. He moved it in a circular fashion, juicing it up and spreading it around, before raising it to rub her little clitoris for a moment, then returning to her pussy. He glanced at her eyes, which squinted back at him in needy pleasure. She bit her lip in anticipation.

He nudged the head inside and it resisted until enough pressure gave them a gentle popping sensation and she sucked it inside. She gasped and he began to feel her body temperature around him. It was very pleasing.

“You ready for more?” he asked her playfully, holding the head buried inside her.

“Yes, I want it all,” she said through a grin, lying back and waiting.

Slowly, he inserted the rest of his large shaft deep inside her, stopping every inch to withdraw slightly, to prepare her each bit of the way. She displayed pain and pleasure on her face as he was careful with this technique, getting the entire length of his huge dick inside her pussy in a minute.

Then he withdrew and re-inserted it. It felt fucking incredible to him. She was tight around his big dick and when he looked down he saw her pussy lips stretched around him. Sometimes he stopped when she was fully impaled on him. He imagined having X-ray vision and seeing his thick, bulging cock buried deep in her tube below her belly.

He went back to slow movements, staying like this for a few minutes. She lay flat on her back with her legs vertical. She had locked her ankles over his shoulders, around his neck, holding him there with her sneakers. They were a perfect fit and Frank kissed her ankles as he held her against him by her legs. He thrusted slowly and lovingly into her body, sliding his cock deep up inside her belly with each stroke.

Michelle reached up and held one of his hands on her leg, then tucked her other arm under her head and closed her eyes, enjoying it. “Oh, Frank baby, it feels so nice, you have no idea how good it is. I love this.”

Frank smiled and continued with long, slow strokes fully in and out of her elastic pussy. This was the second time he has been able to fuck this woman and it felt really nice.

He started to increase the speed a little, which became a little annoying with the strap of the tankini bottoms. As kinky as they were, he could feel the heat from the friction against his shaft building up. “I have to take off your pants,” he announced.

Michelle had been waiting for this moment and quickly grabbed some scissors that were sitting on the desk nearby. “Cut it open,” she instructed.

Frank instantly grabbed the scissors, withdrew his dick a little and carefully cut around the top of her pants, tearing the last inch. It tore open to reveal all of her hot, waxed hairless pussy. He dropped the scissors on the desk and grabbed her legs against him again, shoving himself back deep inside.

“Oh, fuck me!” Michelle cried. “Fuck me as hard as you want! I can take it!”

Frank changed his grip to the top of her thighs, near her hips, and pulled her a little over the edge. Her legs fell down by his sides but she kept them raised and her toes pointed.

He remembered the mirror and rotated her slightly, so they were at a forty-five degree angle to it. It was enough for Michelle to look over his arm and see herself lying back with her legs open and being fucked by this big Aussie guy.

She kept her legs raised so she could watch his big cock slide in and out of her hole.

Frank held onto her thighs strongly and began to quickly slam himself in and out of her hot pussy. She started moaning and crying and her eyes closed as the heat and movement became intense.

Looking down at Michelle, he watched her tits bounce up and down quickly in time to his movements in her white tankini top. He looked down further and watched her little belly bouncing in time with her tits and it was all very much a turn on. He had never fully enjoyed super-slim women. Women like Michelle were much more interesting.

“Mmm, yeah,” started Michelle in a run of dirty talk, “Yeah, fuck me hard, baby, fuck my tight pussy with that huge dick, yeah, that’s it. Don’t stop, honey! Fuck that little waxed pussy!”

Letting go of her thighs, he continued his movements and grabbed the scissors again, this time pulling her tankini top up and cutting up the middle, letting her belly and tits become exposed to the air. She noticed but she didn’t care. In fact, she loved it. “Yes! You big boy, you big, bad boy. You like watching my tits, huh?”

“I love watching yours tits bounce,” said Frank between several thrusts. He wasn’t lying. They were full of mass, moving delightfully below him.

“I want you to watch them, baby! Watch them bounce as you fuck me hard with your big cock. You’re making them bounce.”

Frank didn’t need any more encouragement and slammed into her hips with full force, giving her long strokes with his long cock, while maintaining a high speed for their combined pleasure. It was a lot of work and he had worked up a real sweat. He was only selling shoes a few minutes ago, now he was banging a hot mom in the back of his store.

Michelle reached down and started rubbing her clitoris in front of him. He watched her as she turned her head sideways, moaned and breathed heavily. It wasn’t long before she was starting to climax, crying out.

Frank felt the muscles inside her vagina contract around him. It made him push harder to get through them. She was strong! “Come, baby, come!” he called to her.

It made her cry louder. “Oh, oh, oh, god!” She went quiet and shook violently while still working at her clit. He felt her clamp onto his cock and he kept working it into her. Her extra tightness was incredible.

On the other side of her orgasm, she looked up and directly at Frank’s eyes, while still working her clitoris with her fingers, and spoke, “What do ya want, Frank? Anything, any hole. Right now! Just stick it in!”

Frank tried to decide. He wanted her ass, he wanted her throat, he wanted to stand over her head and masturbate while she licked his anus and balls. He wanted so much but he was so close to coming.

He pulled out of her pussy, moved her butt out and up a little more and quickly started brushing the head of his dick against her anus.

“Oh, god, Frank,” started Michelle, working feverously at her clitoris. “Yes! Quickly! Get in there! I want to feel you in there!”

He pushed and moved the head of his penis around against her anus, giving her pleasurable stimulation before nudging it in. Before he knew it, she was orgasming again. She cried out and shook and during the mayhem, he pushed himself into her using a single move, impaling her in her ass.

Half his cock had managed to become engorged in her backside and she was coming down from her orgasm. “Oh, god, Michelle, your ass feels so fucking good.”

The tightness of her anal walls was quite different to her pussy. Maybe it was the lack of natural lube, but the juice he had carried over from her pussy was enough and the friction was incredible against the head of his dick.

Within only a few strokes, he was going to come. Michelle was still working at her clitoris as he started to climax. He let her know and she held his hand and together they shared an orgasm. He pumped her ass full of his semen as her anal muscles gripped around him and tried to push him out.

“Ahh!” he cried, the pleasure so intense. “Oh, god!” The climax was strong and together they moaned and groaned and grunted before calming down.

Frank remained lodged in her anus while he looked down at her and smiled. She grinned and her anus slowly pushed his spent cock out into the air. A glop of semen came out with it. He reached over and grabbed a tissue and pushed it against her ass. “Hold it,” he instructed, and she did so.

He walked around the side of the desk and squatted near her face, looking into her eyes and stroking her hair across her forehead. “That was unbelievable. I’ve never come so hard before, I swear.” He kissed her on the cheek.

Michelle closed her eyes and smiled, breathing out air. What a rush that was. She looked back at him. “I could say the same thing. It felt incredible to come with you in my ass. You’re so fucking big, it’s really… special.”

“I’d like to try more of that some day,” he said, grinning.

“Next time? I’ll make sure to take a good dump before I drop by. You could spend the whole time in there if you like.”

“Wow,” Frank said, laughing a little. He was a bit embarrassed. This woman was incredible. “Please don’t leave it too long.”

“I won’t, promise.” Michelle leaned up and stepped onto the floor. She let the ripped tankini pieces fall to the floor around her and they fell in some of the semen from her ass. “Oops.”

She slipped the platform sneakers off her feet. They both got dressed into their regular clothes. Frank was watching her beautiful body. “There’s a few things I’d like to try with you,” he casually remarked.

Michelle raised an eyebrow as she slipped her feet back into her wedges and grabbed her handbag. “Oh? Well, I’ll try anything at least once.”

“Me, too.”

Michelle raised the other eyebrow at Frank. “You sure? I have some pretty wicked ideas.”

“As do I,” Frank flirted back.

Michelle smiled. “Hmm.” She turned and walked out into the main shop area. “I look forward to seeing you soon, Frank. I’ll let myself out.”

Frank leaned in the doorway to the back area of the shop while he watched Michelle walk away in her white cork wedges. Such sexy ankles, he thought. Look at that ass. I was just inside that ass. Damn it was good.

She unlocked the door, winked at him and left. The door fell shut behind her.

Frank turned back and cleaned up the semen and ripped white tankini from the floor. He was about to throw it into the bin when he decided to keep it for another time.

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